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User Reviews for Shonen Jump Manga & Comics

Awesome Selections and Easy To Use

I only recently started watching anime in 2022, so I came across of new recent shows that still needed a few years to be finished. Lots of the shows I watched were Shonen Jump adaptations like Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Ghoul, Spy x Family, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I was bombarded by manga readers giving little hints towards the anime-onlys and I didn’t want to get spoiled myself, so why not just read the manga? The problem was, I couldn’t find a good app to have the correct selection of manga I wanted. However, this app made my life so much easier. It had all the manga I wanted to read and even for the monthly pay, which is only like $2.99, it’s so worth it. Reading it is super easy, there’s no ads, and a huge amount of manga to choose from. Some stories I’ve never even heard of I ended up reading it. I like how this app is super straight-forward. You can either buy the volume or just binge read the chapters. It also gives you recommendations and fan-favorites. Another thing I really like is how it has the dates of the newly-released chapters, and I don’t have to log it every time I read a new chapter. This has become a real life-saver for me and I will continue reading!

anunconfidentwriter, Mar 22, 2023
Good value but flawed app

If you love manga and want to support mangaka by reading officially, this app is great. It contains the best of shonen along with some other titles in Viz’s catalogue. The price is the best part as a subscription is pretty cheap. The flaws come down to the app itself. In ways it is very barebones. Granted it runs smoothly and accomplishes the bare minimum but fails to go beyond that. One of my biggest issues is the fact that the app does not sync the chapters you are on or have already read across all your devices. Meaning if you started to read a series on your phone but wanted to continue on your tablet or laptop, it would only save on your phone even if you are logged into your account on all devices. In terms of the catalogue itself, some manga are restricted to the desktop version (the viz website). These being the more mature titles. It’s a strange decision and I would prefer every series be accessible through the app, and maybe just have an age verification if that’s the problem? That’s about it. It’s good value but don’t expect much from the interfaces and such. It really just is an app that is only slightly better than your run of the mill pirated manga app. (But official). Little changes have been made since the apps debut and I would like to see far more.

AvidKami, Jan 30, 2022
Extremely well made and enjoyable!

When I first started reading manga, I despised purchasing the manga. However once I started reading again a few months ago, I’ve loved it. I’d purchase the physical copies, but that became to expensive. This app made it so cheap and accessible for beginners like myself. The UI is easy to navigate and for 1.99$ a month, you get such a wide variety of good series! I’m super happy about my purchase and will more than likely continue after my free trial ends!The one problem I do have is that when searching for manga to read, it becomes misleading when searching on the browser website versus the app. On the website, it will show manga that you can read chapter by chapter and ones that only showcase the volumes. It becomes confusing when you find something on the browser, then find out you can’t read it on the app and you would need to purchase the volume separately. I understand it is a database for all their series, but I would like to favorite all my series in the app not just the chapter by chapter ones. But other than that, it is very convenient. 👍🏼

Dads Long Legs, Jul 06, 2021
Its great to have all this manga but

I’m a heavy reader and can go through a series quite quick. What I would love is if the app could keep track of the pages I'm on for various manga. cause some series when I go to the next chapter I'm already on the last page and scrolling through 600 chapters just to get to one 18 page chapter it is pretty long and sometimes mid scrool the app will crash, kick me out, then forget what page I'm on leaving me with scrolling another 5 mins to chapter 20 out of 670 then in between chapters I’m given ads to buy a physical copy of the manga.I’m already paying for online service why would I buy a physical copy? I mean I can understand trying to sell the PBs but honestly. it is a nuisance I say again I’m already paying for online service. You are transitioning to online service a majority of your PB sales will drop its inevitable. I will say PBs will sell themselves with out constantly reminding your premium subscribers that they exist.Not saying every reader will strictly be online but in my opinion if I see a good series online a truly moving serialization I move heaven and earth for a PB in mint just to have on my shelf. End of rant

Hibiscus 345, Dec 22, 2018
Lack of features

I want to start this off by saying I love the new subscription service. It’s nice that I can support the creators of some of my favorite manga series; however, the app lacks a couple of vital features.The first feature missing is an indicator on where you left off in any given series. This is practically a must have in an app that contains multiple series with hundreds of chapters.The second feature missing is a “favorites” or “following” section. The only thing keeping me from having to re-search for all of the manga I want to read is whether I have it purchased or downloaded, but what if I’m not able/don’t remember to get on within seven days and download another chapter? All of my downloads will be automatically removed, and I will instantly lose track of everything I was reading. This is also a big inconvenience for those who don’t want to download anything, as they will have to search for the manga they want to read each time they open the app. Again, I love the fact that I can easily support creators for their hard work, but the features missing here are pretty much standard for other manga apps. In terms of organization, SJ’s only redeeming feature is it has a search bar...

IceNova2k, Dec 21, 2018
Exceptional for the low price point

For only $2 a month, you couldn't ask for a better service. The only issues I really have with it is that you only get to read/interact with 100 back log chapters a day. I really wouldn't mind paying a bit more if it meant that I could read and download what ever I want for as long as I have a membership. Also what's the deal with haveing to buy volumes? It would be convenient to have them grouped like that instead of by chapters. I can read a lot of manga in a short time, so haveing to click the next chapter button is anoying. So ether splitting them by volume or doing away with the next chapter button would be a God send. Also a dark mode would be nice, as well as vertical scrolling.I know I had a lot of complaints, but I really do love this service, before now it was an investment to spend $15-20 on manga volumes. With how fast I read them I'd have to buy multiple volumes at a time, leading to me spending upwards of $70 on new manga. This has saved me so much money and is well worth the $2 a month. So if you're on the fence, you can't go wrong with this.

KingCheetah21, Jan 13, 2021
It could have been five if not for common sense issues being resolved.

This is an amazing app with a library of incredible manga, and the $2 a month is an amazing deal. The only reason it didn’t achieve a five star rating from me was the lack of bookmarks making it a hassle to keep track of currently publishing manga and/or keeping track of what chapter you left off before closing the app. It would be great to have a favorites list where you can mark the mangas that you are following as well as a bookmark feature that allows you to tap the mangas name and it automatically puts you in the chapter and page you where reading. Also lately the chapters for MHA, Black Clover and other Friday published works are being published Sunday, this is a big problem because you guys are Shonen therefore why are pirated sites beating you to a punch in publishing speed? I have been spoiled of several chapters of MHA and Black Clover because of this. Other than these two big problems there’re several minor glitches of missing pages or pages not loading even if you are connected to strong internet meaning its a server info problem. If these issues are fixed i have no doubt in my mind that i will revise my 4star rating to a rightful 5star rating.

Masters of 2012, Mar 05, 2019
Good app just wish expanded the age gap

This app is good and I would give it a five star review but the deals are good as well it’s like one dollar a month and I could say it’s a better deal than Webnovel but the thing is as watching anime is a trend there are more people younger than being a teen and you know the more younger you are the more your Limited to things like you would have to ask your parents just to purchase one chapter so a member subscription would be just too much so maybe instead of always have a to do a subscription we would just have to log on or sign up I think it would help the customers. And with the searching things I downloaded this app to find Orahan The anime since since there’s no season two I tried to find it on the manga to see it nicely finished but the thing is I feel like it should like have a A genre search engine like maybe you could have one you could just press on me and then I could show you the anime manga then you could press what genre of the anime like romance or action so I think it would help the customers find the manga they want.

Phoenix thunder tsunami, Jul 13, 2020
Is the 2$ worth it?

This is a good app, the main reason I downloaded it is because the main licensed mangas like Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and One Punch Man are mangas you can’t read on an app like manga rock but isn’t worth the hassle to read on an online website. But with the 2$ subscription, you can read all these mangas( only the mangas under Shonen jump) but only up to 100 chapters a day. I get not being able to download a certain amount, but the fact that I’m paying for the subscription and I can only read 100 chapters a day seemed like a rip off: like they are trying to make sure you don’t speed through all the mangas and subscribe when in reality I just wanna binge all these mangas over and over again. So hopefully this changes but it’s almost pointless to have the free membership for this app, and then paying for it means that out of the about 50/60 titles that are provided by shonen jump: you can only read and download 100 chapters a day. I would say try to the free trial and see for yourself, but for me as long as there is a read limit I wouldn’t pay for the membership no matter how cheap it is.

PizZaGawd4218, Jul 07, 2019
Few gripes, but overall solid

I recently subscriped to monthly SJ a few days ago, so I want to provide updates on things that would dramatically improve the quality of the app. - Bookmark feature: Unless you finish a chapter and know where you stopped reading, you constantly have to run through old chapters to see if you have read them or not.- Volume Cover Artwork: This is a small thing, but it would be cool to see the different volume covers when you switch from the end of one chapter to the beginning of another- More titles: The primary reason I purchased the subscription was to catch up on Tokyo Ghoul after being piqued by the anime series. While I am reading other series in the meantime, I hope more titles get added somewhere down the road.- Popular Manga section: Similar to different streaming services, it would be cool if SJ could create a section of different titles for people who are unsure of what they want to read, and possibly separate them by genre as well.

Quavius, Sep 23, 2020


Your OFFICIAL source to read the world’s most popular manga, straight from Japan. ALL YOUR FAVORITE SERIES IN ONE PLACE! My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, One-Punch Man, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Boruto, Kaiju No. 8, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Spy x Family, and so much more!

READ MANGA FREE! New chapters weekly, with brand new series added regularly! Latest chapters are always free! SHONEN JUMP ON-THE-GO! Stream your favorite series anywhere, anytime on our advanced manga reader! Use landscape mode to view awe-inspiring 2-page spreads as they were drawn. Download to read offline! Create an account to sync your reading progress across any device and pick up where you left off! Light and dark modes available! MEMBERS GET MORE! Unlock the digital vault of 15,000+ manga chapters for ONLY $2.99/month (USD*)! Start your 7-day free trial today! “It’s the best deal in comics”–Engadget BUILD YOUR GRAPHIC NOVEL LIBRARY. Get into a new series or finish collecting your favorites. Read free previews of paid volumes before purchasing. *Prices may vary to reflect your local currency. Shonen Jump Membership Details · All payments will be charged to your iTunes account. · Monthly subscriptions will auto-renew through your iTunes account unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of your current subscription period. · You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. · Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at: http://www.viz.com/privacy · Our Terms of Use can be viewed at: http://www.viz.com/terms Questions? Comments? Please let us know at [email protected]

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