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Wordful: Word Puzzles

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User Reviews for Wordful: Word Puzzles

Pay to remove the ads

It's so worth it to play as long you want with having to pause and wait for the ads. Ot's a whole different experience, and so much more fun. If you love wordle, you'll love this.

cahoots5, Mar 20, 2022
Suggested improvement

The app is great fun. It could be improved by allowing the user to place letters out of order (instead of having to type the full word from left to right, allow players to “set” letters they are sure of first and then add and remove other letters to try out possible words before submitting by hitting enter).

Cheesehead #1, Feb 22, 2022
Great wordle replacement with unlimited games

I like the clean interface and the similar approach as wordle so picking up was easy. Ads are not disruptive or with sound so totally manageable. The help and ability to have more than 5 words options are also great

curiousjG, May 28, 2022
Decent App

I’m slightly colorblind, and on colorblind mode I still have trouble seeing what letters are in the word but not in the correct place (I think they are red?). Also, the instructions should specify what the colors each mean in colorblind mode, that took me a minute to figure out by trial and error.Lastly, I think the game would be better if no letters could be repeated within the word. It should be 5 unique letters. But if you’re going to keep it how it is, maybe add a note in the instructions that letters can be repeated in the secret word.

DeucesWild822, Jan 22, 2022
Good word guessing game

This is a great word guessing game. It’s a nice basic version without all the social/sharing nonsense other apps include. The cost to remove ads is really reasonable and actually does seem to remove all ads. One annoying thing is the inclusion of plurals - please get rid of words ending in ‘s’! It would also be nice if there were larger ‘enter’ and ‘replay’ buttons. They’re small and not convenient being located within the keyboard and the very top corner, respectively.

Dylan and dad, Apr 29, 2022
Fabulous word game

If you’re a Wordle fan and can’t get enough, this game is for you! Very minimal ads. You can have 5 or more letters and infinite tries to get it right. I can’t say enough about how great this game is.

Install- NOT, Mar 22, 2022
Was really enjoying this app until . . .

One of the last puzzles I did had “lynch” as the answer. Yeah, it’s still Black History Month and even if it wasn’t, this word is loaded with hideous images of painful, unnecessary deaths of Black people. Please review the words you use. I deleted the app instantly for fear of what other words might pop up.

Jerzgirl76, Feb 25, 2022
Suggestions for improvements

As a WORDLE aficionado, I was looking for a WORDLE alternative that I could play multiple times per day. I downloaded multiple WORDLE alternative apps and tried them all. This was the one that I liked best and I was so impressed, that I purchased the paid version, in order to remove the ads.There are three suggestions for improvement.1) in the settings menu, please add a button to turn off Plurals that just take a four letter words and add an “s” to the end;2) a few other WORDLE clones have the ability to put any letter into any spot without having to type in a complete word(for example if you know the third and fifth letters you can just type them in and see how they look as you add in more letters);3) add the time on the playing screen (I have lost track of the time playing this game many times);4) add a button in Settings to disable any sounds.Love the game. Please keep improving and updating it!

JSWYRA, Apr 28, 2022
Lots to like

But it needs improvement. Slang and abbreviated words are irritating, but the worst are words that are so specialized to a particular field there is no chance of getting them. I’ve had to look up word’s meanings to see if they were actually words. Mirriam Webster didn’t know the meaning of one recently. I’m not saying dumb it down, just be more judicious.

Kareyg, May 16, 2022
No way to report errors

There is a puzzle with SAYSO as the answer but it will not accept it. Tried putting it in twenty times and it said it wasn’t a word (I agree it needs a hyphen). Finally gave up and revealed the correct answer to find it’s SAYSO. Frustrating because there’s no way to report this. Only been playing for a few days so I’m sure there’s more errors to be found.

keacoups, Jan 23, 2022


Guess a small word with just a handful of letters. It's popular, fun, & challenging! Introducing a devilish NEW GAMEPLAY MODE: the 10-Second Challenge Mode!

The game gets nerve-wracking with only 10 seconds to make a guess - try it now! Wordful's other great features include: - 6- and 7-letter words, for more challenge - an option to reveal the first letter in gameplay - an option to eliminate words with repeating letters - three different display themes: light, dark, and tropical And Wordful always lets you play more than one game a day. With over 15,000 words to guess, you'll never run out. The word list is curated - no proper nouns or offensive language. Play as much as you want, with as much challenge as you like! Download now! How the game works - every time you make a guess, the letter color tells you how close you are to finding the solution: - If the letter is grey, it is not part of the word - If the letter is yellow, it *is* part of the word, but not in the right place - If the letter is green, it is part of the word and in the right place too

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