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User Reviews for MangaBAT - Manga Rock Pro

Great…and annoying

As far as selection goes this app is awesome! Has bleach, one piece and the breaker which is why I downloaded it. However if you don’t buy the ad free package ($10 as of May 2022) you’ll be getting 30 second ads every-time you change chapters….now that’s annoying! But sometimes the chapters don’t even load. I’ve had to click on a single chapter 4 times and had to watch the 30 second or longer every time because it wouldn’t load the chapter correctly. If you pay the $10 bucks it’s pretty good, but the collection page just spins and never shows anything :/ decent app but needs a ton of work…because of the selection it gets 4 stars

Axston, May 08, 2022
It works, but needs fixing…

First thing i noticed was the favorites tab. Even if you read the chapter updated to the manga/manhwa that you read, it still shows the red tab that indicates not reading it yet. You also cannot select the manga/manhwa by the group you want to select, and is forced to be an all or nothing situation. Second is that while reading, there are numerous times where when you press the button for the next chapter, the chapter you want to read is all black, didn’t load, or is unavailable with a x in the middle. Third is that some of the manga/manhwa/webtoon are stuck in the loading screen. No content available for those who want to read that specific title. Please fix these.

blood.crown, Jul 21, 2022
Good but needs fixing

I actually really like this app. It has a great variety of works to choose from and has a nice set up which is easy to use. The adds are very frequent, but you do have the option to forgo them with a fee. However, there doesn’t seem to be any way to contact anyone to report malfunctions. Currently, when I try to go to the main page it’s constantly loading and doesn’t Ever finish downloading. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app three times, but no change. There is no data saver, so when you delete the app you lose all your data. I hope they update it soon cause I really liked this app

catzandchicolate, May 15, 2022
The ad situation is pretty bad

So between every chapter a video ad played as opposed to just regular page ads I’ve seen with most manga type apps. Some ads won’t even let you close out unless you interact with them. I’ve had times where I’ve gone through a whole ad, accidentally clicked exited the chapter instead of changed the page(this isn’t easy to do, I was just absent minded) and when I went back into the chapter I had to watch ANOTHER ad even though I literally just watched one seconds before. The other issue is that going to another chapter can be finicky. Which is particularly frustrating with the video ad thing because a chapter won’t load, I’ll watch an ad to load into a black screen and changing pages doesn’t work, and it won’t work until I fully close out the app and go back, to yet ANOTHER ad that I need to watch to even see if it works. So while I like that they have working tags and you can browse by genre, personally I can see these rather long video ads hurting enjoyment. Alternatives could be just page ads mixed into chapters.

Chaos Eclipse, Sep 30, 2022
Good, but terribly annoying if you don’t pay for no ads

This manga app has a whole lot, and not just the manhwa or Manwuas that usually dominate every front page. I got a new phone recently so I was unable to keep using Manga Bird (RIP) but this app was a pleasant substitute. It had all the old manga that I was reading. The only downside is that the app is like one of this clickbait phone games. Ads every time you change chapters. If you don’t mind that then this app is definitely for you. Personally I don’t like having to wait when I’m binge reading so I bought it ($10) which is a little expensive.

Comrade Dang, Apr 19, 2022
Decent selection needs a few tweaks

For the most part the selection of stuff you can find is pretty good, but the ads every chapter is definitely something to take note of especially when you have to pay $10 to remove ads. I find while reading that after about 3-4 chapters the pages go blank, just tap and switch reading methods and that fixes it but it’s kinda annoying, it would be nice if they made it so you could just scroll or swipe to the next chapter when you reach the end of one instead of having to bring up the interface and click the tiny green button for the next chapter. Overall this app is better than 80% of the other Manga apps on the AppStore.

DoBetterMan, Aug 01, 2022
I adore this app !! But,,

So for the most part this is genuinely the best manga app I’ve used in a long long time. I instantly payed the ten dollars and haven’t had any ads and it’s been a great experience. It has one of the biggest selections of content I’ve seen on any of the manga apps currently on the App Store. BUT. There are definitely some problems ( understandably so, but still things to be addressed ) the number one problem for me personally is that, for some reason, some series just won’t open, or will stop working on you altogether. So, for example, I was rereading Gakuen Alice, turned off my phone for a few hours, came back, and suddenly the manga just won’t show up. I clicked on every chapter, and each chapter says there is only one picture. I even deleted and redownloaded the app ( which actually deleted all my progress on all my manga btw so do keep that in mind ) and the manga still wouldn’t load. This is more frustrating than anything, but it hasn’t completely ruined the app for me. I guess I’ll just have to treat the app with a little more mindfulness and care. Its also not the prettiest, but it has a pretty decent search function and even has a tag feature, which as someone who lives and thrives on ao3, I really appreciate. Overall I like this app, though it could use some work :]

emberbug, Jul 12, 2022
Really Nice

I used to have Mangareader with the pink M. Since it came off iOS and I updated my phone it was unable to reboot. That app will always be in my heart love it. But if you’re picky like me and want to be able to favorite, search by author or key word, or see other works by one author this app gives you access. And the ads are not overwhelming and you can purchase to get them removed. I’m not going to say it’s amazing tho because I am biased and attached to my Mangareader app but this is very nice and satisfactory.

FlimoraGo customer, Feb 12, 2022

The best it’s getting from me is a three. It has the manga I’ve been looking for which is nice. However there is no way to actually categorize things. Like yes I can look up a specific genre but after that nope. I can’t alphabetize it, see which ones are completed or even add to different genres together. None of that. Which is quite disappointing. All it does is show the highest viewed ones and onwards. Which makes it hard to find manga that I don’t really remember the name of but know the first few letters of or if they kind of old or not popular.

Frey Ivory, Jan 14, 2022
Pretty great overall actually

Despite my initial bad expectations the only annoying things here are the constant ads (which you can remove with a one time purchase) and the fact that for some of the mangas they don’t load or get updated (or if they do, it’s delayed).But honestly, compared to all the other manga apps available on iOS since most of the good ones got removed (all of which I checked out and tried) this is one of the best bc it has a lot of manga and webcomics and a good search engine (so if you search with the Japanese or English name it shows the same items in case you get confused, etc.) So I say it’s pretty good, I’ll be using it for the foreseeable future!

Idkreally2341, Dec 27, 2022


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