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User Reviews for Scattergories Blitz

Do NOT play game unless you like to lose to bots

Do not play this game. The company has created bot accounts, (ie Ethan C.) whose answers were ridiculously uncommon and he answered so quickly that even when we answered in opposite order the bot earned double the points for both answers! I’m sure they have to create bot accounts to ensure people have competition but I think the company could come up with a better algorithm to make it more realistic. How do I know? I reversed google image searched the image associated with the account and it’s a stock photo used multiple times over by different companies and he goes by multiple names (Michael, technical director at design firm). This is just one bot account I stumbled upon in the first day of playing. I’m sure there are thousands. I’d rather the company just be transparent and say we’ll pair you with whatever is first available- bot or real

AimeeIvy, Dec 31, 2020
Fun with only a few flaws

This is a fun game and pluses far outweigh the few flaws. Unlike the regular Scategories app you don’t run out of coins/lives and have to wait or pay to get them refreshed. Big plus! In general I’m amazed at how comprehensive their answer database is, but there are a few categories that are frustrating. For instance, for “formal table settings” it recognizes butter knife but not steak knife (or even just “knife”). Type plate and it populates “service plate” but salad and bread plate—nope. Also, there are some categories with limited answers (chess pieces, colors of the rainbow) and for those if both competitors know all the answers typing speed rather correct answers determine the victor for that round. Fortunately for me it ignores most minor typos so my thumbs can go faster than usual. One administrative annoyance — they cheerfully encourage you to contact customer support with questions/feedback and they’ll reply via email. They never respond and I doubt anyone ever reads them. I quit trying.

elbee14276893, Oct 08, 2020
Good needs improvement

I love the app but there have been a few bugs lately. Not getting coins from winning matches is really ticking me off. Also you guys need to update your system because I had a question about Quentin Tarantino movies and it legit didn’t recognize two of the answers that where correct. Also you need to make it recognize what your trying to say when you spell one word,like for Bob Marley I put Rock cause he has a song called Trenchtown Rock but I didn’t get points for it. Another thing you need to add is when you win 3 rounds auto end the match. It’s so annoying waiting 2+ days for someone to open the app and end the match when you already won. And also your notifications don’t work I’ve had notifications on since I got the app in the end of April and I have never gotten a single 1 to go off. Great game but needs to refinement and basic bug fixes.

Fire 404, Jun 27, 2022
Used to be good

I was enjoying this game a lot! Lots of fun in a low stress kind of way. I paid for the no ad version, not because of the ads. I don’t really care about that. It is because when I enjoy a game, I like to help support the developers. Anyway, the bonus round stopped working, which is the 3rd round of every game so I can’t get past round 2. Ok fine, I’ll just start a new game every single time I wanted to play. That stopped working too. When I start a new game, it automatically starts a game with the same player over and over. It is supposed to be a random player. It certainly is not. I contacted the company. They said the developers are aware of the problem and an update should be out in a couple of days to resolve the issue. That was 2 weeks ago…

GinnieJ, Jul 18, 2021
Good game - how to improve

▪️Too many clicks to continue to the main screen after a victory. 5 clicks. I would feel less frustrated if it was taken down to two and just give us the option to review the previous game.▪️Make it less time in between collecting coins. It feels like it takes 10 seconds just to collect coins from a win. In a mobile game, that’s too long. Make a button that says: “collect winnings” so you collect all at once rather than go to each individual game and collect the coins.▪️Make time in between screens faster. This is something that many mobile games fail to do, even big ones like Pokémon Go. We don’t need all the animations in between. We just want a game that goes quickly between scenes or slides so we can play the next one.▫️This is all nitpicking. This game is really great and I love it and always recommend it for people who like word games.

Hairless Wookie, Sep 29, 2021
Scattergories Blitz

I like this game quite a lot actually 🤡🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s fast paced, plenty of different categories pop up so your not repeating your answers every other turn, turn-based multiplayer- so you’re actually playing against a real person and not some dumb “bot player”... Overall it’s a great category/association type word game!! So, if your looking for a game that requires you to read, type, think fast, & that offers a different category type/question every time & that does not just keep repeating the same things over & over, then you’ve just found your game!! My only complaint is that sometimes it seems like it takes way too long for your opponents to take their turns, which can be annoying if your impatient like I am!! Luckily the app allows you to leave your current game screen & go back & start another or several more games with different opponents while your waiting on a slow opponent... ⏳🦥🐌🐢🐛🧘🏽🛌💤⚰️🪦⌛️🏁

lcNmb, Feb 11, 2021
No it’s junk

Stick to fight list as it’s the same game but way better. The answers I gave are the same answers my opponent gave but hers are worth double the points!!! How is this fair? It isn’t . So I’m done. It was coleslaw ingredients and I listed vinegar and it was worth thirty points, while her vinegar was worth 60! Same word exactly. It happened multiple times and it caused me to lose the game. Because my opponents had the same answers as me that came through worth higher points, they beat me even though I had way more answers than they did. What a crock. Fight list answers are rated the same for everyone. That’s the way it should be. I don’t mind some answers getting higher scores because they’re a better answer. But answers that are the same should be rated the same no matter who gives them, even if it’s a computer generated answer.

lpatenaude, Feb 01, 2021
Fun game!

I’m loving this game. There are some problems with items that clearly belong in categories that are missing (“singing” and “birthday boy” not allowed for “items needed for a birthday party,” for instance), and there are some errors (mostly of spelling—you have got to fix the misspelling of “monotreme” in the “animals that lay eggs” list because it doesn’t even accept the correct spelling ... incidentally mollusks need to be added to that list), but that’s unavoidable since the game deals with literally everything on the planet. A couple changes I think wouldn’t be too hard to do and that I think would improve the game experience, are to put the list of completed games above the list of games where it’s “their turn,” since you have to manually go through and collect your coins or whatever. Scrolling though dozens of stagnant games is annoying; it would be nice if the timeout was a couple of days instead of what it is, which I don’t even know since I’ve been playing for a week and they’re still there. I do not enjoy the repeated clicking and animations required to finish out completed games. There needs to be a way to clear them all with one button, or at least to skip all the intermediate stuff and go straight to the final list/reward. Anyway thank you for this game. I enjoy it (and the regular Scattergories game too).

Srsly_unused_name, Aug 20, 2020
Fun, But Clear Issues

I want to give this game more stars, but, quite frankly there’s just too much. Most of it is common sense answers that are missing. Your lists need to be updated to accept these answers. Example would be you don’t have all the actors who’ve played batman listed as possible answers. There’s also an issue when listing multiples of movies like example Back to the Future will often accept one and two but will claim it as a repeat if you enter three. Since typing fast and accurate on a phone is often hard to do it would be great if we could have an auto fill feature. It also wouldn’t hurt to double check what the person is actually writing. If I put mammals don’t give me monotreme. Lastly, I get that you’re trying not to allow sensitive words to be typed, but, if you’re asking me what goes in soup and I’m typing crackers, I’m obviously talking about crackers. If you’re asking for wedding dress designers and I put Vera Wang I’m clearly just trying to answer the question. There have been several instances of trying to add what would be a right answer but the game won’t accept it. Your sensors are way too high for this game. Other than that the game has potential. A little less ads, a lot less time to take your turn before you forfeit, a lot more categories(too many repeats), and some basic tuning and this game could be lots of fun.

Twysted syte, Mar 22, 2021
Mostly Fun

The game needs to be updated with some categories. I’ve specifically noticed it in music categories when older music or more specific artists get 0 points. Also, there are a lot of levels that let you say redicilously ambiguous answers but some ask for just a few very specific answers. Ex: category “Friends Characters, but the only acceptable answers are the 6 main characters. Why is Gunther getting the shaft? And I would love it if the next update ended the levels where you have to use one beginning letter. There’s another version of this game with that specific and it’s my least favorite part of this version.

Xrxrxrxrxrxrxrxrxrx, May 23, 2021


THINK FAST! Quickly list the Wonders of the World before your best friend! Will they beat you to the punch?

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