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User Reviews for Mangamo Manga Reader & Comics


Update! They fixed it! I do wish they would let users try their free trial again since it went to waste for me. This has a lot of potential though! I’m excited to see where it goes! This is an awesome concept and I’m looking forward to a working app. I’ll happily pay for a sub once they work through all the bugs. I just updated the app that said it fixed the Browse screen, but my browse screen is still black. It’s a very unusable app currently. I’ll patiently wait while they work through all the bugs because I want this to succeed!

amiigurumi, Jul 04, 2020
Pages are a mess

I really wanted to like this app. I’m happy to pay for any platforms, like Mangamo, that consolidate a lot of manga and have easy readability. I paid for one month and counselor handle it anymore and had to cancel. I’ll give Mangamo two stars for having a pretty decent library, there’s definitely plenty of titles I would like to read. But what ruined it for me is that every single chapter I tried to read, the pages were out of order. Every single chapter. I don’t know if it’s an interface problem or genuinely the pages are available in the wrong order. It became very hard to read - I would fast forward to somewhere towards the end of the chapter to read the beginning of the chapter and then bounce around trying to figure out the correct order. It became very frustrating and impossible to read so I eventually just cancelled my membership.

cupkac7, Jun 28, 2022
its good

its pretty good, although the reader is way too sensitive to touch and it keeps zooming in and making the menu pop out with me barely touching it

Cutestkat, Apr 08, 2023
Much improved, runs very smoothly now

When the app was first released there were some issues with manga losing very slowly, and delays while browsing. I’m happy to say that those issues seem fixed now. The app runs very smoothly, and still has the same sleek design as always.It also looks like a lot of new content has been added (whereas there were only a few chapters of each manga when the app first launched).All the improvements show that the developers have been working to improve the app, which is great to see.Pros:- Consistent improvements to the functionality and content of the app!-The UI looks very sleek, and navigation feels like common sense for a phone app- The “explore” section gives a lot of recommendations- The “browse” section lets you filter by genre- Save manga to your list and easily get back to them- Manga are fully translated to English- Lots of options (but only a few chapters of each, for now)- Manga descriptions, including author and publisherCons:- Maybe add a search functionNo other cons for now. I’m looking forward to seeing where this app goes.

Dr. Jebediah, Aug 01, 2020
Good legal option for manga but still needs more chapters

Finally a legal option to support Manga creators, however the chapters are lacking for each new series. Would love a function for release schedules to stay up to date. It has potential for growth.

Gr80ne, Oct 09, 2020
The best manga reader

It’s worth paying a little and not using the illegal apps.

Jeff L 123, Jul 14, 2023
I like it

It’s a smooth app but it seems like there are missing chapters on old manga like fairy tail, not sure if they’re slowly being updated

KatsuHatsu, Jul 10, 2021
Why one star?

Well to start out, if most manga apps required you to pay the fact that you have to pay for a membership after the trial, but most do not require you to pay. Therefore this app should not require you to pay unless it’s for getting chapters early, not having access to the manga. I’m basing it off of very little but that amount is major when it comes to these things, especially when the competition is free.

lolz_lord_2000, Oct 10, 2020
Legal way to support creators

I’m giving this 5 stars solely for the reason clueless people are complaining that they have to pay while other (mostly illegal ones) are free. Of course, it will be better to have few more up to date chapters for some series but still worth the subscription fees for the currently available one and you can subscribe on and off to read some titles and come back when more series got updated. This service has potential and hope to see the database grow more later on.

Nay 2525, Nov 25, 2020
Needs to fix the subscription bug

App keeps telling me to subside even though I already am, making it really hard to read the next chapter without pretending to resubscribe every time

not c-lane, Jun 27, 2023


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