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Mostly Bits LLC
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User Reviews for Tiler More

I love this game!

I’m a word game fanatic and have been playing the same popular word game for over 1.5 years and am bored out of my mind now. I don’t honestly know why I continue to play it other than that no other game was appealing. That is, until I found Tiler More. I love that there’s actual strategy involved and not just making words out of letters. And I love that there’s three levels of difficulty. If I had one suggestion for improvement it would be the ability to click on a word for a definition. I have come across some words that forced me to get out my physical dictionary - not that I don’t like expanding my vocabulary but it would be nice to have that instant gratification. : )Other than that nit-picky request, this is a fun and challenging word game.

Arkhus, May 19, 2021
Awesome game and concept (with a few simple notes)

I’ve played almost every word game... and this is one of my favorites!!! The gameplay is easy to learn and makes you think about words in a unique way. The simplistic design is aesthetically pleasing and keeps you engaged. I would love the option to change the tile colors, at least in dark mode so it’s easier on the eyes at night or early morning. I’ve been playing for a few weeks and would love the option for another difficulty level beyond ‘brutal’ such as a ‘barbaric’ gameplay!!I love the game. Thank you to the creators - I hope you read this!!!!!!

Wonderful in its simplicity

You know how sometimes, you just need to play a “merge 3” game for a few hours with your brain set on autopilot? This app is a happy medium between those types of games, and the more thought-intensive wordplay puzzle genre. As other reviewers have noted, it’s virtually impossible to lose (even in “brutal” mode), but the gameplay is still super engaging in its own way. There’s something undeniably relaxing about merging and clearing a board. Plus, I very much appreciate the lack of in-app purchases!

eminetalic, May 09, 2021
Easy time passer

Went straight to brutal mode after a few seconds of tutorial. Have yet to feel stumped, it's not really a game that will leave you frustrated or unsure how to beat a level. Nice way to pass the time, so far I haven't noticed any repeat words. Just the difficult enough to keep it from being boring and easy enough that you don't have to think too hard. If you love word games, download Tiler More. Also...is it a glitch or a perk that I have no ads? Not complaining

free_spirit96, Apr 08, 2021
I ♥️ Tiler More!

I love supporting independent and clever game creators. The best part of playing this word game is figuring out ways to play. The next best part is telling my friends so they can download it, too and we can figure out different ways to play-together. I appreciate that there are no scores, no timers, and that it is free. I look at words differently when breaking them down in brutal mode. It’s challenging without being frustrating. I like the simplicity and colors which make playing the game easy on the eyes and brain. I do hope you guys become emotional millionaires and you continue creating great games, hopefully earning some other rewards, as well!

greenwitchgirl, May 31, 2021
It truly is a very fun word game

Tiler More has a unique tile/letter-stacking mechanic that feels unlike any other word game I've played: it creates a very engaging challenge in managing your board space and letter groups, but it's not stressful thanks to the fact that you can un-merge tiles anytime (as long as you have room to put them somewhere!). Managing to maneuver letters into a full word, then tapping completed words to send them into the tile abyss -- along with the accompanying sound effects -- are all super satisfying. The three difficulty modes offer a nice ramp-up as you learn to play, as well as options for varying game lengths: from a super quick session (Easy) up to a brain-furrowing think-about (Brutal). Even though I love that there's no timer in the core game, which keeps it extremely calm and stress-free, I would like to see other game modes in the future that use something like a time-based score to throw another obstacle at you. But even without that, this is a fantastic, soothing experience that more often than not turns into "just one more game."

JDubs07, Mar 03, 2021
By far the best game out there.

This is the most original word game out there. There’s no need to buy hints or second tries. As a matter of fact there isn’t even any ads. And I would pay for this game. It has a great concept and truly is at level where it says. Kudos to the developers. And on top of that they don’t keep popping up asking for a review. I went out of my way to go to the App Store and write this because if you live word games you need this one.

Lazy Hippo Basking in the Sun, Apr 19, 2021
Great exercise and concept, not exactly a challenge.

After playing one round of easy mode I jumped straight to brutal to test my theory, and I was correct. This is a puzzle gane that is virtually impossible to lose or get stuck on. If you ever run out of space on the board, just combine some letters together because you can just unstack them later on. There is so much potential space available on the board that you might as well just keep pulling letters until it's almost full then see which words you can complete. On my third run through I decided to just combine like letters together and put the vowels all to one side so they would be easier to search when building words. What I mean to say is that space management isn't a challenge in this game because there is always waaaay more space available than you need. Can't quite think of an easy fix for it, though. I do think that the interface is brilliantly elegant and creative and I love the concept. If the challenge level is ever successfully raised to any level of difficulty, however, I would definitely suggest an undo button because unintentional moves are pretty frequent on the mobile. Great job creators!

Loving but Frustrated Fan, Mar 27, 2021
Amazing game, bugs get in the way

This quickly became my favorite game to play. It’s relaxing; no outside pressure with scores, timing, or leaderboards; doesn’t ask for my money, data, or a review; and the right kind of challenging where you couldn’t classify this as an idle game but it also doesn’t increasingly get more difficult, it’s merely always a nice challenge/puzzle; and it always saves your spot if you’re mid-game. My only quip that makes it hard to play are the bugs. One freezes the cube you’re working on, after clumping two letters together, so you’re left with eight spaces to play rather than the nine original. Another bug (that seems connected to the first) is a letter itself freezing on the cube spot so it won’t move, sometimes it just disappears too. Closing the app doesn’t help the issue at hand either because of the incredible game-saving aspect; I guess one has to either try to play it through the round with considerable disadvantages with the bugs, or start over which can be very disappointing/anti-climatic. Besides the bugs, which don’t happened too often, this game is wonderful.

Sarahiously, Jun 12, 2022
Fun Game! Suggestions:

Scoring:This is a very fun game, and I appreciate that it is mostly a relaxing game to play casually on your phone, but I would appreciate it if there could be some “score” associated with playing the games, like if it counted how many moves you made to clear the board, and you could try to get a low score. Mechanics:Also, when the stacks are three high, I find myself tapping the top tile to collapse the stack, but the game is programmed so that you need to still touch the base of the stack to collapse/expand tiles. This leads to a little confusion and unintentional moves. Colors:I do like the pink, but it could be really fun to have other color options as well, maybe even colors to unlock by playing a certain number of games.Again, great job to the developers! This is a fun, neat little game.

snowturtle23, Apr 18, 2021


Tiler More is a very fun word building game that you will love. Make words by stacking letters and merging them together. Get all the words to win!

The rules are simple: • Stacks are limited to 3 high • Tiles can have no more than 3 letters • You must have at least 3 units of fun What people are saying: “What the heck, guys?” - Tyler “I definitely don’t hate it!” - Devika “I LOVE THIS GAME” - Kyle’s Mom “This game is Certified Fun!” - A Ph.D. Funologist “beTTEr ThAn stAcKing TilES IN rEAL LIfE” - A child Tiler More is made by Mostly Bits, which is really just Kyle and Tony on nights and weekends. If you like this game or generally supporting independent creators, please tell your friends about this very fun game. It’s free, so telling people doesn’t actually make us any money, but it makes us feel good, which is like emotional money. And we might release more updates if you make us emotional millionaires. Let us know what you think on Twitter: @mostlybits

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