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Second Phone Number for iPhone

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Second Phone Number for iPhone

  • Business
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User Reviews for Second Phone Number for iPhone

The best!!!

Excellent service, large selection of rooms to use, compared to competitors - the lowest price. You can send SMS, photos, videos, and this is a great advantage. All in all, a great app - highly recommended!

Albvcyj4, Apr 14, 2022

Simple and effective for what it is for. It's a It's secondary line...hence the name 2nd line. It is free, you can only expect so much from an ad supported app. If you need to make a call and Wi-Fi is your only option, you won't do better than this. Many of the low reviews are operator error anyhow (inactivity, ToS violations, etc).

AnnaZH72, Apr 15, 2022

Easy to use and offers Quality, Consistent, and Reliable Service. Quick setup, easily navigational application.Definitely Recommend to Everyone 👍

assabz3, Apr 15, 2022
Have to keep rebooting my phone to make calls

I set this up to talk to my dad and I have had an issue where I send one SMS and then have to reboot my WHOLE phone just to make a call! I Am trying to get out of Europe and have to use this to work out the details with my father. It’s inconvenient because it is like I can’t get any messages from him without a reboot! Can you fix this???

Bassie2016, Oct 02, 2022
Teacher using this

Works great so far but I don't know if I end up lost the ability to call when my credits run out. I signed up for the monthly subscription but today is my first day using it. Wondering if a paying customer has to worrying about credits but I guess I'll find out when my credits run out lol

elaaa.15, Apr 14, 2022
I’m happy

Have been using this app for 4 months now and I’m really enjoying it but maybe you guys should add some upgrades at least maybe give us option to delete messages and calls or even block someone from calling I will be very happy😌

msllspwkcnx s, Oct 03, 2022
Thanks !!

This extra number is exactly what I needed it to be. It rings differently when a call comes in with this number vs when A call comes in through my cell provider number. My cell number has been compromised by marketers and spammers , so I can’t even have my ringer turned on. Wonderful. Thanks for this…

Slsosndidnxidndk, Apr 15, 2022

Love it, much better call quality and signal than other free phone apps. Will continue using if the price is right, because from what I understand it begins charging after a point. I think there's a way to earn free talk time and texts, but not sure, so I'll find out & update review. But 5 stars for sure thus far!

Zarsam874, Apr 15, 2022
Good job!

Very good app calls are clear and texts come through. Very good. It’s easy to use. I am happy with this free phone number. Will recommend to everyone who needs it. Im surprised. The 2nd phone number works great. Talking on WiFi or texting, very dependable. Great app to text on . Works as advertised. It is really free of charge

гость1023, Apr 15, 2022

There was a problem with my incoming calls going directly to voice mail. After speaking with your support staff the issue got resolved. Very happy with the second phone number app. When I get a call, it comes up on my cell phone clearly, no answering by mistake. And I use it as my business line too. Worth every penny!

Олололллл, Apr 15, 2022


This is a full-fledged business phone system in your pocket. Provide your clients with professional communication services no matter where you are, and separate personal and business connections. Up to 5 phone numbers: Add up to five virtual work phone numbers to your device and receive calls to them from anywhere in the world.

Local and Toll-free numbers: Provide your customers with local or toll-free numbers to call. You can also transfer your existing phone number to the app. Unlimited Calls and Text Messages: Unlimited calls and text messages with voice over IP in the USA and Canada. In addition, completely free calls and messaging between other users of the application. Auto Secretary: Direct your customers to the right channels, such as sales and support, with the Auto secretary feature, as well as on-hold music and pre-recorded call greetings. Cellular data is not required: Make and receive calls or text messages using VoIP technology. There is no need for expensive cellular data plans or equipment. Call Features: Track and block unwanted calls with call filtering and blocking. The application, developed for mobile business professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs, allows you to separate business and personal communication and eliminates the need to buy and carry a second mobile phone. Note. Your mobile operator may prohibit or restrict VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) on its network. You are obligated to ask your mobile operator about their VoIP functions and any additional costs that may arise. The application is not responsible for any additional costs for cellular communication that may arise as a result of using the service. Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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