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User Reviews for Readict - novels and more

The ONLY reading app worth having

I can honestly say this IS the best app to read books free. The Pros easily outweigh the Cons. I have completed several books as well as a few book series’s. Yes there are a few Cons like ads that won’t close forcing you to restart app (hopefully update helps) The books have grammar & spelling issue's (most it’s not bad but I’ve read one that was terrible) That is on the Author’s (Maybe they need spell-check & proof reading a little before posting! I do wish the “Ongoing” Books I’ve been reading didn’t take months to finish but that said none of these are huge & definitely not deal breakers for me. I am lucky that Readict was the first app of its kind that I installed. If I had tried some of the others that are terrible I may have just given up on reading apps all together ! However thru the ads I became interested in a few stories I kept seeing ,So curiosity peeked I googled the titles (they weren’t on Readict) found out what apps had them and attempted to read on these to no avail…… I ended up installing & trying out 6 other apps & they were terrible “too expensive “,Didn’t “work”,had to wait to long to read, had limited libraries &/or the layouts were not very good !!! So In My Opinion I can Honestly say that Readict is the Best reading app thus far! 🔴side note🔴 I found the 2 complete books I was attempting to read on a Reddit link & have finished them both. I wouldn’t choose this normally to read but it worked as a last effort

_About_Blank_404, Jul 05, 2023
Could be better

WHY WRITE A REVIEW WHEN NOTHING EVER IMPROVES? People, don’t bother with this. I wrote my review anyway as I’m forever an optimist.I enjoy some of these stories; they’re easy reading and fun. HOWEVER (and that’s obviously a big “however”), the constant ads are incredibly frustrating and annoying! I’m on the verge of deleting this app yet again! It also puts me several chapters behind when I get through the ads! Thus, to return to where I was in a story, I have to deal with the ads over and over! Is there a way to get rid of them? Also, is there a way to get the entire story downloaded instead of a few chapters? I read very quickly and this is becoming too aggravating to deal with! Well, I deleted this again; it’s just too annoying to be interrupted constantly and I don’t want to pay a buck a week to get rid of the ads, especially when I can’t read how to STOP paying until AFTER I pay! Who’d buy something but not be told how to stop that purchase until after payment is made? That’s simply bad business practice. If I chose to end the service, it might be hard to stop payment but we’re not told anything about this until we pay! At least I cannot easily find this info and I certainly should be able to! It’s too bad as this app has plenty of easy-to-read (albeit error-filled), fun stories! Fix these problems and I’ll gladly try it again. I’m not holding my breath though.

Ali$onB, Oct 19, 2020
Great stories but….

Both ads for the app and people “reviewing” mention being able to read books for free but that’s not the case at all. You can start books for free. And you can watch exactly ONE ad to spin a wheel for a few free coins. And you get a daily amount for free for logging in. But as someone who can get through a book in a day with ease it’s really annoying that I have to wait multiple days to be able to read for “free” as advertised. I bit the bullet and purchased 900 coins not realizing that was no where CLOSE to what I needed to be able to finish the book I was reading. And I started reading a 2nd one and now have to choose between the two to unlock a single (very SHORT which is also kinda annoying) chapter. Which that 2nd book I got 30mins to read as much as I could for free and it locked me out of the chapter I was reading when I only had 2/3 paragraphs left. Went to unlock the next chapter and it only unlocked the one I was on last. So I spent 42 coins, that took me two days to earn, on only 2 freaking paragraphs and was still locked out of the next chapter. I want to finish both books so badly but I hate having to read one chapter at a time, choosing between two books, over WEEKS or spend almost $40 on a single book. Which I don’t have. That’s why I downloaded this “amazing free” book app. 😑

Ashley29902932, Jul 07, 2023
Great app , Great reads .. but ...

I love this app. I found it recently by accident and have already shared it with many friends who love to read. I only have a few things to pick at with this app. The first being that I can’t search by category. The books are grouped underneath of them by things such as: abuse, romantic, erotica, etc. However, you can’t click on the category’s, or search to get similar books. I don’t really do the whole supernatural type of thing , so I would love to search for books closer to what I want instead of just the category’s they grouped them in and are off to the side. The second thing is the chapters. I am very much a “keep reading” type of person. I hate having multiple books going at once and prefer to just get through one book. Not possible with this app as there are books that only get 4 chapters released a day. I would like more chapters or half a book or something to lessen the books I have open. The ads are annoying , but it’s not too bad when you can watch one and get a “break” from them. Less would be nicer , but not on my list to knit-pick bout. Overall, I love the app.

autumntaylor00, Jul 20, 2020
Almost perfect

I have enjoyed reading on this app and have recommended it to friends. I have two issues though. 1-I can only use it when I have an internet connection (living on an island in the pacific, Internet is not always reliable). 2-you have put a limit on how many adds I can watch to spin for free coins. If I want to waste my time watching adds, then I should be able to do that as much as I want. I read very fast and go through my coins too quickly. I like this app because I can read for free, but if you are going to stop me from getting free coins, then I will go back to my regular reading app, that I have to pay for the books anyway. I am reading too quickly for me to get enough coins to read a complete book

Bedewolfe, Dec 12, 2022
Readict app

I love this app! The only thing that would make it better is if the ads would close when the X showed up to close the ad. The ad is one that was already a game I was playing on my phone but it wouldn’t close. I would try everything and in the end delete app and redownload it but problem would still happen. I finally found a solution and it has worked so far. I love the stories that I am reading and have recommended the app to friends. I love the fact that I have books at my finger tips as I travel without having to pack and carry them. I just love this app!!

BlackWolfBear, Jul 05, 2022
It keeps closing and puzzle game is not gonna let you ever get the pieces

I’ve been solid reading for months.. no problems except if you’ve a second book to a story, I’ve no way to find this story and some books end on cliff hanger.. also, puzzle game is totally rigged, so why bother?? It’s extremely frustrating to read, read, read and read even more get 20 pieces a day in to have just 1 piece left at the reset day, I’ve done this twice now, I’ve collected every piece until I only needed 1 piece of each puzzle gift card left but I couldn’t get even a $1 or $10 dollar gift card,I was reading like crazy, all the books I could, without issues, only an ad after most chapters; and I was totally addicted now I can’t keep the app open so I’m guessing I’ll have to delete it and redone load it which looses the reading and check in points also which I’ve soooooo many!!! If you can fix why the app keeps closing down on me, I’d keep it, as is, and either give the chance to win the puzzle game or just read the free books which are great without the game.. I read and was already a valued customer before that stupid annoying and probably why it won’t let me read anymore puzzle game came along!

courtneyreaderaddict, Oct 12, 2020
Great app

It’s the only reading app I currently have because all of the others have either time limits where you are forced to wait days to continue reading, or they force you to pay. This app allows me to watch super quick ads then get back to reading! A lot of the books have small amounts of grammatical errors or were mistyped but honestly it’s something I can look past since it’s free and I can easily read 1 whole book a day without spending a dime. If I cannot get into the book because of the errors I simply start reading a new book! The reviews on the books are very accurate and help me determine if I actually want to read the book. A lot of reviews give you heads up on the grammar, they tell you if it’s an abrupt ending, or tell you if the characters are overly toxic/don’t make sense to the story line. Definitely recommend this app over any other reading app.

dainty_mama, Aug 25, 2023

When I first downloaded this app a few weeks ago it was an awesome app. But then started having some serious glitches. First it would lock up and you couldn’t navigate within app. So as much as I hated to I deleted app to redoenload loosing all my coins and puzzle pieces but I thought as long as I can start reading again I’m ok with it. So I deleted and then downloaded again. Well this time no puzzle pieces or option to collect them. It would also close right in the middle of reading. So I updated the app with the new version thinking this would work. Well now as I’m trying to open app it doesn’t even get past the read ad screen and it completely shuts down. So I can’t even get into it. I have emailed my issues to customer service and both times they gave me this mess about clicking on next chapter to advance in the book. That had nothing to do with issues I was having. So right now I only have it a 2 on review and that’s being generous. I hope it will get better and the bugs get worked out.

dawcin17, Nov 05, 2020
Frustrated. Just a girl wanting to read!!!!

I loved this app from the beginning. Yes small things like typos and stuff happen but I loved the books so much I looked passed that all. I understood the story for the most part so that’s all that matters. Anyways I just recently started having issues with the app. Ever since the puzzle pieces have been taken away (which I got close several times on each piece only needed one away and then I never got the one I needed on any of the pieces) the game has not been working properly for me. It’s been taking forever to play the ads between chapters, taking forever to load, once it decides it’s done loading it kicks me out of the app completely, and finally when I am done reading to find a stopping point I open the app back up only for it to go back a few chapters that I already read. So now I’m having to wait for it to load so I can scroll up and get to the end of the chapter just to watch an app for a chapter I’ve finished so I can get to the chapter I need to get to. It’s frustrating. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE! I see it is more than just me having the SAME PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy Reader 2020, Oct 29, 2020


Meet Readict Readict is a virtual library of completely addicting novels that will get you reading like never before! Whether you're a romance fanatic, a paranormal enthusiast, or just looking for something fun to do, you'll always find a story to enjoy on Readict. Readict has many in-app features to cater to your reading preferences.

There's a variety of menus and pages to help you find your next book, such as Editor's Choice, Hot Genres, New and Trending, and Popular on Readict. And, in addition to saving your progress in a personal library, once you start reading, the app will suggest more stories based on the titles you've liked. Readict tailors your reading recommendations to your tastes so you can make the most of our large library of fantastic books. Read anytime and anywhere with Readict! There's something for everyone on Readict! Some of our top stories include: Not Rejected Just Unwanted All Raine Andrew wanted was a mate. She wanted a mate to love her and make her feel wanted. And when she turns 17, she gets her mate: soon-to-be-Beta Elijah Woods. He's a great guy. He's loyal to his pack, a straight-A student, and a very hard worker. He sounds like the perfect mate, right? Raine thought so too, but there's just one problem: He doesn't want her. Mated to My Bully Amanda Stevens thought her problems were over when she got to college. No longer the shy, awkward teen she was in high school, Amanda felt this was her chance at making new friends and experiencing life. That was until she found out her high school Bully was attending the same college she was. Hudson Harlow. The moment that Hudson Harlow looked into the hazel eyes of Amanda Stevens, his wolf started to howl MATE! Why in the world would the Moon Goddess mate him to a human? But Hudson started to notice that this was no longer the girl that he tormented in High School. She'd changed. Hudson, knowing how awfully he treated Amanda in high school, had to now convince her to forgive him and accept him as her mate. Not only did Amanda have to deal with Hudson, but she also had to juggle her classes, a new job, and strange animal attacks on campus. All Amanda wanted was a normal college life. His Broken Luna Battered, abused, and broken, Sophia Alden is resigned to living the rest of her life as a slave to Alexander, a powerful Alpha who considers her his property and is dangerously obsessed with her. But when the Alpha of the most powerful pack comes to claim his true mate, hearts are broken, dangerous enemies are made, and Sophia finds herself thrust into a world of lies, lust, secrets, and desires that threatens to douse her in its burning flame, consuming her entire being. All of these and more will be at your fingertips. Download Readict today! Subscription Terms Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Your account will be charged according to your plan for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage or turn off auto-renew by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase. You can read our privacy policy at https://cdn.readictnovel.com/default/webpage/readictnovel/privacyPolicy/ios/index.html and our terms of use at https://cdn.readictnovel.com/default/webpage/readictnovel/privacyPolicy/ios/userLicense.html Readict is committed to our readers and their reading experience. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about or suggestions for Readict at [email protected]

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