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User Reviews for Pangram

Great game with nonsensical word list

I love Pangram, but I have to agree with the other reviewers about the word list. Please fix it! I will update my review to a higher rating if it is revamped. I have no idea which dictionaries the dev is referring to; the criteria for valid words seems totally arbitrary. Some contractions are accepted, while some aren’t. Some places and proper nouns are included while others are left out. I can understand including foreign words in the common parlance such as “tsunami” or “rendezvous”, but why so many non-English words in an English word game? Why so many obsolete and obscure spelling variations? This cherry-picking makes an otherwise wonderful game frustrating and confusing.

Alex San~, Jun 16, 2022
Great, but needs some tweaks

This game works well. The colors and interface could be a little better (think NYT), but I do like being able to see the number of possible words and pangrams. There are three major issues: it accepts way too many obscure, foreign, and chemical words. Second, it allows too many misspelled words. Often the list includes the correct spelling along with one or more incorrect spellings. Last, the letter combinations that appear usually contain too many vowels and easy letters, and often provide for common suffixes to be added. I like challenging puzzles, but I don’t want to find 1000 words.

Chupi!!!!!, Sep 09, 2020
I love this game & it’s thoughtful features!

One of my absolute favorite games!Things I love: - all of the customizable features to create the game you want: changing the number or required/optional letters, option to remove common suffixes- public games and leaderboards - ability to change colors of all the letters - timed and non-timed games Improvements I’d like to see: - clear all button: either a button that clears the whole word you’ve tried or if you double tap on the delete button the whole word clears or something - option to have the app automatically clear old games (like it asks if it can delete games from 2 days ago on) - i wish the dictionary would include country names, language names, and ubiquitous names like Lincoln or Washington, for example - setting to limit the number of forms of a words you can use (like making it so you can’t do right/rights/righter/righted if you want

ellie3147, May 04, 2022

I just want to express my appreciation for this game. I have been subscribed to the NYT version for a few weeks and became immediately hooked; however, my disappointment and impatience grew having to wait til midnight for a new, once-daily game. I decided to search the App Store for something similar and found this @ 1.99 for as many games per day that I want! It's so thoughtful of you. The $3.99 per month for the NYT version adds up, and not many of us can afford it when there are so many utilitarian apps that take priority. The update today was great, and the enthusiasm with how it was announced made me smile.Thanks a bunch! 😊

JackieBlueluck, Sep 22, 2020
Really love the game!

I am so bad with words and this helps me out with spelling and learning new words. I like the challenge. I haven’t bought the full game so I only do the 24 hour challenges. I think I’m getting better at them…I hope lol. The only issue I have with this game is the definitions. I LOVE that you can click on the word and read the definition. However, there are so many words that do not have a definition at all. If there isn’t a definition to the word, is it a real word? Even if it is a word, why add it to the game without the definition? Also, there are some informal or slang words that are used but some that are not. There are compound words that are used and some that are not. It is not consistent is what I’m trying to get at. That’s a lot of heckin words though and adding the definitions for them as well. I get it. My only constructive criticism is to either add more slang or compound words or get rid of them all to make it easier, as well as having the definitions.Since I have to wait 24 hours to start a new game because I’m on the free version, I literally look forward to the next day lol.

Jessiek691787, May 15, 2022
Love it

I love word games and this is one of my favorites, and the app is really well done.My only gripe about the app is that the difficulty between different games changes drastically. Some games can be completed in minutes because the letter combinations lead to many common words. But some games are so difficult because most of the words are incredibly uncommon that it is impossible to get past 5 levels without having to randomly guess the rest of the words. This is just a small gripe though. Still love the game

keith5000, Feb 20, 2023
Glitches in the update

I love this game and play it regularly. I want to keep playing it. I am, however, currently frustrated by the recent app updates. I no longer can post games to the public forum. I also cannot save a screen name or appear on leaderboards. When I try to save a screen name in settings, I get an error message that says: “Account temporarily unavailable due to bad or missing Auth token”. But it’s not temporary — It’s been weeks now. I’ve update the app, I’ve updated my phone, I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app but I still get the same error. And there is no “help” section in settings that deals with this glitch. I was hoping it would sort itself out in the next update, but even the recent one didn’t change anything. Please make this app simple and glitch free again!Also, after the most recent update, the playing board is slightly higher on the screen and the circles touch the words that you spell across the top - even in just a 5 letter puzzle. This is poor graphic design and annoying to look at. Please fix the spacing on the board!

LJoySA, Feb 25, 2022
Only flaw is the giant green checkmark!

Recently downloaded this after getting into the NYT’s Spelling Bee game! I have really enjoyed playing on this app, especially since the NYT only releases one game per day. This interface is so much more responsive than Spelling Bee and I honestly prefer this app in most aspects. I just wish that the green checkmark wouldn’t pop up everytime you get a word. It would be awesome to have the number of points show up another way, maybe just smaller and on top or to the side of the letters. When it covers the letters it is distracting and interrupts my thinking process! Otherwise, great app 🙂

Mandazco01, Oct 22, 2020
New Ex-user

I just installed Pangram today, went thru the settings, and started a new game on my iPhone 8, IOS 15.4.1. The problem appeared immediately in that the game screen won’t all fit on my phone screen. There is a grey grid around the letters with no purpose and I can’t choose the bottom letter at all because it jumps to the status page. I can’t see or use the backspace if it exists. Several others have reported similar issues going as far back as December. Maybe IOS 15 has something to do with it??? Anyway, I wish it could be fixed because I know I would like the game.UPDATE:The changes included in this latest update 2.0 fixed all of the problems I was having before. There are a couple of enhancements I would like to see, so I changed my rating from 1 star to 4 stars, which is still pretty darn good. I thoroughly enjoy playing the game now, especially no time limit.

Nanna-1950-kwa, May 06, 2022
Game & App Support Phenomenal

At some point over the past year and a half, the buttons on my game became shaded and somehow connected, making gameplay frustrating. I finally had the bright idea to write the developer. He wrote back within 24 hours and told me to turn the button shape toggle off (Settings-Accessibility-Display) in my phone settings. VOILA!! Problem solved in two seconds and I’m back to playing incessantly. Kudos to Russ, the designer, who responded to me and less than 24 hours. Who does that anymore? I’ve always been a fan, but now I am a devoted one. Thank you, Russ! For the game and for your quick support.

The amazing plum, Apr 17, 2022


Pangram is a simple game - just make words! See how many words you can make with the letters on the screen. Each word must include the center letter(s).

Use letters as many times as you want in each word. Can you guess the pangram? Pangrams are words that use all the letters on the board. Each game has at least one, and many have more. Bonus points for finding them! Configure games how you like them: • Set the number of center (required) letters • Set the number of outer (optional) letters • Set the minimum word length That's it! No lives to lose. No penalty for guessing wrong. No stress. Just play! For some extra fun, send games to friends and family, publish them on the public games listing, or join other public games that fellow Pangrammers have posted. Each shared or public game has a leader board where you can track everyone's progress. In the free version you can create and play one game a day. If you're having a blast, upgrade to the Unlimited Games in-app purchase. Create game after game after game... Requirement: You must have iCloud Drive enabled to share games and play public games. The basic free tier is all that's needed. Final note: My kids want you to know that Pangram looks even better in Dark Mode. Embrace the dark side, they say.

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