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Secure Private Calculator

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User Reviews for Secure Private Calculator

Almost perfect!(almost)

This is a great app. You can delete photos from your library and they’ll stay in the calculator app. It does everything it says it will.There’s a slight bug where pictures aren’t deleted per se, but rather they are ‘wiped’, meaning the images are still there, but the image is blank. I’ve got about 30 blank photos unfortunately, however I still recommend this app

DrPersonManSir, May 24, 2021
Dont force the issue

I have no idea whether this app works good or not the reason I gave it one star is because the app forced me to write this review would not continue until I wrote this review I just downloaded this app and I just opened it up and just started to try to understand it how can I give it a honest review this is lame the developers need to stop making you do a review allow you to do a review when you choose for the simple fact you forced the issue you get one star I don’t like that you try to make me do something I didn’t want to do but here’s your review that you forced me to give

eating crap, Jan 27, 2022
I’m just doing this for storage:/

So far it’s pretty good it has no in app purchases I think which I love!! It has two passwords (that are free!) so if someone gets it right or after three tries it brings them to the word password, I think it’s really good that it’s free and no premium pop ups so in reality I would probably rate it 4 stars:>

gamer lover12345, Aug 14, 2020
There are way better apps than this one, please don’t get it

There are way better apps than this. I’ve got one right now that does everything this one does but you can export the photos and videos you store on that app back to your phone if you want them back. This app won’t allow you to export your files. Which is fine and all except if you want to delete the app but want your stuff back on your phone. I have another app just like this that isn’t nearly the amount of space this one is. And some of the controls aren’t able to be set to english so if you press it on accident, you might have just deleted something with no way of knowing. I promise you if you are looking for an app like this, there is a way better one.

George F. A, Jun 18, 2022

I tried to rename an album and it completely deleted all of my other albums! And there’s no way to recover the pictures. This made me very angry. Thankfully the videos are still there, but the hundreds of photos are unretrievable. PLEASE if you’re reading this leave your albums as default!! I wish I would have known this sooner. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED

helloitsmeemily, Jun 07, 2020
It Does what they said it does.

This is a great app, though I would like if when you click to download something or share something you could open it with this app rather than having to add it to your normal camera first then your calculator app. But other than that it’s a great app 10/10 recommend.

Nickname13254674538907154?;$3, Jun 06, 2021
Don’t recommend

I’ve tried everything and every picture I put in this app is very small and the resolution is horrible. I wouldn’t recommend this app. I can’t make my pictures normal size and I can’t make them clear. Terrible. I’m going through the reviews and I noticed two years ago that someone had the same problem I have so it’s very obvious that they don’t care about their app or fixing the problem. I am deleting it. Terrible that they want a review but don’t want to fix the problems.

no pop downs!, Nov 19, 2022
Amazing app

Better than most secret photo vaults because you don't have to pay for a subscription to hold more photos. The only downsides I have is that you can't put videos and pictures in the same album, and the pictures in albums are not in order from where you put them. Other than that, it's great!

penisgumper, Mar 05, 2021
My input on this app.

This thing is awesome! Besides the glitch that makes you have to delete something off your phone twice sometimes, I haven’t had any issues with this. Plus this thing can hide your stuff from others. Honestly I’d give this one a 5 star on this one.!

phone detrermant, Jun 20, 2021
Love the app

So far nothing wrong with it yet A++. Hope it does have the ability to get back the video clips that are transferred and stored in the apps . That is only fall back . But overall., still great app. Make sure to keep an original video clips or pics in a separate hidden folder outside the app.👍

phongchanly, Jan 22, 2023


*Free for All Features* Secret Photo All in One help you hide your photos/video/Contact behind a calculator. What other people can see is just an ordinary calculator. You can access your private world by entering your password on the calculator.

Features: - Automatically move to calculator when the app in background. - Please press % to confirm the password. File Manager: - Import photos, videos from albums and camera roll - can call Email, WeChat, Evernote, Dropbox and other third-party App file processing, easy to share pictures, video - Support creating custom album. Private Contact: - Unlimited add contacts - Add a note to a contact - speed dial, send text messages, send e-mail Any problems or suggestions, please contact us on [email protected] – we’d love to hear your feedback.

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