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Fantasia-Indulge in your Dream

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User Reviews for Fantasia-Indulge in your Dream

Horribly Put Together

I just downloaded this app because I saw an ad on Instagram. It took me a while to find a good book, but when I did it only let me read up to 6 chapters. As I go to try and collect free coins (this is what other reading apps do), I realize that there is no way to obtain some. With this app, you will have to spend real money in order to get coins so you can read a book. This upsets me because the one book that did interest me is unavailable for me to read. It’s fairly expensive, too. I refuse to spend my hard earned money on expensive coins for a book that may or may not be finished.If I were you, I would reconsider my options before trying to download this app.

1and2goingagain, Jun 30, 2022
I Will Change My Rating If…

I have this app a one star. I was intrigued by an ad on Instagram for a story. I was like I have to read this book. But after downloading the app and looking at the açaí level books I tired reading the synopsis of one. “Click to read more” does not work. I kept tapping but it would not extend to let me read about the books to find the one I wanted to read. And I could learn about others I might want to read. So bye bye to this app.

Br1a, Jun 23, 2022
Love books

I love the books here it is amazing the amount of them here

calibooklover, Jul 13, 2022
To Rich for my blood

If your looking to pay a fortune to read a book this apps for you. The one I started was amazing but will cost $50 to finish. Hard cover books don’t cost that much. Save your money and look else where.

dooddlebug19, Mar 08, 2022
Love these books💙

If you love to read and don’t mind spending a little bit then check out some of these books!

eswwweoiibvfs, Mar 25, 2022
Too expensive and wasteful

I saw an add on FB and thought to give it a try. The story I wanted to read has 78 chapters and idk if it’s completed. This app doesn’t have a way to earn in app money to read a chapter or 2 a day. So if I want to read a story, I have to spend money on a book that maybe incomplete, it will cost over $30(20points per chapter, I looked). Not even books that are hard copies with an editors team, costs that much at Target! Also the formatting and layout of the app is very cheaply done. If ur gonna charge that much for a single story that isn’t even a physical book, make a better product. 👎

H-Kate, Feb 24, 2022
My review

The only story I’ve really gotten into and it’s The Accused Mate. I really like the story well written so far. But I wish the app had a way to earn bonus points daily.

hedwigfly, Mar 31, 2022
Love it

I love the stories on this App.

Hzbxbxbx, Mar 25, 2022
Don’t spend your money

The “chapters” are a page long, cost of chapter was 7 coins bought a few returned to unlock then the cost for the same chapter was 15 coins. It’s a rip off maybe the stories are good but the platform is horrible I’ll go back to Fizzo. Don’t waste your money here

Iamthered1, Mar 13, 2022
Awesome stories

I love the stories and can’t wait to read more!

kitana4252, Mar 25, 2022


Welcome to our Fantasia world! Fantasia is an e-reading app that provides an enthralling stream of quality original content to users around the world. Fantasy, Urban, Werewolf, Suspense, Thriller, Sci-fi, Realistic, LGBT +, Teen and other popular genres are all available, which are guaranteed to make you addicted at a glance!

Here's what's waiting for you: Personal Library in Pocket One app, hundreds of wonderful books. Read anytime, anywhere, from breakfast to bed! You can add your favorite books to your personal bookshelf and check the updated chapters at any time! Massive Tags. Inclusive of Every Taste There is nothing that we don't have! We offer a wide range of books from Fantasy, Romance, Dark Romance, Werewolf, Supernatural, Dragon, Vampire, Billionaire, Mafia and so on. We got it all! Easier to Find Favorite Books Can't find a favorite book? Let us help you! Check out the books recommended by our editors! Our Discover page is a new visual experience! Just one scroll away, dive deep into the novels loved by our community! Immersive Reading Experience Customizable reading mode allows you to read better and more comfortably in different environments! Critical-acclaimed storylines always take you into a fantasy world. Come and download the app! We look forward to starting this wonderful journey with you! Indulge in your fantasy dream NOW!

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