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User Reviews for Daily POP Crossword Puzzles

Puzzle get 5 stars ads take two stars away.

I love the puzzles they are interesting and challenging but I am not happy with all the ads and how long it takes to get to the puzzles. Several times I just give up and go to a different puzzle app.What gets me the most is you have to go thru these long ads even when you leave the app for a short time to answer a call or text. I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee to remove the ads or subscription to remove ads and have access to puzzles without buying or earning coins.You lost a star with me. Since I wrote original review the ad time has gotten worse. One of the ads has no way of closing so I end up closing your app and try another day to see if it closed on its own. Also I am tired of buying coins to use the “show errors”

Appsalot!, Dec 29, 2019
cheating us into paying money

I really like daily pop crosswords but am very upset. You used to be able to get 5 coins every time you watched a video. Coins are needed to play more than one crossword or see mistakes or reveal a word. Today I was watching videos to get coins and realized it was only giving me 1 coin per video. This is ridiculous. It is going to take forever to get enough coins to do anything now. The only way to get enough now is to pay money. There are not even enough earn coin things. I am very angry and upset. This is the developers way to get us to pay money and it’s not right. 1 coin per video is absurd. Please fix this immediately and I will change my rating. Otherwise, I may have to find another crossword app.

cryptofamilies player, May 06, 2019
Really great crosswords with one HUGE annoyance

I would rate this app 5 stars, I do multiple crosswords a day on it, they all have more relevant and modern hints than other apps, which is wonderful. I never take the time to write reviews but hopefully the devs see this and consider fixing an issue I have and that is this: Hitting the arrow to go to the next clue will run you in a loop of the same few clues over and over before moving down the list. It seems trivial but it’s extremely annoying to have to go through 10 clues you just read to move on to the next clue. It will also skip entire sections of the puzzle. I know i could just tap the ones I want, but having used other crossword apps and being familiar with the controls a certain way made me realize how much better it could be just by making what seems to be a simple change.

dirtybroke, Dec 04, 2018
Terrible customer support

It’s been over a week since the last update which causes almost immediate crashing... you ask me to send my OS info to you, and to be patient... I’ve done both. And yet I look through pages of reported crashing with the same BS copy/paste response, and absolutely ZERO resolve. I used to love this game. Completing challenges, earning coins, trying to beat my best times. And you have sucked all that joy right out it because you just don’t care... you couldn’t two flying pieces of horse manure about your users. We aren’t even worthy of receiving progress updates, just more copy/paste drone responses. I’m done, deleting the game. YOU contact ME when you get your crap together and get the game fixed. Then MAYBE I’ll download it again. But what do you care, you’re making money on other games. As long as the $$$ is coming in from somewhere, you’ll copy and paste and ask for patience just to get us to shut up.

Fun game BUT, Nov 12, 2019
Good App But...

I really enjoy the puzzles, challenging & fun but recently the ads pop up in the middle of doing the puzzle. Until this week the ads wouldn’t show up til you finished the puzzle. The second thing that irritates me is that if you want to do an older puzzle you have to use the back arrow to go through every single month. Why not just have a drop down box? The last thing is that to get free coins you need to watch an ad, ok, no big deal but recently after I watch the ad there’s no payout. I have to watch 3 or 4 ads before it gives me 10 coins.

gardeningcat, Jan 29, 2021
Unwilling to fix tech issue

In early December, 2021, when the AWS servers went down, the game went offline. When it came back on, I had lost all progress on the Daily Pop Plus puzzles I completed for the year. I had completed every one up until that day, even spending money to open many puzzles that I had skipped through the year. When I asked for help, I was told that the problem must be on my end. I was instructed to delete and reinstall the app. That didn’t work, and when I asked for help again, I was told to do the same thing. It still didn’t work. There has to be a way to restore my progress on their end, but it hasn’t happened due to incompetence or indifference. I’ll play until the coins I bought run out and then delete the app. It’s too bad. It was a nice 15 minute diversion to my day.

greengood67, Jan 14, 2022
Frustrating glitches

I have to start by saying I really do love this game... when it works. It’s so much fun and the crossword puzzles are just the right level of challenging. I love the pop culture aspect of it. However, there are so many glitches that it rarely works. When I click on the app it opens up just fine. But then I try to click on the daily puzzle and the app closes. It takes about 5 or 6 tries before it finally works. The app also closes every time I click to try and watch a video advertisement to earn coins so I can buy more puzzles. So I never get to earn coins to buy more puzzles because that feature never ever works. It’s very frustrating because the app would be great if it just worked.

Kfstubbs, Jun 05, 2020
Made up words & Horrible Ad integration

This is fun as far as crossword puzzles go. Even with the random abbreviated word thrown in every puzzle because the makers couldn’t figure out another 3 letter word that might fit. I overlooked that! With the recent Ad integration - I’m forced to watch 30 second Ads ( which is fine!) I used to watch them to earn coins. However, the new Ads (even after waiting for the Ad to end) does not allow to click out of the window. The x on the top right is misplaced so that the only option it allows is to scroll my iPhone menu down. I have to force close the App in order to generate a new Ad and so far I’ve gotten the same Ad that does not allow to click out of. I love crossword puzzles - and POP culture. So, this was a great combination of the two! Too bad I can’t play 😡

ms sharonapple, Jan 28, 2021
Previous Review Deleted

My previous review was 3 stars, prior to the update that created an advertisement channel with an occasional crossword clue. But, let’s get to my original review that was deleted for...not adhering to leftist orthodoxies (what happened to tolerance and free speech?).The crosswords are beholden to modern social justice warrior approved speech dictums. Clues revolve around feminist, BLM, and modern Marxist doctrine. The problem, outside the social ramifications of deleting the worth and history of white males, is that the clues become stale and overused. When the clues primarily consist of female athletes, minority movie stars, leftist politicians, etc., the themes become rote and answers overused.The format of the app is pleasing and there is great potential. The apolitical crosswords are actually a lot of fun. It would be great if the publisher could find the moral fortitude to stay apolitical for all crosswords, because some of us would like an escape from a world where the media feels the need to make everything political.Let’s see how long this post stays up before the those opposing free speech have their way.

TraceInYoFace, Feb 07, 2021
They completely changed this app recently !!

I’ve done a pop crossword almost every night for past 3 years, it helps me fall asleep. I also liked the calendar with little icons on each day you complete a puzzle. Now it’s a different structure — long ads at very beginning, and now MULTIPLE times during ONE puzzle. I understand they need to make money. I did in-app purchases for coins to help me with puzzle clues. I wouldn’t mind paying a one time fee since I really enjoyed the categories and variety of daily puzzles. But to ask for $4.99/month for ad-free on top of the the purchasing of coins for clue help is just too much in my opinion. Now with the new additional ads throughout it interrupts my method of falling asleep.

Uptemily, Jan 29, 2021


Enjoy FREE themed daily crossword puzzles, with a fun, new pop-culture theme EVERY DAY of the week long with a second POP PLUS puzzle every day! Solve puzzles, track your progress and finish them all! Can you clear all of our crossword puzzles?

Daily POP Crosswords features the best pop-culture-themed puzzles from the top puzzle constructors, including Penny Press and Dell Magazines, the #1 crossword-puzzle-magazine publisher. This fun and easy-to-use crossword puzzle app features new themed word puzzles each day. Crossword challenges range from TV and movies to celebrity trivia to music to sports and books – put your trivia and vocabulary skills to the test! Get POP! Enjoy free brain teasing crossword games with your friends every day. It’s free to download and free to play! Download Daily POP Crossword Puzzles and show off your crossword skills! DAILY POP FEATURES: FREE POP CULTURE-THEMED DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLES • Get brand-new themed crossword puzzles for free! • Choose your favorite themes and solve them all! • Featured Puzzles collect multiple fun puzzles into discounted crossword sets. • Play puzzles that test your celebrity knowledge, movie know-how and more. • Several in-app Achievements give you lots of FREE Coins. • Hundreds of Bonus Puzzles so you can continue solving as much as you like. CASUAL CROSSWORD GAMES • Easy to solve using the crossword puzzle grid and pop-up clue list. • Daily POP Crossword puzzles are quick and fun, designed to be solved in a single play session.  • Make it your own! Multiple settings options are available. • Think you can solve our puzzles without hints? Fee like a genius when you solve them! NEW PUZZLES DAILY • New popular-culture-themed puzzles added every day. • Solve them all! Choose from a growing puzzle archive. • Celebrity crossword puzzles, movie crosswords, book puzzles and more. DON’T GET STUCK! • All puzzles offer Hints and the option to Show Errors, at any time. • Robust App Tour, User Tips, and Helpful Hints enhance your solvingexperience. • Want a little more help? Hints are available to show letters and reveal wordsin each puzzle. • Optional Smart Step navigation advances you effortlessly from one entry tothe next, helping you solve even faster. • Challenge yourself to solve our puzzleswithout help – but don’t worry if you need it! LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES • Show Errors in each puzzle at the touch of a button. Enjoy crossword puzzle games for all your pop culture know-how! Download Daily POP Crossword Puzzles today! Email us at [email protected] should you have any questions or want to share any feedback. Thanks!

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