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User Reviews for Chereads

Mr Ford is Jealous

I like the story but we need more chapters to read.

All of the nicknames together, May 23, 2022

I love to read but can’t afford the coins

bgerae, Jul 23, 2022
Chosen by fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Story was good. But paying 100.00 dollars for one story was to expensive. Sorry!

Blackjet, Feb 07, 2022

Too much money to read a book. I pay less using my kindle. And I think y’all should take less coins to read. Rip off if you ask me. No more.

Charilow, Mar 25, 2022

I enjoyed starting to read a book. But, you must constantly purchase coins. There is no option available to earn free coins. For example, earning a daily login bonus. Or watch a video to earn extra coins.

Darlene Piglet, May 12, 2022
Too expensive

The story was so good until I got to chapter 8 and had to pay for the rest. There’s is over 1100 chancery’s and it’s 100 for 500 coins I don’t think any books is worth over 200 dollars!

Gcjimenez2007, Feb 13, 2022
Very Stingy

This is the stingiest reading app I have used so far. I’ve looked all around the app and settings and they only give out 3 bonus tokens a day. That’s not even enough to read one chapter. It’s going to take me 3 days each at least for now to read a chapter. Heaven forbid if the chapters get more expensive.

JegErAlan, Jul 13, 2022
My CEOS pregnant exwife

I like a book that makes me cry. And this one did. It’s a great book.

maggiey2018, Apr 30, 2022
Don’t use

I wanted to enjoy this book however at a closer look, it has 680 chapters. You need coins, which I have to pay to get coins. I could buy several books before I would even get 10 chapters. THIS APP IS A SCAM.

miiss b, Feb 21, 2022
False Advertising

I saw an ad for this app on Instagram, the story line on the ad seemed interesting and the ad also said that ALL chapters were free!! So I went and downloaded the app and found the story. The story contains 1274 chapters and out of those only 6 are FREE. To continue reading the story you are required to create an acc and purchase coins to be able to read the other chapters. They give you the option to either unlock each chapter individually, in batches or all chapters. To be able to unlock all chapters you’d have to pay 12,542 coins. To do that you have to buy said coins and they are extremely expensive. For example, 5,000 coins costs $99.99 ($100) and that amount would unlock less than half the story. To read the full story I would have to pay $300. Imagine paying $300 for a story with typos and poorly reading, and keep in mind that if you decide to purchase the entire story at once you would be saving 10% so if you aren’t careful and paying attention and decide to unlock the story one chapter at a time you’ll be paying much more. Save your money and save your time. Don’t download. I hate theses type of apps that Charge a crazy amount for you to be able to read a story and with no option to earn coins for free. I’m all for supporting writers but $300 for a story is just ridiculous

Milly0716, Feb 06, 2022


Chereads is where you can find endless intriguing stories no matter if you are happy, sad, or bored. Just give 10 minutes to have a magical light novel satisfy you. By reading, your power is unlimited.

During your kids' afternoon nap, you can step into a world of werewolves, falling in love with the Alpha. In the late night, you can return to your school days, taking in the glory of your favorite quarterback. While exhausted from work, you can be by the CEO's side, watching him call the shots. On a heartbroken night, you can meet a handsome prince in an exotic world. Here on Chereads, you name it, we have it. -More Romantic Genres: Contemporary Romance, Royal Love, Werewolf, Billionaire, Beast, Paranormal -More Romantic Plot Settings: Contract Marriage, Love triangle, Rejected, Twisted, Friends to lovers, Friends with benefits, Dating -More Romantic Identities: Billionaire, CEO, Luna, Popstar, Princess & Prince, Quarterback More Functions: - Massive library of books with a myriad of genres - Free previews. Rapid releases - Reader-centered reading environment - Smartest recommendation system - Night mode - Offline reading - Eye protection mode - Robust search functionality; finding the books you want Join Chereads' family and connect with cheerful book-lovers. Comment directly on stories as you read them and share the most exciting parts to other readers. Like us on Facebook (@Chereads): https://www.facebook.com/Chereads/ Follow us on Instagram (@chereadsofficial): https://www.instagram.com/chereadsofficial/

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