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User Reviews for Kodex

Amazing app

Absolutely loved the app. Have a few suggestions for improvements. It will be nice to have a view only mode and disable the keyboard. Also please bring full screen mode. Finally the ability to click on a function and the app gives the definition or hints would make this app a killer!

😃Y😃F😃, Feb 09, 2019
Well thought out app

It takes advantage of so many capabilities of the iPad Pro - it includes QuickEdit mode, so even in the Files app, you get an action to open a window on a file. Really neat that it is well integrated. Lots of syntax highlighting options.It is able to access anything in the file system of the iPad. Other apps are not always able to do that. This also means if those plugins to the file system are flaky (Google Drive?) don’t blame the app. Möbius Sync syncing a Google Drive folder from your laptop is more reliable than Google’s own app.I also was at first surprised at the seeming lack of search and replace, until I realized you must hold down Ctrl while clicking the search button, and then the Search & Replace shows up!

aiyagari, Feb 17, 2022
Trouble getting started

I created a file within Kodex and could not open it. App would crash every time. After a while I opened an existing file and it worked fine. And the Kodex file also opened. Weird bug. I wasn’t impressed with getting started, but I haven’t had much chance to really use the app.

ATPick, Jun 02, 2023
Almost perfect

Needs optimizing for 3rd gen iPad Pro models. I’d also like to see the interface tweaked to save space: disable the iOS status bar similar to Buffer Editor, tabs in line with controls, toggle for app status bar on bottom, and the ability to hide the extended keyboard row which is nearly useless when using a hardware keyboard. Love the mini map though!

BleachedSleet, Nov 13, 2018
Works great but needs improvements

Gets the job done but I’d suggest the following features:- view only mode or prevent keyboard from coming up every time you get to a file. It’s annoying when I need to quickly jump back and forth around files. - also allow you to jump back to where you left off in a file. I jump back and forth between css and html files, so it gets quite cumbersome if I have to slide down the keyboard and slide down to where I left off every time.

dbsgk, May 11, 2021
Very Impressive

This is a great, no nonsense text editor for the iPad. I use it with a Bluetooth keyboard which makes text entry fast and efficient. This is my go to for taking notes etc in meetings.Wonderful to see the support for syntax highlighting. Especially good that Markdown is covered.

DoctorRadar, May 06, 2019
Beyond Excellent

This application is great! Both as a tool and a showcase of the features and capabilities a tool can have.What an excellent gift that the developer has made it available for free, especially with it being such high quality! Thank you very much!

Lastof, Apr 22, 2019
File extension/types

The app is full of potential. However, it has one major flaw.I tried editing a .tex file — great, it can do that. But my Tex compiler has .aux, .log and various other files in the same directory with the same name but a different extension. This app fails to show the file extensions. So I would have 5 different “file1” in a folder, but I can’t see the extension until I try to open the file and fail like 4 times. Really takes the fun out of using this app, so I just deleted it.

lightboozer, Apr 22, 2019
Wish I knew about this sooner

Super awesome text editing app. Syntax highlight! Capable of opening any files! And there's theme list. I love any of the darkish purple, blue, and green text editor themes and then there's Solarized Dark. Jackpot!! Beyond text editor, I tend to think that the simple choice between white and dark themes to be boring. Too boring. A white theme with blue accent is terribly boring. I'm glad this app at least offers other accent colors. The dark theme with purple accent looks nice.I've uninstalled Documents 6 for this. That app used to be awesome until Files app introduced in iOS 11 and this app is the last missing puzzle piece I need to read and edit text files.I had to drop one star for the following reasons:ꊱ1 No alternative language keyboards. I use Japanese Romaji and Emoji.ꊱ2 The Text Replacement isn't working very well.ꊱ3 The height spacing looks weird (in Courier Regular) when there's unicode characters.ꊱ4 Following text after pasted (unicode?) text can sometime be in different font other than Courier Regular.I'd sacrifice syntax highlights, height spacing, or so in favor of keyboard honestly, if that's the root of problems. Quality text editor should be able to read and edit .txt and other text-based files without issues.

LucarioAura9001, Apr 10, 2019
Abandoned by app developer

This app used to be quite good, at the time when it was still being actively developed, at least, it was competitive with other similar applications available for iOS/iPadOS. However, the developer has not pushed out any updates to this app in over 2 years now, which is basically a lifetime in the world of the App Store where things move even quicker than the regular software world. I wish Apple would do more to notify people of the status of the app…something like a highlighted block of bolded text that says “Note: This application has not been updated in (X amount of time) and we have received a number of complaints from users regarding bugs/broken features.”, there’s way too much stuff like this on the App Store. Oh well.

Michael Robert Dolgon, Oct 19, 2022


Kodex is an advanced code editor which brings powerful and desktop-class editor features to your iPad or iPhone: * Multi-caret editing, to quickly transform code selections. * Regex search and replace, with template matching and replace-all-matches. * Minimap which allows quick scroll navigation though the document. * Multiple window support * Syntax highlighting for over 150 languages. * Trackpad support with custom gestures to add cursors (ctrl+shift+click). * Auto complete feature (currently only for HTML). * Add as many guide columns as you wish (default 80 and 120 characters). * Configurable tab size (default 4 spaces), or insert spaces when pressing tab. * Draw hints for invisible characters such as new lines, tabs, and spaces. * Customizable key bindings, so you can configure Kodex to use the same key combos you are already used to. * Kodex smartly preserves your open documents so that your work stays as you left it between launches. * Light and Dark modes. Kodex is integrated with the Files app, so you can easily open files from any other app, and from your iCloud documents folder. You can launch Kodex QuickEdit from any file sharing view in any app to edit its contents without launching the main Kodex App (be aware this functionality depends on the host app implementing the sharing activity properly).

Included are 10 editor themes, and several monospaced fonts for code editing (you can install your own preferred fonts using system profiles). Font size and line spacing are adjustable, so you can configure Kodex to best fit your preferred screen size, arrangement, and orientation. Kodex is not a compiler, and you can not build or run the code you edit from it. Think of Kodex as a NotePad++ or Sublime Text substitute for iPhone and iPad. Kodex is currently optimized for external keyboards, such as Apple's Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro, or any bluetooth/USB keyboard. More virtual keyboard features will be added in a future version.

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