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User Reviews for Cryptogram Tale


Re: Immature stories - there is one or two, but I liked them and I’m old ;-) Space bar Tip - tapping on the space bar takes you to the next letter. This is different than the advance to next letter option because you can hit the space bar multiple times to get to an empty space (or wherever). Yes, I skipped the help section. Love the fresh idea of solving a story. Am having fun and need to spend more time solving and less time reviewing ;-)I agree with others that the curser should jump to the next empty spot. Get a bit tired of moving my thumb a full two inches to click the next blank. Lazy, but still! Now SOLVED, kind of - use space bar.Developer is very responsive. Thanks!

AshleyZM, Feb 25, 2018
Great idea, but a little clunky

Love how each puzzle completed adds another installment to the overall story. What a great idea!!I feel like selecting letters could be easier. Like, maybe if it was in landscape mode, the letters could be larger, or at least the puzzle would fit in one screen. And the QWERTY keyboard could be permanently on the screen.

Chip Desormeaux, Sep 24, 2017
Fun, one problem

The only issue I have with this game is that every ad I get is one I can’t close. The little “x” is so tiny and so far up in the corner that it won’t let me hit it. In order to get back to the game, I have to close the app completely, and restart it. This makes it impossible to watch a video for a hint, as well. It’s really frustrating.

Crazy Clicker, Mar 15, 2021
Excellent way to spend my time

If you like cryptograms this app is definitely worth your while. I like that it has a good variety of different styles from short tales, ancient tales, poems, and other styles of writing. And with a repertoire of different authors each cryptogram exposes you to a different style of writing. What makes it even more fun for me, is that, by the time you’re done with a cryptogram you will have also read a new book or story, which can take as long as you want (you can pick how lengthy a tale you wanna tackle and it saves your progress automatically so you can take as many days, months, or years to finish one). And if you get bored you can always work on a new one or go back and pick off where you left off on an old one. I’d also like to add, the developer was very responsive when I submitted feedback about a small bug I came across on a prior version which was fixed pretty quickly on the next update. Thank you for taking my feedback!

DKKeyes, Oct 03, 2020
Has some issues

It’s a cool idea and worth checking out, but it’s not as well made as I’d like. The keyboard should open when you select a letter. The default font is poorly rendered – I suggest switching fonts if that bothers you. There is no “undo” button, which would be very useful. The fact that capitalized words are revealed, but only after you enter the first letter, is a bit weird. Worst though – the stories aren’t consistently well-suited to be cryptograms. I’ve run into several problems already playing the first story on the hardest mode: There was a name with a middle initial that didn’t appear elsewhere in the segment, so there’s no way to figure that out other than guessing letters one by one. Long conversations make the segments too easy because of the repeated phrases like “said the orderly.”The story has a long list of made-up slang terms, which made several segments near impossible, because they had no common words and few real words.

Duncan M McKee, Oct 28, 2023
Great app, no way to report ads

I’m a big fan of this game! However, I keep getting an ad that cannot be closed. I also cannot report this ad anywhere but here. It’s a match-3 fighting game, I forgot the name. It’s very frustrating, to get to the next stage of the cryptogram, one must completely close the app and restart it. :(

Emma Joy Frost, Jul 06, 2021

I never take the time to review games, but this one is so good, I want to give my thanks to the developers with a review. The ad free version is worth paying for, since there’s so much content you can literally play this game for years before solving every story. There are tons of stories and poems available, and you can see how long each one is before you choose to start it. I’ve been playing for months and I’ve solved around 5 classic stories so far. If you need a hint, you don’t have to pay anything, just watch an ad, and I’ve only used 8 hints in the past few months, so ad watching is a rare thing. This game is a lot more fun than regular cryptogram games because you get rewarded with a whole story to read as you solve, rather than just a little saying or quote. I love this game!

Lisa25843784, Sep 28, 2022
Not for young kids

I very much enjoy this app, but there should be an age warning. I have done 4 stories so far, and 3 have involved murder, abuse, or death. I would not recommend this app for anyone under 13 or who is sensitive to darker content. It is also annoying how some of the pop-up ads pause your audio, so you have to keep leaving the app to restart your audio if you are listening to something. Overall, though, I really enjoy this app.

lunar_liftoff, Jun 12, 2021
Just deleted all of my progress 🤬

Yesterday, I would have given this game 5 stars, or honestly more if the rating system allowed. I play this nightly. I’ve finished nearly 20 stories and love getting to read all of these books that I never would have picked up on my own. The added puzzle element is a fun addition. However, when I opened the app this evening, all of my progress was lost. According to the game, I haven’t done a single sentence of a single story. I am incredibly disappointed.

neybuglet, Jul 22, 2021
Started out great…

The app started out great. It was a fun way to pass the time. The tales are interesting. They aren’t impossibly hard to solve. Earning hints was easy (just watch an ad or two). But the last couple of days I’ve not been able to earn any hints because of the placement of the close button on the ads. I play on my phone and the close button is in the upper right hand corner. It’s happened quite a few times before. I would simply close the app, reopen it, and watch a different video. But like I said, for the last couple of days, the only videos I get are ones with the close button where I can’t click it. It’s been at least a year since the last update, so I’m not hopeful about getting another one soon enough to solve this issue. I’d rate this higher if I could properly utilize all of the features

Phoenix1080, Aug 10, 2023


Break the code and unravel the story! Can you decode all of the passages and discover the story within? Challenge yourself with this puzzle word game!

A Cryptogram is a message encoded by switching the actual letters with different letters. • Hundreds of Tales! • Thousands of Cryptograms! • Dozens of Fonts! • Different color schemes! • Hints for when you're stuck!

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