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User Reviews for OpenPhone

Needs Custom Notification Tones

The app and service are fine so far but I think it is in need of a custom notification sound. At first I thought it wasn’t a big deal but, since I’m using this app for business, it would help for me to be able to quickly identify and prioritize the type of notification I’m hearing. The app inherits the standard system notifications so it’s very easy for me to lump in the alerts with all of the other distractions on my phone.Maybe this is just a sore spot for me since I tend to try to ignore my generic notification sounds during the work day. But after missing several client messages that came in to the same tune as news alerts or Instagram likes, I now have to constantly check every notification I receive. Hopefully I’m not missing a setting that’s already there, but this small feature would vastly improve my workflow :)

:Lb08:, Jun 21, 2021

I’ve only been using this app for a few days Now for my business... let me just say I’ve used others and so far I’m very impressed by the software. Super easy to use and very professional. Customer service has been awesome as well. I’m definitely looking forward to a long lasting relationship with OpenPhone. Update. Now that I’ve had time to use OpenPhone I’m very disappointed. I had high hopes that this would be better than my last service provider. Customer service was great in the being now it seems they only want to text and email. My message don’t come through sometimes which causes my to loose money in my business. The delay in how long it takes them to get back with you is horrible especially when you’re totally depending on their service for your business.

318divakim, Jul 19, 2020
Service went to crap

We use open phone for a business line. In the beginning it was bliss, and we told our other business accounts. Somewhere along the line, i couldn’t hear any calls. Like when i answered, they couldn’t hear me and i could not hear them. Everyone we had saved in our contact book, lost their names, so we had to back and re save numbers again. The phone issue happened with some of the people on the team, and others were not affected. We reached out for support multiple times and was passed around to support tech and rep who never really handled anything. When we threatened to term the service, that’s when they started to put in some sort of effort. In the end it resulted to a security issue, which their it department wouldn’t set up a meeting with our it department ti work out any thing. So we continue to use the service because we have not found anything yet that works, and it’s been our contact number for 2 years, but sad it’s turned into a paid nightmare. When I’m at work, i have to disconnect from the wifi in order to take calls, which are distorted and they hear me being choppy anyways. And it still doesn’t work or sound any better when I’m at home. But when I’m on the work wifi the calls have no sound.

Ahhhhsome86, Jun 27, 2023
Mostly Amazing Communication Tool

OpenPhone’s abilities are amazing for my small business use! As a team, we are able to communicate more effectively with our clients and stay a lot more organized. We love that we can mark a text as unread, tag each other internally, mute calls on devices while having it still ring on others, etc. However, the desktop and mobile apps need improvement integrating between each other because sometimes we don’t receive activity notifications on all devices and when we brought this issue to tech support’s attention they said it wasn’t a priority to fix because the issue seemed isolated to our use. We’ve tried to troubleshoot to confirm if it’s user error or not and it seems to be a tech issue. If you are an OpenPhone user and are also experiencing this issue, please contact support so they can prioritize resolving it because it is a key feature. Also, our phone numbers are now coming up as Spam Likely on the caller ID even when we’ve followed all steps to be registered as a legitimate business with the FTC and we do not cold call prospects. I suspect it’s because we are using a VOIP. Lastly, like most communication tools, it’s imperative to have strong WiFi or cell service for phone calls because the quality can be choppy or delayed. Make sure you have this first before investing in any VOIP. Overall, we are satisfied but wish the above things would be resolved.

BOOamber:), Feb 26, 2023
Changed rating

Update:Two months and a lot of confusion later, our numbers were finally ported over! I’m so glad that we can use this to keep our US numbers... that was one of the main reasons we chose this company. It’s still only a 3 star rating because my texts frequently fail to send. It’s not a wifi issue because I can text from WhatsApp and Messenger just fine. It seems to occur mainly when I’m texting a group. I have a request out to customer service... if we can remedy this problem I’ll be glad to bump the rating up again.Original post:My husband and I just moved overseas and needed to find a way to keep our US numbers active. Everything we read adore this company said that we could do that through them. Not true. We have contacted them, we have contacted our US phone carrier, we have filled out all the forms we’ve been sent and our numbers still haven’t been ported over. And customer service has stopped responding when we reach out for help. Total silence on their end. 100% disappointed with this company and their service.

Everything-is-taken1987, Dec 17, 2020
The perfect feature-set so far.

I don’t own a large business, I own a 2 person business. I needed an app that was built around me and not around call centers, or desk phones.I needed auto-responders, I needed mobile apps that were fast and allowed my partner and I to collab and not just fight over who had or hadn’t responded to a client, that stopped us from both responding at the same time (typing indicators)I needed something priced with me in mind, I don’t want to lose them money, but I don’t want to be taken advantage of either. I needed it priced it so I can add users without cutting back on other parts of my business. I don’t want to add licenses just to be able to use the most helpful features.OpenPhone did all of this for me, they’re new, small, things will hopefully accelerate, but in a thoughtful way. If the OpenPhone team reads this, integrations, notifications, and an inability to bury messages too deep to where they’re hard to find - are my top priorities. I never want to miss a message, oh and can you make the links in the slack integration for “send message” or whatever work on mobile and not just desktop? Super useful. Good luck with the VC funding, hope to see good things.

hellojonm, Jan 15, 2021
Changed Rating

Changing my initial review (see below for the prior) from 1 to 5 for several reasons: 1-OpenPhone Customer Service response to both my message and my review were very quick and very polite. 2-They were able to clarify how I misunderstood the charges I initially thought were hidden numbers, not by telling me I was wrong rather showing me how to read it correctly. They weren’t hidden they were prorated just like they say in their signup. 3-The service is exactly what my small business needs, and a price we can afford. We are a startup the services other small businesses, I was able to setup an 855 toll free number and 4 employee lines. Not only that, the answering options coupled with text and automated responses makes us sound like we are larger and very professional. Thank you OpenPhone for being patient and working with us as we grow. I’m a small business owner and got one 855 number and 4 local numbers. They charged the standard $10 plus $5 per line. Then the hidden fees stated showing up daily. In less than 2 weeks, very few calls and text s messages somehow we’ve racked up $50 in hidden fees. I’m not happy and going to port out our numbers to a second line with our cellular company. No where in their app or website or contract does it tell you you’ll get charged per minute or use. Definitely not an inexpensive app.

krisgordon70, Sep 20, 2020
Excellent service

I have used a cheap standard phone line for my business number (not actively used) and as red to get rid of it as it was a second eSIM line and the service was bad. Since I have great service on my personal line I decided to cancel the cell plan and use OpenPhone for my business number instead. I got a new toll free number, that spells out something related to my business, and it was no extra cost. The features are really nice. Being able to set a text-to-speech message for all people calling the line is great and it supports many formatting. Auto text reply is also sweet. It’s what I wanted, and none just did it right. Web UI, super nice and better than others (and not all have it). OpenPhone is the best option there is, and is truly actively developed and improved unlike other services, and it’s more affordable than others too. I haven’t even touched most features, and hope I have a reason to in the future.There’s few companies that I’m happy to give money to but these guys and girls deserve it.

MichaelA7382, May 15, 2022
OpenPhone for the win

Let me preface this review with some background. I've had multiple orgs that I've been a part of for the better part of my life as a college student and even more so post graduation. Many of these are nonprofits or student groups that I dedicated my time to free of charge, because those orgs have very little money. Because of that, they also typically don't have any sort of phone infrastructure. I've had Google Voice, tried GoDaddy's offering, and even had more than one phone at a certain point. None of these worked nearly as well or were nearly as convenient as OpenPhone is.I've got one phone number on the platform, which I use for pretty much everything for each org I'm involved in. It sits in my email signature & gets plenty of calls and texts every day. Over the time I've had OpenPhone, I've not had one issue in making a call, receiving a call, or texting. It all just works. When you're juggling so many things at once, the "just works" aspect of a tool you use is paramount. If it didn't just work, I'd be writing an entirely different review.10/10 would use OpenPhone for all my non-personal phone lines. Keep up the good work team. I look forward to more features & (hopefully!) a web version and maybe the ability to add employees to the account (vs sharing the password). 🎉❤️

Nick Bentley, Apr 26, 2019
Finally a company that gets it!

In a sea of spamming apps I despise, I was looking for a business text solution for my company. Googling and trying to find a company is not easy when you find it hundreds of applications that all do the same thing, basically spam. OpenPhone gets everything that a small business or even medium businesses need for communication with their customers. While there are a few things that I’d like to have like a scheduler and search features within tags and things like that, I’m sure in due time they will update. They bring to a table many features that other text apps are even close to providing. High-level integration and features , good support, and affordable pricing makes me think their future is bright.

Oakweb, Jul 05, 2021


OpenPhone is the all-in-one phone system for teams. It comes with powerful calling, messaging, and a lightweight CRM to easily manage and respond to your customers and contacts. Get a custom phone number (local area code or toll-free) or port your own.

All with unlimited talk and text, and powerful features to run your business. With OpenPhone, your team can work together from a shared inbox to deliver the best customer experience possible. Even more, OpenPhone scales with you. Easily add numbers for different departments and teammates as your company grows. UNLIMITED CALLING TO THE US AND CANADA Easily reach your contacts in either country for free. GET UP TO SPEED ON ANY CONVERSATION No more jumping between different apps to piece conversations together. Call logs, call recordings, and transcribed voicemails appear alongside texts in one seamless conversation. HELP WHENEVER YOU NEED IT Along with an extensive Help Center, we offer industry-leading customer support when you need to get in touch. KEEP SEPARATE PERSONAL AND BUSINESS NUMBERS When you call or text customers, they see your business phone number. And when they call or text you, it's clear it’s for business. TRY FOR FREE FOR 7 DAYS Start calling and texting in just a few minutes. OpenPhone works on your existing smartphone and computer. There's no long-term contract needed, and you can cancel any time. KEY FEATURES - Integrations with HubSpot, Zapier, Salesforce, Slack, Google Contacts, and more - Automatic and on-demand call recordings - Voicemail Transcription: follow up with your contacts faster with voicemail to text transcripts - Options to save time texting through auto-replies and snippets - Business hours, phone menus, and other ways to deliver a professional phone presence - Shared numbers to split responsibility for any incoming calls or texts - Separate address book for all your OpenPhone contacts so your team has the context they need to delight customers Privacy: https://openphone.co/privacy Terms of Service: https://openphone.co/terms

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