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Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

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User Reviews for Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

Best in class for photo security

One of my friends recommended this app to me years ago for securing my private photos and videos. I’ve now been using it since 2015, it continues to be supported with each new version of iOS and they provide good customer support when needed. To break down the features that I like, the break-in report and decoy password are really cool. The break in report will take a photo whenever someone tries to get into the app. It is great for detecting snoopers. The decoy password gives you a whole separate account you can login to that opens to a different set of photos. This is perfect if someone wants to know what is in the app. The app has the ability to create a pin for the overall app as well as passwords for each of the individual albums. When you import photos from the photos app, it asks you if you’d like to delete them from the Photos app which is really convenient. Just make sure you also delete them from recently deleted too. Looking at some of the reviews, it looks like people are forgetting their passwords. The app gives you the ability to set a backup email address, so if you set that setup you are fine. Each update brings new features. I’m glad to have picked this one. It is fast, secure, reliable and feature rich. I highly recommend this app if you want a well supported app for securing your photos. I’m excited to see what they add next.

Appleman7934, Jun 21, 2020
We’re all my photos

I’ve been using this app for about a couple years and broke my phone recently I restore my iCloud but the apps didn’t come up so I re downloaded this app and every time I try to log into my account to get all my 5000 photos it keeps saying that it doesn’t exist this is very sad to me i emailed support and have not got a response at all I don’t know if this is a scam or what but I know I want my photos I have personal and last photos of my mother and other family members that have passed on this is unprofessional once again I’ve emailed private vault and their come back with a response on that is they just upgraded their system to where logging in is a possibility I upgraded my phone from the seven to the 12 it literally did not come like the rest of my cloud apps it logged me out and then told me to login in and when I put the email that I’ve used for many years it sent me an email and said that I’m not even in their system which is a lie do not put your photos or things that you would like to keep because if something happened this app has no concern about your well-being download GOOGLE PHOTOS best app you can possibly have

assfffhj, Jun 28, 2021
Great App Until You Lose your Phone and all Pictures are Lost

I have been a regular user of photo vault. I started with the regular version and then paid to get upgraded to the pro version. Everything seemed fine even until I lost my iPhone in summer 2019 during my research trip and had to restore/recover lost data. Lol and behold, not even a single one of the over 3,000 archival/research document pics that I got and moved to the vault were restored; I mean, not even a single one. I tried restoring from my itunes and iCloud yet no way. Never trust this app to recover your lost photo files. To make matters worse, I wrote several emails to the developers and even went to their company website to lodge a request to Legendary Software Labs LLC and not even a single response. At least, if you cannot solve the situation, calm your clients and respond to a single request. I cannot believe that after paying the monthly fee, I cannot even recover any thing. I felt frustrated because I so much believed in this app and even got my friends to get it. Now, I am lost and disappointed to say the least. Thanks but no thanks.

Brytalozy, Sep 09, 2019
Holds your files hostage. Wont let you transfer to your computer

This app will take up so much of your phone’s storage, it’s insane. I got this app with the intention to back up my pics and vids and perhaps clear up some space in a convenient manner. Ive come to realize, it wouldve been much easier if I had just transferred those files to a computer directly without using this app. Now my pics and vids are stuck on this app because transferring all of them back to my phone not only takes forever, but fails almost every time. This app’s ability to transfer your files to a computer, via wireless or wired, simply does not work. Try it yourself at your own risk. Now i have 2000+ pictures and videos trapped in this app that i cannot get out. I cant transfer them back to my phone without constant complication and this app’s ability to export files to a computer is an absolute joke. I also wasted money subscribing to their cloud vault, which is a joke too. I can’t delete any files without them deleting it on the cloud vault as well, so that was no use regarding making space in my phone either. Also their cloud vault has no url or website, so that basically means the cloud vault ALSO doesnt have any convenient means of exporting files. DO NOT USE THIS APP. They will literally hold your files hostage. They have convenient means of importing files but absolutely zero ability in exporting them. Just think on that.

D_back_17, Mar 15, 2022
Great app but has a few issues. iCloud Storage

Everything about the app’s functionality and features are great! However, there are two big issues I have. 1.) I subscribed to the premium version to have to utilize the cloud storage. The description of the iCloud storage option is inaccurate. It states that you can can save space on your your device by synchronizing and uploading all the photos to the cloud so that when you preview the content on your device, it will download it from the cloud without using up the storage on your device. Which in sense, should be similar to IOS. However, when I preview the photos in the app. It downloads the photo to my device and does not remove it after previewing. Ultimately it does not save any space at all. If I wanted to remove the data from my device, I would have to wipe everything off by reinstalling the app. After doing that, I log in, and it will synchronize with the cloud until I open up the photo which then automatically downloads the photo to the device. 2.) I’m not sure if it was because of the update but when I reinstalled the app, I have a problem where I couldn’t connect to the server when I was logging back into my account. I had to remove my 1 year subscription and resubscribe to finally log back in. But doing so prompted a message saying that I would have to pay again after my 1 week free trial. My subscription didn’t expire until August 2022. Which means I did not use the whole year of the subscription.

DespicableBeast, Mar 16, 2022
Good App Overall

This is a good app, but could be improved. I'd like to see a sync between the app on different devices. When getting a new device, such as a new iPad, one has to start over, I have not been able to move from the old one to the new with success! Also, as a backup it is awkward, so I do not see it as truly viable for that purpose at this time. There seems to be a hiccup for certain larger images. For example, I have some and when sending or putting back into Photo as a group, the program freezes unless one figures out which is the problematic image and goes one at a time through the group. I see the app's main value as ordinary privacy on each device; I have it on four. It's pretty good for that. I also use it to store things to show others, but wish to avoid wading through thousands of files in Photo. I also like the secure folder within the app for things "more private" or intended to be kept more secure. The photo editing program within the app is excellent. I use that and then send the edited photo to Photo or iPhoto in some cases to preserve the original in both Photo and the app. It's really good for this. JHC

DrJHC, Jun 03, 2022
Good app with a few issues

Been using this app for a number of years and it’s totally worth spending the $$ versus using the free one. For only $7 you really can’t go wrong. One of the issues I have is when I imported my family vacation pics they are completely disorganized. I tried several different ways but every time they NEVER import in order and this is VERY annoying as I have to rearrange them by manually. I like to organize the folders in groups as it makes it WAY easier to access, but I’d like to have an option to have folders within a folder. For example: my trip to Houston I have some pictures and video that I’d like to separate them so I’m not searching all over for them. Even within picture folder, it’d be nice to separate my time at the Houston space center with my time in the golf. It just lumps them all together. The last thing is I wish there an option for either a list view or an icon view...and it could reorganized by title or date. When your library gets large, it’s VERY difficult to find the folder you’re looking for because they are listed in the order they were created and NOT alphabetically or numerically. Other than that—great app.

General Samus, Nov 14, 2021
So reliable and works!

I’ve used this on and off over the past few years and I’ll tell you, it works! I’ve tried several apps in the past where when you click out of the app and open it up again, the pictures show for a second before going to the password. Which obviously defeats the purpose. THIS app, it works! You can click out and open in a second and it’s already at the passcode screen. Also, even though I technically use the ad version, I’ve only ever seen two in the whole time I’ve used the app. I love this because I’ll just upload the pictures I want from my library and have the option to delete the copies in the library as well. I usually do, because having this app is kinda the point. Privacy. Even though I never have anyone go on my phone, I still have photos I wouldn’t like just anyone seeing. There’s always that time where you show someone a picture on your phone and they grab it and start scrolling. You can also make albums for the different photos. I have the main album and a second one for certain photos I want separate. I definitely recommend!

Girlycutestuff, Dec 20, 2021
Almost perfect

I’ve been using this app for a long time and have loved its ease of use. There’s only a couple of things missing in my opinion. 1. Permanent folder thumbnail. Yes the last photo in the album is the photo you’ll see in the album thumbnail but it changes every time you add more pictures. If only one picture of your choosing could stay as the thumbnail permanently, that would be great. 2. Picture preview by press and hold when selecting multiple pictures. There are times when you want to select multiple pictures but you can’t tell what or who is in the picture because it’s so small. If you could just press and hold a picture for a second to blow it up that would be extremely helpful. 3. App icon. Keeping your pictures safe is great but an icon with a lock on it called photo vault draws attention to an unwanted person on your phone. If there were multiple inconspicuous app icons to choose from would help immensely.

Koenig1, Mar 09, 2022
Don't trust this app to make backups to iCloud.

I've been using the pro version of this app for about 4 years. Currently it's pretty well developed. The only issue I've ever had was losing 400+ pictures/videos due to the app not backing up to iCloud (2 years ago). I lost my phone while on a trip in Europe, after returning I tried a backup only to find that all data within the app was lost (literally as if I had never used the app before). I tried a fresh backup several times, each with the same results. Going into detail: I used photo vault for 2 years prior to the loss of the phone. I had pictures in my stock photo album that were dated same as some photos in the photo vault. The backup recovered 700+ pictures that were in my photo album (and other apps/app data) ... some dating up to just a couple weeks before I lost the phone. Basically I guess photo vault was never backed up, while just about everything else was? You'd think after paying for the pricey Pro Version and 2 years of constant use, there would be some element of assurance... I have had little use for this app since losing everything.

Nickname1122339, Jul 29, 2017


The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone and iPad. Millions of people trust Private Photo Vault® to keep their photos hidden. Top 100 Photography App in USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Italy, Finland, UK, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Germany and many more countries.

Reviews for Photo Vault®: * * * * * "Wow, I have been wanting a way to hide some of my photos for a while, this is a perfect solution." * * * * * "Exactly what I'm looking for, can organize albums and even 'hide' others that I feel I need to." PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS + VIDEOS • Password Protected App Entry      • Pin Lock      • Pattern/Dot Lock • Password Protected Photo Albums       (Keep people out of your private albums) • Break-in Report: Photo + GPS • Decoy Password + Face Down Lock PHOTO MANAGEMENT • Create Albums right in the App • Import/Export from Photo App • iTunes Syncing • Wireless Photo Transfer • Email Photos • Text Message Photos PHOTO VIEWING • Image Gallery • Slideshow • Intuitive Interface just like Photo App VIDEO SUPPORT • Import/Export from Photo App • Watch Videos PRIVATE WEB BROWSER • Browse the Internet Privately • Download Photos directly to the app CLOUD VAULT: • Encrypted Cloud Backup • Space Saver • 100% Private - No Private Photo Vault employee can view your cloud backup. When you enable Cloud Vault backup in the app, you are required to provide a Cloud Vault Password. Your Cloud Vault Password is never backed up to our servers and used as a secret value that only you know to encrypt/decrypt your files. This means we have NO ability to view your photos. This also means that if you forget your Cloud Vault Password, you will also not be able to view your Cloud Vault data. Please write it down. PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION Premium will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Terms: https://privatephotovault.com/terms/ Privacy Policy: https://privatephotovault.com/privacy-policy/ NOTE: The free version of the app does not backup your files to Cloud Vault. Please ensure you perform backups of your photos and videos to ensure if you lose your device, your data isn't lost.

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