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User Reviews for Knotwords

Another review

I was getting very frustrated with this game, especially Friday - Sunday, when it got exceedingly more difficult, the hints were either too easy or impossible, and I was spending waaaaayyy too much time trying to figure it out, time which I really didn’t suppose to be using trying to get that days’ answer. My sister let me know about a feature I did not have enabled where you she got immediate feedback on whether the word she had entered was the right one or not. How nice is that?! I don’t spend endless amount of time trying to figure out the puzzle when a word (or more) has been entered incorrectly. I don’t need the hints anymore (which I actually miss using. Ha!) I still get a challenge, especially on the weekends, but the puzzle is now doable. Maybe I’ll get so good at it, that I’ll go back without getting that instant feedback, but for now, it’s nice to enjoy playing the games, without that little voice telling me there’s other things I need to be doing.

Ahma Nerd, Oct 31, 2022
Improvements needed

I really enjoy this game! It’s very challenging, but soluble with persistence. Haven’t used any hints yet! There are some things that need improvement, though. The spelling is off sometimes. Sometimes an “s” is added to a word that doesn’t take one - for example “ares” - maybe it’s meant to be Ares, the god of war - but this would break the general rule of word games that they don’t use proper names. There are also some verbs that an “s” is added to, but which don’t have this form. The most annoying one is in May Puzzle Book #23 in which all my words check positive except for ax! Ax is the currently accepted spelling (not axe). I’m also find how the active blank space in a word is shown in the puzzle (I’m playing on an iPad Pro). The color of the space is a darker hue than the other spaces, but the contrast is not good enough to make it obvious which space the letter you enter will go in. It would be better if the active space was another color altogether. These annoyances don’t take away from the overall game, but I should would like to see them fixed!

AllieFl, May 28, 2022
A brilliant idea with meh execution

The overall premise of this game is so strong that I can’t help but give it four stars, but the process of putting the words in (y’know, the entirety of the gameplay) is cumbersome. The letters often don’t go where you’d expect them to go. Sometimes you unintentionally replace letters that were in the correct spot, even with other spots in the letter cluster open. Other times, the flow of letters just twists in an unexpected way and you have to go back and correct it. This is annoying not only because it’s unnecessarily frustrating, but also because if this problem was fixed Knotwords would be one of the best word puzzlers ever made. I’m desperately hoping for an update that fixes this so that I can give this game the five-star rating that it deserves.

bagel rabbit, May 17, 2022
A nearly perfect game you aren’t allowed to play.

I really like this game, controls are intuitive, concept is well thought out and even better executed, the presentation is nothing less than what I’ve come to expect from Zach Gage games. All that said, I think 12 dollars (or a subscription service) is a little steep for a mobile game. I beat every available puzzle and daily puzzle up until this review in just under a day. I’d at least like the option to maybe watch ads to continue playing or unlock other content. Even if the cost were only .99 cents I’d have a hard time giving this a 5 because (so far) all the puzzles are time locked (so daily/monthly levels rather than everything all at once) which still would mean that I wouldn’t be allowed to play once I beat the paid content. I really like supporting smaller devs and I’ve enjoyed every single other Zach Gage game almost to its fullest but this sitting next to the almost infinite levels of Good Sudoku

BattMarr, May 01, 2022
Great game but..

This game is fun and challenging. My only complaint is the flow is not smooth. You think you are typing one direction for a word but the game jumps to the wrong box. So you end up having to tap the game a lot to get to the box you want or delete a lot. It’s clumsy at least in my hands. I have tried all the settings as well and none are perfect. I would say it is similar to a crossword with the across and down but in most crosswords, you tap the word you are working on- if it’s the wrong direction, you tap again and it then it switches directions and stays that way. This game, you have to keep taping the next box you have to fill in some cases. It’s frustrating. Also, for the bigger puzzles, a clear button would be great cause deleting every entry runs into what I described above and can be cumbersome. Going to still play cause it’s fun but potential improvement?

c628, Jun 08, 2022
Update: Stop using non-words

Update: “dived” is not in my dictionary ((Jan 2023)Although, like many, I find this app addictive I have one major complaint. Today there was the word “carns” which is not found in my dictionaries. Maybe it is some dialectic variation on “cairns”, but still not fair. Also the developers use many other very obscure words, and apparently allow names and not words, inconsistently. I’m sure I will keep my streaks going and do appreciate being able to recover a streak by completing a new week of puzzles. You too may get addicted but beware of some of the pitfalls and word derivatives repeatedly used by the developers. Also please double-check your definition/dictionary. Today’s definition for “oysters”: plural form of oyster… “A large and often winding stream which drains a land mass…”. It goes on to further describe a river or stream but not a bivalve in any way. Wrong! Careless, causing confusion and bad time counts. Shame!

Can'tHaveEnoughApps, Jan 29, 2023
Great, one nitpick

Engaging, fun, heartily recommended. Only nitpick is the constant frustration with whatever algorithm is trying to pick the next cell for you to fill in. It does not seem to follow any discernible pattern and is maddening. Sometimes it skips filled in letters, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes when you select a different cell it carries your previous word orientation forward, sometimes it switches. Sometimes letters in a group fill left to right first, then top to bottom, sometimes the other way around. I understand it’s difficult to interpret the person playing the game’s intention when they select a new cell, but I find myself wishing it just totally copied the NYT crossword controls, since they’re at least predictable.

ctheb2, May 02, 2022
Puzzling is a 4; gameplay is a 2

The puzzles are engaging and mostly fun; hints are not usually needed; there’s odd repetition sometimes in words from day day. But that’s minor. Actually gameplay is extremely frustrating. Selecting the proper word and/or letter is amazingly easy to screw up, which means replacing a correct letter with an incorrect letter is also very easy. There are no or poor defaults for word selection, the next needed letter is not chosen by default, switching the selected word seems like it should be simple but in practice often gives an unintended result. Deleting an intended letter is also regularly difficult. I like the game, really. Just wish it was easier to concentrate on the puzzle rather than the tedium of entering solutions.

KaraokeJoe, Jul 20, 2022
Mostly great

I really like this game. I played Wordscapes, but it got too repetitive and predictable. I like how the puzzles are simple on Monday and get harder throughout the week. I don’t play much Scrabble, so some words are challenging. I also really, really appreciate that you can make up for broken streaks.I only wish there was better review of the words. I can accept “hes” as a contraction lacking an apostrophe, but I have issues with “tomatos”. Seems to me to be a misspelled plural rather than, maybe, a possessive form? The added “e” wouldn’t have impacted the rest of the puzzle at all. There was no excuse for “fibia” in a body parts puzzle. Nope, not a body part, or anything else. Even my funky autocorrect knows better. The lower bones of the leg are tibia and fibula, folks!I will definitely keep playing. Glitches are very rare, and enjoyment is frequent.

Larry3057, Jan 22, 2023
New favorite daily word game

This is a really fun logic-based word game. I tell people it’s kind-of a cross between a crossword and sudoku.4/5 stars for several reasons. The game progress and achievements don’t sync over multiple devices. I had a really good streak going (which are achievements in the game), but I’m out of town this weekend and don’t have the device I primarily play it on.In all fairness you can regain your streak by playing 7 days in a row but I’m not sure if that works multiple times. I usually play it on my 10.5” iPad since reading the hint letters on the phone can sometimes be hard to see (larger puzzles mainly). And I prefer tapping around the screen with the Apple Pencil that reaching around with my hand. When activating a hint, I wish the puzzle didn’t zoom out so much and I wish the hint bubble didn’t cover the puzzle board. It’s a little frustrating how that UI works.I also wish the game archive had a better UI. The current view doesn’t scale well. Maybe takes some hints from Apple’s calendar app and include a year view? Or maybe when you enter the archive it takes you to the last unplayed game?That all said, I still really enjoy the game and made a full purchase.

Michael-reviews, Jun 11, 2022


Knotwords is a minimal and elegant logic puzzle — with words. The rules are simple: arrange the letters in each section so every word is valid, across and down. Each puzzle may seem difficult at first — but like all my favorite newspaper puzzles, it gets easier as you progress.

Each step guides you naturally towards the solution. This is the kind of game I've been trying to make my whole career — I'm amazed Jack and I discovered this design. We hope you like it. -- Terms of use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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