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Carnets - Jupyter

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User Reviews for Carnets - Jupyter

Enter key doesn’t start a new line?!?!?!?!

The app is flawless but When I press enter to start writing on a new line nothing happens Is this problem from my end ?

Aaaabbel, Sep 24, 2021
Great App, except ONE issue

I really wish there was an option to fill in the ipad screen. When using landscape mode, there is considerable space to left and right that aren't being used, this combined with text being small (without any option to resize), makes it feel cramped. Really wish there was a mode where it would be more zoomed in (so no wasted blank space on left/right side), possibly where some of the meny bar item up avove slide away, so more of the coding canvas fills the screen.Since ipads are smaller than laptops, this would make such a big difference. Also, add a donate button in the app if you can. Its free, so its great, but i would honesly donate 10 bucks if i could, many more probably would too.

Åayam, Jun 01, 2021
Looks great but keeps restarting the kernels whenever I cmd + tab

This is a great app especially given that its free. Only issue it seems to restart the kernel when I switch to other apps

ChristosGre, Apr 21, 2020
Great so far, still learning features

Working great on my iPad Pro. Still need to work on connecting to non-local sources apart from file shares like Google Drive. But the notebooks work great for casual investigations while cooking in the kitchen, away from my desktop. Also works well splitting screen with safari.

Dave Mo, Dec 13, 2020
Absolutely awesome

I have been hoping for local Jupyter notebooks on the iPad for a long time, thank for creating this. I am going to disagree with other reviewers and say don’t worry about remote for now, Juno and Working Copy have that solved. Keep working on making offline local Notebooks better, that is the problem only you are solving. And please charge for the app, I really want you to keep making this better and will gladly pay.

Eric051098, Sep 01, 2019

I'm torn because this is a great app, but it is useless for me without support for libraries with C dependencies (yes, scipy). It's not at all the dev's fault, but having to manually package dependencies like scipy with the app (which seems to take like a year or more) means I will never be able to just run my notebooks as-is on an iPad. :/

EvAveMananShar, Apr 16, 2021
Great app needs some work

I am not someone to write long reviews but here we are. By itself this app is great but certain data types never work and functions are considered syntax errors I checked over and over to see what I was doing wrong for an hour around but still nothing and other functions seemed to be non existent so please fix this because this a great app but needs some work also way to many adds.

Gabewastakem, Jul 24, 2022
Love this app! You should charge good money for it!

This is a fabulous Jupiter implementation and allows me to do development on the road when not connected to the server on my corporate network. My only complaint: Full file access only appears to work from the Carnets app folder. If I go to a Working Copy folder (ideal for git access) I can only open ipynb files, and modules, data files, etc. don’t load. If I copy a Working Copy folder into the Carnets folder, everything works perfectly. Would love to see this issue fixed, then I’d give you 6 stars (if Apple would allow it).

John in MA, Oct 23, 2019
Great App, could use split view

The experience with this app has been great. Would love to see a split screen option to have 2 Carnets windows open. Thank you for creating this, it allows me to do bioinformatics on the go!

Prins182, May 22, 2020
Local Jupyter Server, which works amazing

Every single thing that Nicolas has created has been nothing short of amazing, and it includes this!!! As a FOSS lover, supporter, and developer: the tools being Open Sourced, and bridging the gap in iOS for full development are nothing short of amazing.

Rose & Kush, Sep 23, 2023


Jupyter notebooks are a powerful tool used in education and research. You can write small snippets of Python code and observe the result on screen, combine with paragraphs of text, using Markdown. Carnets provides a complete, stand-alone, implementation of Jupyter notebooks.

Everything runs on your device, using the embedded Python interpreter; you do not need an internet connection. You can chose between Jupyter notebooks and the more advance Jupyterlab using Settings. Numpy, Sympy, Matplotlib, Pandas, lxml, bokeh, nbextensions (including ipywidgets) and many other packages are pre-installed. To see the full list of installed packages, type "%pip list" in a code window. You can add more packages using "%pip install packageName", but only if they are pure Python. If you need scipy, seaborn or scikit-learn, please use our other App, "Carnets - Jupyter (with scipy)". You can share your notebooks with other apps and also open notebooks or directories managed by other apps. Partial list of installed packages: astropy, babel, bokeh, cryptography, cvxopt, Fiona, geopandas, geopy, lxml, matplotlib, numpy, openCV, pandas, pillow, pyFFTW, pyproj, rasterio, regex, shapely, sympy, wordcloud.

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