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User Reviews for Noveltime

No updates on books

So I started a book! I have paid a lot of money to read it. I’m one of those readers who gets sucked in and can’t read a different book until I finish this one. Well come to find out the second book isn’t finished and now hasn’t been updated in weeks, so I’m stuck! Like I just spent $40 to be able to finish the book and now the author isn’t updating anymore! What am I supposed to do bc I’m not gonna get another book and spend more money to try to finish that one. And you can’t message the author or even post a comment. So now money wasted and I’m over here checking everyday for an update. (It’s been more then two weeks). Waste of time and money on this app! And I want a refund for the coins I’m not gonna use!

Dalton1551, Dec 03, 2022
Too much money

These apps end up costing soooo much. First book I went to read added up what it would have cost to finish the book. It would have been over $50. I think that says enough.

Güblermeister, Oct 18, 2022
Book updates

I wish it would just tell me if it’s gonna continue or if it’s completed

kay🤟🏻🤟🏼🤟🏽🤟🏾, Mar 25, 2022
The app Needs Improvement

First, there isn’t a way to get much information about the book you want to read.Secondly, there isn’t any option to write comments or to see the rates the book would have received. I normally read the reviews before deciding if I’ll start a book, as these apps can be very expensive.But the worst for me was the size of each chapter and the fixed price (30 coins) to unlock each one. I have other apps, similar to this one downloaded that charge based on the words count. This isn’t the case for the first, and honestly last book I started on this app. The story was okay, but I refuse to pay 30 coins to read less the 500 words per chapter.Overall, I probably will delete the app. There are too many options out there that charge less for better edited books, with an actual normal size chapter.

Livia Reese, Sep 11, 2022
My Savior Mate

I started reading this book, primarily because it said all chapters are free. NOT. It is very disappointing to read several chapters, really get into the story and find you have to pay to read any more. The rating isn’t for the book. It’s for the lie that the book is free to read.

mary dorthy, Oct 01, 2022
Might actually finish a book in this app

I’ve tried so many of these apps because I get sucked into the bit of the story that shows up in the ads but out of all of the apps I’ve tried, I’ve never once finished a book. Not one. They’re always too expensive and the chapters are too short and need too many points or coins to unlock the next one. This one isn’t TOO bad though. I did top up my coins but I didn’t spend too much on it at all (the smallest purchase got me 10-11 chapters I think) and you can earn enough coins or coupons to read at least a chapter or two a day for free. The chapters are still a bit short but it is the better app so far.

NattieBoomBattie, Feb 18, 2022
Way too expensive

I read ONE book on here and I bought coins. Then I kept track of how much it cost to read just ONE book. Since the lowest amount of coins PER CHAPTER is 30, it cost me $90 to read just ONE BOOK!!! That’s almost the cost of 3 hardcover books from famous well known authors! That’s 25 books for self published author and 12 for a paperback from famous authors! Granted the book I read was a good book, but so not worth that amount of money. What a ripoff, I rated it 5 stars just so it would actually show up when people look at reviews

netta102062, Oct 16, 2022
Unassailable CEO daddy

This is a great book, but the app isn’t working properly and won’t open for me to keep reading the book.

Qqqqquuuuuiiiiilllll, Jan 07, 2023
Good just wish for more book info

Like the app! Wish you could see if the book is complete or if it is continually being updated! There’s a story I read that seems to just have ended and I wish I could find out if it’s done or not

sm.9214, Feb 18, 2022

Worth the time. Enjoying the books

Tbrat1988, Jul 09, 2022


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