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User Reviews for Logic Grid Puzzles


Then I highly recommend this one for the following reasons:1) I like how they start off fairly simple and gradually get harder as you go along. I personally like this method because you get eased in to the harder puzzles. 2) Early on I thought there was an error with one of the clues (which ended up just being me mis-reading the sentence...frustrating mistake on my part, grrr). Anyways, the developer was quick to reply, was super helpful, and it was abundantly clear that he cares a lot about the app. Even though I was mistaken and thought there could possibly be an error, the puzzles truly don’t have them- which means that you won’t get 3/4 of the way through a puzzle only to find out you can’t solve it because the clues all contradict each other. 3) how often do you play a free puzzle without ads? I mean, seriously...NO ADS!! The developer specifically says he “doesn’t like them” which is why we don’t have to deal with them and how awesome is that?!These are just 3 quick reasons why I will not only continue playing the free part of this app but will support the app monetarily as well. I’m not being paid to write this nor do I work for or with the developer. I just like to promote great apps when I come across them, and it’s not every day that I find apps that are worth the time to promote. If you like logic puzzles I can’t recommend this app highly enough!!!

_LivingDeadGirl_, Apr 22, 2020
An Essential In Academic Improvements.

Logic Puzzles are entertaining to begin with. Especially if the source you’re getting the puzzles from have 100 free puzzles, no ads, and unlimited hints that are provided if you must. There are absolutely no bugs, and the ‘Help’ system provided is very reliable, and useful. You may email the developers any time you have questions or concerns, plus they listen to opinions and recommendations of the players. If you have something to recommend, or would like to discuss removing something of the matter, the team will take your ideas into consideration and see what can be done. The ratings are almost 5 stars, where as other Logic Puzzle games barely reaching 3-4 stars. Again, highly recommended, that is, unless Logic Puzzles aren’t for you.

#KazyGamer, Feb 27, 2022
Absolutely love it

I love this game. It’s challenging but not stressful, I like to do a puzzle each morning to get my brain warmed up before work (though I have to be careful not to get carried away!) I also really appreciate the lack of ads, which is a rarity these days. The organization of the levels of difficulty makes it really easy to decide which puzzle I’m in the mood for, and the illustrations for each prompt is a really nice touch. If I had to think of a suggestion to make it even better, it would be nice if there were stats available to see my average time, best time, etc. among the different difficulties. Overall I respect that the dev team isn’t using the scammy practices used by so many others. The game speaks for itself, and I will definitely purchase the additional puzzle packs when I’ve completed the free ones.

ashw327, Jul 10, 2019
Great App for Logic Puzzles

I love these types of puzzles and always bought logic books/mags to do when I travel. I didn’t realize someone had created an app with these puzzles, until my husband suggested I look when I couldn’t find a book to purchase during a road trip. I really like how everything is displayed and that you can double tap a square to make it true and it will automatically mark the other boxes with x’s. I also like the “competitive” aspect - I find myself trying to finish the puzzle faster to get an “expert” rating. It would be cool to see what my time was compared to “the experts”. I’m not sure if that feature exists, as I haven’t had a chance to really explore the app. I’ve just been enjoying completing the puzzles!

Cranky and Perry fan, Aug 13, 2020
Best logic puzzle game!

I love logic puzzles and I’ve tried all of the ones currently available in the App Store. This one is by far the best! It has a simple, non distracting interface; I like that the clues are displayed all at once in a list form (in some logic puzzle apps, the clues appear one at a time and that’s sluggish and annoying). It’s easy to cross off the clues you already solved. The puzzle grid is on a separate “page” but is easily accessible with a swipe up or swipe down. I’m still on the free version of this app and there are still many left to do at all different levels. The levels are challenging and fun. Once my free puzzles are solved, I’m going to subscribe to access more. In short, if you love logic puzzles that are fun and challenging, and you like an attractive, intuitive, non distracting interface, you should down load this app. I’ve tried them all and I highly recommend this one to be your main logic puzzle app. It is truly the best one in the store!

Eeeeekamouse, Mar 16, 2021
Fun and challenging

I really like this game and the fact that you actually have to use logic to solve them, but there was just one puzzle that confused me. It was the weightlifting challenge I believe, and the first clue is that “Francisco lifts a weight that is 40 pounds lighter than the one Jeremy chose.” The next clue is that “The South African chose a weight that was somewhat heavier than the one Francisco chose,” which meant that both Jeremy and the south African had a weight that was slightly more heavy than Francisco. Is Jeremy the South African? No, I tried that and it didn’t work. How about Oliver? No, they are Dane or American. It isn’t Vincent either, I’m pretty sure he had a weight of 1,000 pounds. The only people who could be the South African is Jeremy or Oliver, and neither were correct. I don’t know if I’m just missing something, but this puzzle really didn’t make sense to me. Other than that this game fun and I could play it for hours.

endresults, Aug 20, 2021
Very very good.

This app is very good and works well, my only “complaint”, which is probably just me being… me, is that I really don’t like the percentage it shows you at the top that says like: 98% without hints or something, and it’s good for people who like to display that they’ve only used one hint or have used no hints, but I don’t like how it displays it on the “main screen”, it would be great if there was like a tab or something in the app that you can look at to see that sort of thing. That’s my only “negative” thing to say about this app, sometimes it’s a bit frustrating especially if you’ve completed a puzzle and it says something is wrong but for the life of you you cannot figure out what’s wrong and you really don’t want to have to use a hint. Wow, I have strong opinions on hints. Overall like I have said previously this is a very good app, works well, nothing wrong with it, I just have a irrational thing with the hint features. Thank you.

FeatherCreek535, Apr 01, 2022
Excellent Puzzles and Excellent Customer Service

As a child, I loved doing puzzles like these and I actually bought several logic puzzle magazines to do in my free time. Being able to do these in my free time or to unwind before bed brings back a lot of great memories for me. These puzzles really do make you think— I really enjoy these puzzles and I feel a sense of achievement when I’ve finished them.I had some difficulty with the wording of a clue and reached out to support because I thought it was some kind of error— turns out I’m just not that smart. Drew from the support team was so gracious, kind, and patient with me and I really appreciate their help in breaking down the wording for me. They didn’t have to be nice or personable, but they were! That really seals the deal for me. This app is not just any old app— it’s run by people who care and who love puzzles too.

lalalafail, Jan 21, 2022
Great Game, Ad free!

Honestly this is a fabulous game with a lot of replayability, whether it’s with purchased puzzles or just replaying your puzzles trying to get hint free and expert! Currently going for 100% expert on the first 100! Just one complaint: what is the criteria for expert? I can’t seem to find a description or whatever that identifies expert solving vs just no hints, and if it’s a time based thing, I’d like to see a timer somewhere so I can see where I’m at (either counting down for added pressure or counting up to see what’s my PB to solve?)Outside of that, this is an excellent game! The hints tend to make sense and help lead me but the puzzles are challenging enough that sometimes I just want to puzzle it out!

LittleCrabbyCat, Apr 14, 2021
One of the best apps I’ve seen

This app is so well-written. The UI is graphically appealing, simple, and efficient. I’ve experienced no issues so far. Having a variety of difficulty levels is nice and I especially like how you can pick and choose without having to pass one to move on to the next. Having no obnoxious ads in a free app is so rare these days, but definitely appreciated. I would definitely have paid for this app if it were a paid app. As soon as I finish the current puzzle pack I’ll definitely buy more. To the developer: you do great work and I seriously hope you will consider making more quality games like this one. Well done.

pianoman05, May 16, 2020


Learn and enjoy Logic Puzzles with 100 unique puzzles of increasing difficulty and multiple sizes. Decode written clues & fill in the grid to solve each puzzle. Work your way up from from beginner to master!

Use the unlimited Smart Hints to see exactly which clue applies to the current board and why. Start with small 3×4 puzzles and challenge yourself with huge 4×7 cell puzzles. Smart Hints examine your solution so far and explain how to fill in another cell by referencing your current board position and telling you what clue to use next (internet access required). Other features include Auto-X for faster entry and multi-level Undo. These make it easier and quicker to focus on the logic! If you're completely stuck, you have the ability to check the grid for errors. There are never any ads or nags or gimmicks. The app supports iOS iCloud sync and accessibility features, including VoiceOver, Larger Text and Dark Mode. If you run out of puzzles there are multiple "100 packs" of new puzzles available for purchase. These are in the same size & quantity as the original free puzzles: 30 each of 3×4 & 30 3×5, and 10 each of 4×4, 4×5, 4×6 & 4×7. Alternatively, you can purchase an Unlimited Puzzles monthly subscription for $4.99 USD per month (or similar for your country). Subscription payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal at the same price as the initial month within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase or using the “Manage Subscriptions” link. There is no free trial. Logic Grid Puzzles’ privacy and terms of use policies: https://eggheadgames.com/legal Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EggheadGames Web: https://eggheadgames.com The puzzles are licensed from the popular Puzzle Baron websites.

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