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User Reviews for Readict - novels and more

Could be better

WHY WRITE A REVIEW WHEN NOTHING EVER IMPROVES? People, don’t bother with this. I wrote my review anyway as I’m forever an optimist.I enjoy some of these stories; they’re easy reading and fun. HOWEVER (and that’s obviously a big “however”), the constant ads are incredibly frustrating and annoying! I’m on the verge of deleting this app yet again! It also puts me several chapters behind when I get through the ads! Thus, to return to where I was in a story, I have to deal with the ads over and over! Is there a way to get rid of them? Also, is there a way to get the entire story downloaded instead of a few chapters? I read very quickly and this is becoming too aggravating to deal with! Well, I deleted this again; it’s just too annoying to be interrupted constantly and I don’t want to pay a buck a week to get rid of the ads, especially when I can’t read how to STOP paying until AFTER I pay! Who’d buy something but not be told how to stop that purchase until after payment is made? That’s simply bad business practice. If I chose to end the service, it might be hard to stop payment but we’re not told anything about this until we pay! At least I cannot easily find this info and I certainly should be able to! It’s too bad as this app has plenty of easy-to-read (albeit error-filled), fun stories! Fix these problems and I’ll gladly try it again. I’m not holding my breath though.

Ali$onB, Oct 19, 2020
Great app , Great reads .. but ...

I love this app. I found it recently by accident and have already shared it with many friends who love to read. I only have a few things to pick at with this app. The first being that I can’t search by category. The books are grouped underneath of them by things such as: abuse, romantic, erotica, etc. However, you can’t click on the category’s, or search to get similar books. I don’t really do the whole supernatural type of thing , so I would love to search for books closer to what I want instead of just the category’s they grouped them in and are off to the side. The second thing is the chapters. I am very much a “keep reading” type of person. I hate having multiple books going at once and prefer to just get through one book. Not possible with this app as there are books that only get 4 chapters released a day. I would like more chapters or half a book or something to lessen the books I have open. The ads are annoying , but it’s not too bad when you can watch one and get a “break” from them. Less would be nicer , but not on my list to knit-pick bout. Overall, I love the app.

autumntaylor00, Jul 20, 2020
Readict app

I love this app! The only thing that would make it better is if the ads would close when the X showed up to close the ad. The ad is one that was already a game I was playing on my phone but it wouldn’t close. I would try everything and in the end delete app and redownload it but problem would still happen. I finally found a solution and it has worked so far. I love the stories that I am reading and have recommended the app to friends. I love the fact that I have books at my finger tips as I travel without having to pack and carry them. I just love this app!!

BlackWolfBear, Jul 05, 2022
It keeps closing and puzzle game is not gonna let you ever get the pieces

I’ve been solid reading for months.. no problems except if you’ve a second book to a story, I’ve no way to find this story and some books end on cliff hanger.. also, puzzle game is totally rigged, so why bother?? It’s extremely frustrating to read, read, read and read even more get 20 pieces a day in to have just 1 piece left at the reset day, I’ve done this twice now, I’ve collected every piece until I only needed 1 piece of each puzzle gift card left but I couldn’t get even a $1 or $10 dollar gift card,I was reading like crazy, all the books I could, without issues, only an ad after most chapters; and I was totally addicted now I can’t keep the app open so I’m guessing I’ll have to delete it and redone load it which looses the reading and check in points also which I’ve soooooo many!!! If you can fix why the app keeps closing down on me, I’d keep it, as is, and either give the chance to win the puzzle game or just read the free books which are great without the game.. I read and was already a valued customer before that stupid annoying and probably why it won’t let me read anymore puzzle game came along!

courtneyreaderaddict, Oct 12, 2020

When I first downloaded this app a few weeks ago it was an awesome app. But then started having some serious glitches. First it would lock up and you couldn’t navigate within app. So as much as I hated to I deleted app to redoenload loosing all my coins and puzzle pieces but I thought as long as I can start reading again I’m ok with it. So I deleted and then downloaded again. Well this time no puzzle pieces or option to collect them. It would also close right in the middle of reading. So I updated the app with the new version thinking this would work. Well now as I’m trying to open app it doesn’t even get past the read ad screen and it completely shuts down. So I can’t even get into it. I have emailed my issues to customer service and both times they gave me this mess about clicking on next chapter to advance in the book. That had nothing to do with issues I was having. So right now I only have it a 2 on review and that’s being generous. I hope it will get better and the bugs get worked out.

dawcin17, Nov 05, 2020
Frustrated. Just a girl wanting to read!!!!

I loved this app from the beginning. Yes small things like typos and stuff happen but I loved the books so much I looked passed that all. I understood the story for the most part so that’s all that matters. Anyways I just recently started having issues with the app. Ever since the puzzle pieces have been taken away (which I got close several times on each piece only needed one away and then I never got the one I needed on any of the pieces) the game has not been working properly for me. It’s been taking forever to play the ads between chapters, taking forever to load, once it decides it’s done loading it kicks me out of the app completely, and finally when I am done reading to find a stopping point I open the app back up only for it to go back a few chapters that I already read. So now I’m having to wait for it to load so I can scroll up and get to the end of the chapter just to watch an app for a chapter I’ve finished so I can get to the chapter I need to get to. It’s frustrating. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE! I see it is more than just me having the SAME PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy Reader 2020, Oct 29, 2020
I do like the app

I really like the app so far. I’m in my first story and am really enjoying it, but one thing I’ve noticed is that you have to watch ads between each chapter. Okay no problem I can do a quick ad after the chapter. What I do have a problem with is the fact that I make it all the way through the ad and the X appears, but I can’t click it. Why? I don’t know, but I have to shut down the app and reload it, go back to the story, and then hope it lets me go to the next chapter. What’s even more annoying is sometimes it’ll take you to the next chapter, others it makes you rewatch an ad and hope for the best. I really hope that gets looked into and fixed because it’s really frustrating and this really seems like a good app otherwise.

Freckledginger47, Aug 09, 2022
What Happenedddd

I have had the app for about a month. I could sit and read books for hours without an issue. Now it won’t load. Chapters don’t save unless you hit the back button and continue. It won’t even load the chapter menu for me to skip ahead. The app constantly freezes and I thought maybe it is the ads because my subscription ended so I resubscribe and it still just DOESNT WORK. I was legit reading a book or more a day and now I can barley read a couple chapters because it takes so long. Now my app will not even open. I’m just deleting it and calling quits because now it’s nothing but problems. Might reinstall in a month to see if any of the problems are fixed because the updates you did ruined the app. Would of gave a one star but I do like the app when it actually decides to work.

Hellobitch1, Nov 05, 2020
Love the app but zero tech support

I love the way the app works. Books are above average and it tells you if they are complete which is one HUGE positive. My only complaint is there is zero tech support. You have and issue and you’re left hanging. I’ve had problems with the ads you watch to advance the books to the next chapter getting stuck and getting no credit. I’ve contacted them at least 7 times and never received any tiny note back. They continue to add to the app so I know it’s still supported just no tech support at all .

Lilpackrat, Jul 11, 2022
Feed back

Love the stories but I hate that you get into a story and it just end’s then you have no idea when it will pick back up wish you would release the whole story or at least put some type of note stating when the next book is coming out to continue. I have read about ten stories already and all of them were open ended and it is frustrating. Leaving reader’s hanging like that is torture. I almost deleted your app because of it but I couldn’t bring myself to doing it cause I’m hoping to see the next book being released. Also, there are notifications of stating that there is new chapter’s available but when I open it there is nothing new to read, don’t understand that. How do I open the new chapter of my on going books ? Please fix thisMy most favorite one is the Devils bride I’m rereading it please release the next book and along with that please add more book’s like this one. Vampire, erotica, possession, love and dominance, tried to use your category list but there isn’t any for this type just human billionaires or alpha werewolves but very little vampire lovingly human books with all the other criteria . Please change that. Thanks

little one 333, Dec 21, 2020


Meet Readict Readict is full of completely addicting novels that will get you reading like never before for FREE! Whether you're a romance fanatic, a paranormal enthusiast, or just looking for something fun to do, you'll always find a story to read and enjoy on Readict. Readict has many in-app features to cater to your reading preferences.

There's a variety of menus and pages to help you find your next book, such as Editor's Choice, Hot Genres, New and Trending, Rising Stories, and Popular on Readict. And, in addition to saving your progress in a personal library, once you start reading, the app will suggest more stories based on the titles you've liked. Readict tailors your reading recommendations to your tastes so you can make the most of our large library of completely FREE books. Read anytime and anywhere with Readict! There's something for everyone on Readict! Some of our top stories include: The Devil's Bride When Bast was 12 years old, her parents sold her to the devil in the form of a billionaire vampire named Damien. He guards and protects her, but he makes clear in no uncertain terms that she belongs to him and, on her 18th birthday, he will come for her. Bast has no idea why he is so obsessed, but she soon finds out she is a direct descendant of his long-dead wife. Will he turn her into a vampire so they can live together as immortals? Or will Bast realize nothing is worth being The Devil’s Bride? Stuck in Love The exciting sequel to Two Mr. Kings! Since Eden’s relationship with Harper and Jasper fell apart, leading to her marriage to Jasper, Eden’s world hasn’t been quite right. With Jasper and Harper not talking, it seems as though everything has been swept under the rug—until she has to face her true feelings about the two most important men in her life. Determined to fix what’s broken, Eden works to repair the hurt between the three of them. However, with secrets coming out, it seems as though Eden may have more on her plate than she can handle. The Best Friend's Contract Aidan, a billionaire CEO, is a regular feature on the 'Hottest Bachelor' lists for two reasons: he is extremely handsome, and he doesn't want to get married—at least, not until he reaches forty. But his mother won't listen. She keeps setting him up on unsuccessful dates, leaving him frustrated. Kenna, Aidan's best friend, is a doctor who has never found time for love. She's always been busy with work, even to the extent she forgets about her personal life. Aiden and Kenna have known each other since they were kids, when a dramatic incident made them inseparable. As they grew older, things began to change, but they remain determined to stay best friends are forever . . . no matter the circumstances. So what will happen when Aidan writes up a contract and asks Kenna to be a part of it? All of these and more will be at your fingertips. Download Readict today! Subscription Terms Readict offers auto-renewing subscription option at $0.99/week to provide you Readict Premium with ads-free access to all the Readict books while you maintain an active Premium subscription period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Account will be charged according to your plan for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage or turn off auto-renew by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase. You can read our privacy policy at https://cdn.readictnovel.com/default/webpage/readictnovel/privacyPolicy/ios/index.html and our terms of use at https://cdn.readictnovel.com/default/webpage/readictnovel/privacyPolicy/ios/userLicense.html. Readict is committed to our readers and their reading experience. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about or suggestions for Readict at [email protected]

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