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User Reviews for LibTerm


It was awesomeI had no idea that something like this app existedBut now I just want to know if you’re going to make this able to install nodejsIt’s going to so cool if you do that 😬😬👍🏻

AmirHY1, Jan 07, 2020
Pretty cute little app

I’m just getting my feet wet, so I know a lot more is possible. I’d consider this indispensable for anybody who wants to play with Python locally on the run. In the metro I might have insecure servers, or no internet connection at all. Besides, who works on a phone and wants it to be useless without an internet connection? This little app has tremendous potential: The more users it could get, the better it could be. Excuse me, but I envision an army of user-developers, contributing to an environment that is like a hand-held (fully-functional) computer. I’d love that.

ernie.cordell, May 19, 2019
This app looks like amazing but!!

Please add back black theme and please this app so weird i don’t know how to add tools into this app and use and theres no any video and info in youtobe and google i need to know this app better by share your info in youtobe and google or give info in app you are all have to do this and please make the app easy for use thanks

HaMa Yavariii, Sep 07, 2020
very cool

After download it and use it a while ,it is a very good app ,maybe It can not do something like the desktop terminal , but it makes the ipad more like a real pc rather than a big iphone .If the develop can continue his development Constantly .In my opinion ,one day Apple may make a real terminal for ipad os,And this app may be a good alternative that time

Idonwhasjdsad, Nov 11, 2019
Buy this guys apps.

There is a tremendous amount of work accomplished in the portfolio of apps this belongs to. This app is the bridging of a gap for iOS that is unmatched. If you know anything about the ways of the terminal, you will be very pleased.

J3Langford, Jan 05, 2019
“Bus Error” after ~10 DNS DIG queries

I get “bus error” messages after doing about 10 DNS DIG queries. After 5 of those errors, I end up getting segmentation faults after subsequent queries. Closing and re-opening the app fixes this until 10 more queries are made.Pretty excellent app otherwise!

LithiumP4, Jul 14, 2022
Dead App Should be Removed

You will notice the last update was over a year ago. In my case its been two years ago. I went to GITHUB where you’re supposed to be able to contact the developer. Sent 3 emails with no response.Don’t try and use the app, after I installed it, I noticed “iPhoneOS sdk” was some how installed. I couldn’t use it because my phone is not jail broken (I think). I have no tools to determine this, but just having this application on my phone could provide hackers who do know how to access your phone and use it is a big concern.I’m not sure if the developer even exists anymore. GitHub should ensure developers haven’t left their site, leaving everyone who downloads something from the AppStore hanging without away to report problems.DON’T BOTHER TRYING TO USE THIS

Prnafiel, Aug 11, 2021
Not really a terminal, just prompts to purchase one

There’s not much included with this, other than ping and basic Whois information available. Even something as basic as an ssh client/shell results in nothing more than a prompt to pay for something else that actually accomplishes something.Not terrible, but there’s just not much here.

Rayner_Software_Sucks, Apr 05, 2019
if this would let you sudo

If this would let you sudo to root on your iPad, now that would be something. Just a tiny little sandbox with extremely limited function otherwise.

robwetvbhj, Jun 27, 2020
Very useful

This app is the only way that you can use shell commands on files that are on your iPad. But it's not good for being a development environment; I would recommend PythonAnywhere (it's a website, not an app) for that.

Ru67576uf657f567u647u, Jul 24, 2019


LibTerm is a command line interface for iPhone and iPad. Includes what you need for coding C programs! Commands: ls, lli, ifconfig, ping, readlink, id, chmod, clang, telnet, host, du, link, dig, egrep, bc, date, gzip, nslookup, python2, fgrep, mv, python3, md5, say, luac, ssh-keygen, xargs, diff, cd, tee, chksum, lua, touch, dc, tar, chflags, rm, sort, uniq, awk, printenv, chgrp, find, mkdir, tail, df, pwd, opt, chown, gunzip, compress, llvm-link, nc, uptime, sed, setenv, stat, uname, sum, head, wc, cat, echo, unsetenv, unlink, pbpaste, rmdir, uncompress, curl, ln, cp, whoami, rlogin, tr, env, whois, pbcopy, python, grep, nm, jsc, clear, sh, help, exit, open, package, edit Edit text files and code with a graphical editor and syntax highlighting with the 'edit' command.

Not enough commands? You can code your own scripts with Python 2.7, Python 3.7, Lua 5.3, install third party commands or even compile and run C code with the 'clang' and 'lli' commands!

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