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Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

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Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

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伟林 莫
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User Reviews for Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

Great Features

Awesome app for backing up and protecting files and pics you don’t want others to see. I especially enjoy the filters it has to allow me to organize my photos by size (and other options) so that I can go through them and delete any unwanted duplicates.The only feature that is not available that I would’ve liked to see is when selecting photos from my camera roll that I can drag my finger to select instead of tapping each photo. With a large amount of photos, this could be time consuming and monotonous.

BigAnt2469, Feb 26, 2018
Paid for the app but still got bombarded with ads

Update: Forget this app. Look for Secret Vault app by Roman Kotov. I rather pay this guy $20 for a lifetime license without ads and does nearly everything that this SPV app does. I say good riddance to this app. My previous review: Understandable that free versions of apps usually come with annoying ads but this is a paid app. I launch the app, an ad comes out and I’m forced to wait like 3 seconds. I then enter my password for the app, and an ad pops up again. When I switch to other apps and come back to this app, I get bombarded with an ad again, wait 3 seconds, before I can enter my password. And it goes on like this. What the heck?! This guy is a cheat. Earns our money and still want to earn advertising dollars. Unscrupulous. He is lucky that he hasn’t got any competition for now but it won’t be for long.

Christopher Yip, May 20, 2022

I have this app and the My Disk app I started with the My Disk app and have hundreds of pictures on it then started using this app. But with the My Disk after the update it won’t open it said you had to update it. I didn’t know are I would have transferred all the pictures to this app. So if the app isn’t updated I lost all the pictures in the My Disk that I was using your app so keep my pictures. Please update it so I can transfer my pictures to this app. Are do you know how I can get my pictures out of it? Thanks

CLC456123, Jun 22, 2021
Still there... Never really gone. 👍🏾

I downloaded this a year or two ago, so I forgot that I had it. Going through some storage deletion process, I noticed the app had some space occupied in my phone. That’s when I went to the app and noticed that I didn’t recognize it earlier because of the icon change. Once I opened the app, I had an issue with remembering my password but, it was easily recovered. And to my surprise, there everything was. I forgot about all the stuff that I had put in it. Glad I was able to recover my hidden data I stored away.

DJDUVAL_FlaBoy, Apr 05, 2021
No GIFs and no hidden cloud

Overall decent app, but comes up short and needs some work. At first, I really liked it. I like that I can categorize and sort my files by different criteria, and I love that I can back up my files on the cloud (this was the biggest issue with the previous app I used, since I lost a ton of stuff when my phone was stolen). However, I set up a “decoy password” so that someone could log in and only see what is in that vault, but the items in cloud storage on the main vault still appear in that vault, which defeats the purpose for hiding them in the first place. Also, GIF files do not show an animated preview, only a still shot of the beginning of the GIF. The cloud not remaining hidden puts it on par with the previous app I used, with the bonus of more sorting options, but the cloud was one of the big reasons I selected this app. Between that and not being able to view GIFs, I’m going to have to seek out another app or go back to the one I was using before.

DukeReece, Jul 10, 2019
USED to love it..

I use this app to hide photos. I have purchased the full version and have had it for close to two years I’d expect. Lately tho when I try to hide photos it won’t pull them in. It acts like it is and has the bar counting up but then it disappears and there is nothing there. Also if I try to export the photos it won’t allow me to save them back to my phone and if I try to send them in a text, it just shows a file but won’t allow the person to open it or for me to see the pic full view on my end.. I have tried exiting out, restarting phone, multiple things and can’t seem to get it to work. I tried to email but it gave me an error said no email can be sent?? I’m pretty bummed out and liked having all my naughty photos in one place.. but now I guess I’ll have to purchase a different one and save them there.

his_angel, Nov 04, 2019
Good app, but please keep improving

I like this app to protect my information (does a really good job) however, there needs to be a search option inside of each created file (currently it is only available at the folder level). So every time I drill down into a file I have to keep scrolling down (to what feels like forever) to find the data I'm looking for. Please include a search option for those who create several files WITHIN a folder. Also, the page breaks are out of control after editing/saving. Whenever you create a new line of information it gets spaced as if you inserted a page break after you edit/save. No good.Please consider these areas of improvement so I can get the most out of this app. Thanks!

Honesty.com, Sep 22, 2017
On the way to 5 stars

This is a great app, but has three major bugs remaining as of 1/1/18:1. In the list view of a folder, the icons are not on the left margin, they are under the file names, making the names hard to read and the icons hard to see.2. The volume slider does not work. Volume can only be changed via the iPad volume buttons. When the buttons are used the screen slider will jump to and follow the actual volume.3. Sometimes the app closes, but leaves the last image up when the programs in memory view is done (double tap of the home button). The last screen view should always be gone. (Or preferably, see wish list item #2.)Wish list:1. Bring back the calculator front end as an option; it was actually useful!2. When closed, the app should completely leave memory, i.e., a double tap of the home button should not show the app dormant in memory.3. Add a “Play all” button to allow all videos or audio files to play sequentially or randomly.Keep up the great work!

JerryHill, Jan 01, 2018
No Support

I created a folder, and stored important files. After not using the app for sometime as I thought I had lost it completely, (found out the icon was changed from a calculator to an umbrella, without any notice or warning, and a couple of days ago, the icon was changed again to some kind of a shield). Tried to open my folder and realized I’d forgotten the password. I followed the instructions in the app to recover the password, but the app keeps asking for the forgotten password. The developer offers some “help”, so I eMailed him -three times - asking for help, but he just won’t reply. I’m deleting the app, since I consider my documents lost already. So much for support!

miguelrujana, Aug 07, 2022
Bought this 2 years ago & now getting ads!! (Version 8.8.8)

(WRITTEN APRIL 16th, 2021) Version 8.2.8 I paid for this app in 2019, and since the last update I’ve been getting ads!! Why are paid customers getting ads?! It never had ads this entire time, so clearly you guys added the ads! I paid for this, get rid of the ads!!! UPDATE: JULY 13th, 2023 Version 8.3.6 I’M STILL GETTING ADS AFTER PAYING TO REMOVE THEM YEARS AGO!! Never got a response from the developers, and am starting the process to reach out to Apple in regards to reporting this. You can’t charge customers to remove ads years ago and just expect us to forget just because you changed your strategy and reverted us back to an ad version to try and get more money from us!!! This isn’t right!!!

The.Big.Guy, Jul 14, 2023


• With it, you can lock and manage your private photos, videos, text messages, voice recordings, notes, documents and other files very easily! • With it, you can store and view PDF, Text(can be created and edited), PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Html, Pages, Key, Numbers and play music very simply! • With it, you can do more things in one app and manage your life better! Manage Folders • Support subfolders • Hide folders • Create, Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, Search folders • Multiple folders can be handled at a time Manage Files • Add photos, videos from computer, camera or photo library • Create audio files from recorder or computer • Create note of txt format or import any file from computer • Sort by Date, Type, Name, Size, Ascending or Descending(click again to switch) • Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, Search, Hide files • Multiple files can be handled at a time Support Viewing many file formats • Photo: jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, jpeg • Video: mov, mp4, m4v, mpv • Audio: mp3, aiff, wav • Document: pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt, rtf, html, pages, key, numbers... Security • You can lock any category/user with passwords • With only one password, you can easily lock or unlock any folder • With the password of the current user, you can hide or show any folder/file • The Q&A for password resetting can be added or modified optionally Communicate with computer • Wi-Fi web access for download and upload.

Support viewing files on browser and uploading multiple files at a time • USB Import/Export multiple files/folders from/to iTunes File Sharing • You can store any file you like, the importing files will be sorted automatically into 4 kinds: "Photo, Video, Audio, File" • The exporting files/folders will be merged into one folder called "Export" in iTunes. For security reason, they will be moved back to app once you stop exporting • Import/Export multiple files/folders from/to iTunes in current directory simply Manage users/categories and decoy users • Create, delete, edit users/categories or decoy users • Provide a public account to share your data between users/categories, you can see a public folder in each category/user • Provide decoy accounts to conceal your privacy for further protection. You can set passwords for Admin or the other users. If you are forced to open this app in some case, the decoy accounts for Admin is a good way to hide your real private files. Click Admin account and enter the decoy passwords, which will guide app to display your decoy database(different from Admin's) only. So you don't have to worry about snoopers. Metadata • File name, size, type, modify date, create date, duration Share • Send files/folders via email • Send photos via MMS • Export photos/videos to photo library • Export files/folders to computer • Multiple files/folders can be handled at a time More • Support, dot lock, password lock, Touch ID & Face ID • Two interface modes: Grid and Table • Photo Slide Show, support background music and transition mode • Support Pinch and Double Tap to zoom • You can slide to set the background images while recording sound and reset them for any audio file • LongPress to enter folder while editing in Grid View • Files/Folders can be transferred between users • Support continuous shooting • Support setting colorful background images for notes • Support Retina Display totally • Support sliding to view the next or previous one in “Picture, Audio, File” functions Note • All of your data in this app is stored only in your device. We don't access or store your privacy. Contact us • [email protected]; facebook.com/setnul; twitter.com/setnul • To help us improve, please leave a review here. Thank you very much!

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