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User Reviews for Words Out

Good game with too many “hints” that you can’t turn off

Way too many ads and too many times you have to stop playing to say you don’t want to watch an ad for the fake money. Every time you pause to think and consider your word building, you get a pop up with a hint that you have to close. Every once in a while it interrupts you to ask you if you’d like to earn more with ads. You should be able to stop all the constant mid-game interruptions and only have ads between games like every other game out there. I just spent some time trying to find an identical game somewhere that wouldn’t constantly interrupt its own playability but no luck.

cassandralrogers, Nov 13, 2020
Challenge via possibility and ads

This is a push your luck game that also tests your ability to think of possible words from the beginning of words. It’s a mildly unique word game in that provides challenge not by time, speed, or thinking of the best combo from the provided letters. Instead, it forces you to think from a much wider range of possible words, and forces you to conjecture and take risk.The no pay version has too many ads. So I paid for the no ads, and while I am no longer getting external ads, I still get incessant ads for in-game bonuses. Seriously, devs stop putting in-game bonuses for everything unless it’s automatically given or reminder-optional.Another con is the dictionary is a little limited.

CoolAntelope, Sep 06, 2020
Love it but...

7/7 - there were no videos available today. Why? I have to use coins that I purchased if I want to keep playing because there are no videos available - ???Update: sometimes if you use a wrong letter and you click to watch a video so you can keep going, it takes your coins instead. I’ve lost quite a few coins this way expecting a video but got my coins taken. I’m not giving up on this game though! I still love it! Also, the constant pop up about the fact that you can get help with a word (for 50 coins which is way too much in my opinion, especially since you took away the free reward) is annoying. Every time I pause to think about my next move it pops up. It didn’t used to do that. The newest update has taken away the free milestone reward. You have to now watch yet another video to receive any reward. There are too many videos to watch. I would be glad to purchase the game to not have so many ads because I really do love this game! ***I cannot get past level 45. It’s way too hard to win this level with no double or triple cards. I like that this game is challenging but this level feels impossible!

HoneyB2016, Jul 08, 2020
Too many ads in “ad-free”, glitches.

The game itself is fun, so I bought the “ad-free” version. It no longer automatically plays ads between every level, but if I make a mistake and want to keep playing, there is no option to use coins, I have to watch an ad. There are other places in the game where to get something I must watch an ad. There is no other choice. This is not “ad-free.”Another problem is that the game occasionally makes mistakes for me. It’s not a slip on my part. I put a letter in one spot and it slides it *across the screen* to another spot and then says I made a mistake.The third problem is that it frequently freezes up. Sometimes I can solve it by exiting and reentering the app, but sometimes I have to close the app ( losing my game) or even reboot the whole phone. Not worth the hassles.

K Gateman, Dec 31, 2021
Could have been wonderful!

I love word games, especially like this one, making words with given letters. Here’s the problem. The game gives letters randomly and a few spots to put them, and automatically my mind starts making words. But here, if you make words of more than 5-6 letters, you run out of letters and lose the game. But if you make short words, you don’t make enough points to win the game. In the development of this game, why did y’all decide to make the letters run out? Challenge? There’s a challenge in the point requirement, the letters given and maybe give us a time requirement. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to cause a Catch-22 in a game that you want people to continue playing. I love challenges, and the longer the words, the better. But if you can’t make the words, then I don’t know...

LoveMelodio, Sep 08, 2020
Good, challenging, plenty of levels, but

Words Out is a good game. It remains interesting and challenging as you progress through the levels, adding features like deadly cards, wild cards, cards that return words back to the deck, etc.The dictionary is fairly broad and includes both US and UK spellings. One notable exception is with words beginning with “un-“ or “re-“ prefixes. These are often the best prospects for ten letter words and it is very annoying when great words aren’t accepted. I’m at level 105 and the maximum words are essential.The ads sometimes get stuck on my iPad Pro. I leave the game, quit the app and return as a workaround. Words sometimes score when I don’t want them to. This is usually if I’m moving Apple Pencil slowly after placing a letter. My most recent peeve is the frequent “need help?” message that pops up. Even if I’ve just told it no, the app brings back the message on every letter. After 8 to 12 seconds, they want to up sell the option of looking at possible words. If the pop up message occurs while moving a letter, the letter is applied to the nearest word, losing the game. I really dislike this message.

Math teacher in WA, May 19, 2020
Fun game with one minor issue

This is a fun, well-designed game and I appreciate that it’s fairly low on ads. It’s challenging and compelling, and I’ve gotten 50+ levels in without growing tired of it so far!My biggest problem with it is that the coins seem to reset whenever I leave and re-enter the app. This is fairly frustrating when I’ve racked up 1500+ coins and shut the app for a few minutes, only to come back and see that I now have only 200 coins. What’s the point of the coins if you can’t keep them???However I don’t rely heavily on the coins during gameplay (the game provides plenty of free boosts/hints), so it’s honestly not that big a deal. Just a little annoying.

Nacholatkes, Feb 07, 2020
You should not make word games

FAIL FAIL FAIL YOU NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY BEFORE YOU DEVELOP WORD GAMES!! You would think the developer would clean up the many many flaws in the game before saturating the game with ads and pocketing the cash. THIS GAME HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE ONE OF THE BEST WORD GAMES. But its frustrating when you start spelling M-E-X and forced to start a new game or watch the same crappy ad. Yet V-E-H-M is a word? That is just one super obvious errors and there are countless other word errors and frequent crash when you use all letters but don’t accumulate enough points to win. Also the link to app support is 404 dead. Please fix this potentially great game so I can 5 star is and rewrite this review. Thanks for a bad attempt! HINT TO DEVELOPER: buy a scrabble dictionary and fix the link to your website( is your vcr blinking 12:00) every time I play I run into a ridiculous flaw in this games vocabulary.

PissedatPinheads, May 10, 2020
Advertising App with a Small Game Component!

I don’t need to explain the game to you - the App Store pictures convey the game well. And in all fairness, the game offers a few minutes of word play goodness. Nothing radical and certainly nothing that tests your vocabulary, but certainly more intriguing than most of the “word” games on the App Store. The goal is to create the longest words possible given a random selection of letters. You can repeat words and there’s no extra reward for challenging letters or uncommon words. The problem is that the app is more ads than games. To play a single round requires watching several ads and even if you choose “no” for the “optional” ads, you have to watch the ad without any reward! No thank you. Poor development strategy. I thought about buying the app bc I don’t mind paying for a game I like… but I don’t really want to throw any money towards developers who make it difficult to fall in love with their game. There are just too many options out there. This is one of the rare apps where I wanted to leave a review before deleting bc it’s really a poor strategy to prioritize auto-playing ads over allowing new players to fall in love with the game 🙁

Technicolor73, Jul 12, 2021
Broken ads

Would be a four star rating if the ads weren’t so inconsistent. The game asks you if you want to watch an ad to continue playing or double your points. It doesn’t matter if you click no because you will still be forced to watch an entire 30 second ad, then won’t receive the reward. I understand quick 5 second ads you can exit out of, but the ads you are forced to watch all the way through should not be shown if you choose to reject the reward. I haven’t had this issue with any other game and it’s extremely irritating. At this point I just click yes to watching the ads so I will at least get rewarded for watching the same video regardless. I never write reviews for apps, but this got under my skin because the game would be good otherwise.

trashleyyy, Jul 13, 2021


Make words with cards to win points without ever making a mistake. Exercise your brain to solve the 250 levels of the game. HOW TO PLAY ? : 1 LETTER = 4 ROWS For each new level, drag and drop the cards on the board.

Each card is a letter you must add on a row in order to continue or complete a word. And the longest the words are, the highest points you score to complete the level. Don’t need to be a “living dictionary “ ! : there is always a right place for a new letter . Just make the right choice upon the 4 possible boxes… But if you don’t, you will have to start the level from scratch ! In addition, whenever you make a correct word you must make a choice : • "WORDS IN" = keep the cards on the board (by betting that you will make a longer word ) • "WORDS OUT" = cash out the points and start over a new word Choose carefully the right strategy to complete each level … HUNDRED OF LEVELS As an apprentice , you should easily achieve the 1st levels of the game. But the more the level will increase and the more you will have to create longer words using more and more cards in order to pass the next level : From apprentice to virtuoso there are more than 250 levels waiting for you before reaching the hall of fame ! Sounds difficult ? don’t worry : all along the game there will be boosters and wildcards specially created to help you in you progression : The Dictionnary; The Bin; The Blank Card; The Double Card; The Triple Card; The Bonus Card etc. The way you will manage those boosters will add an extra layer of strategy to the way you will play the game. GREAT FOR BREAKS ! "Words out" is based on the most classic and simple gameplay of solitaire that is perfectly tailored for coffee break, in the subway or even in boring meetings! "Words out" will provide hours of entertainment for you and your whole family.

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