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User Reviews for OVF Editor

Love it but

For some reason the audio is not working on the videos when you want to post or even edit on the app :(

aveeelina, Aug 28, 2022

Everything is amazing about the app but I noticed that there is a version of the app before it was showing the Snapchat photo size so please if you can fix that and add it to the application again. thank you so much.

Bashaier.69, Sep 10, 2022
Subscription based now…

Old app had an option to buy premium so you don’t see ads.. now its subscription based for $4.99/month and can’t use it for free anymore. When you purchase the premium, it just takes away the ad and app glitches out which takes longer to process, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Miss the old format not liking this update at all. Old one was working.. why change it if it was fine?

cvh88, Jul 24, 2022
Recent update works well

The ad-supported app worked very well. The most recent update now includes a watermark, however, the ads are still present. The watermark can be easily deleted, however.

Deejal, Jul 23, 2022
Only ads

This app has gotten so bad lately that it’s useless most of the time. I do not mind watching ads to support the creator but the ads have gotten twice as long and not 3 times out of 5 you watch the ad then it opens Snapchat but does not paste your photo or video thereby tricking you to sit through the ad for nothing.

DeWayt, Nov 23, 2023
Update wants money

It use to be a good app until the developer got greedy and now wants money to use it the same way as the old version allowed. Look for something else to download and don’t give this greedy developer your money.

ellemontana2001, Jul 23, 2022
Bad app

This app is literally so bad, it glitches out all the time, and my videos sometimes go blank when I get to the editing part. And there’s also a ad and a subscription every time u even click something. It’s really annoying. Fix this stupid app. Why does it keep glitching out?

Fwayy, Nov 07, 2022

Honestly I don’t know why the other reviews are complaining this is absolutely a very good working app no matter what version it is I think you’re completely out of your rap said minesLike honestly you think it’s really gonna kill you by watching a five second ad y’all folks are ridiculous appreciate the app but you have it:)

Genevieve swagger, Aug 01, 2022
The recent update

App works like always… but now for some reason when I try to upload a video there’s no sound the audio is grayed out on Snapchat also videos are laggy… pictures still upload the same high quality just videos are having problems

hhcujsrviccgg, Aug 29, 2022
New update ruins the photo quality

I LOVE this app and have been using/paying for it for years. The app recently updated, and the quality of the Photos significantly decline after being uploaded to snapchat. Please fix it!!

Meehhh!!!!!, Aug 01, 2023


OVF Editor lets Snapchatters to edit photos, apply photo effects, and add frames, graphics, and text. OVF Editor has never been easier. App Privacy Policy: https://pages.flycricket.io/ovf-editor/privacy.html App Terms of Use: https://pages.flycricket.io/ovf-editor/terms.html Apple Terms of Use (EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/