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Lumy: Sun Tracking Made Simple

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Lumy: Sun Tracking Made Simple

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Raja V
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User Reviews for Lumy: Sun Tracking Made Simple

I got this app

I got this app and apparently you guys are having problems trying to get my money from my card and my card works perfectly fine so I don’t know what the issue is with your site trying to withdraw the money from my card when on my phone it doesn’t say it needs to be purchased it says open or anything I really like this app and I want it taken care of so I don’t have to worry about it right now I’m only going to give you two stars and tell you fix the issue then I’ll give you five stars after you fix it but right now you only get to because of the issue with payment when I know there’s not anything wrong with my card you need to fix this issue or call Apple support

Cowboys3409, Jul 08, 2022
Nice App, Change Complication Color?

This is a great companion app for photography and weather alike. I got it for the nice Apple Watch complication, and love it in full color. However, I often like to make my watch face a single color, and it turns the complication rectangle light gray which makes the color text hard to read and looks terribly bright against the black background. Can you please update it so no matter what color we select, the complication will have a black background behind the colored text? The complication also has enough space under the current text to include temperature and condition icon, which would help save space so I don’t need to have another complication taken up by current temperature. Those two changes would make it a perfect complication!

Curtis R. Shideler, Feb 04, 2021
Love App, but have REQUEST!

I just absolutely love the Lumy app. My only complaint, suggestion, or request to the app developer would be if you would please consider those who may have trouble seeing very small characters. If the characters (letters & symbols) we’re just a slight bit BIGGER, or able to be adjusted by the user, then I think your app would be 100% top-notch! Thank you for your consideration of my suggestion. Once again, EXCELLENT APP!!! 👍🏼Definitely a “5 Star Rated App” in the making with just one little tweak! 😁

Donnywong72, Dec 21, 2020
Beautiful app

I love Astronomy and wanted an app that not only provides great astronomical info, but one that has great complications and functionality for my Apple Watch. A tech reviewer had this app’s complications on his watch, and I just thought it looked beautiful. Now, I wasn’t really going to spend money on this app just because I thought the complications looked good, so I looked up any reviews I could find, and was really able to see all of the great info they provide within the app, not just on iPhone, but on the Apple Watch as well. In every way this app is worth the $7, especially if your an amateur/professional astronomer that’s constantly looking up into the night sky because this app has all the info you need when it comes to viewing conditions in one place. This is my first ever review on an app, and I was ready to tear into it for any reason I could find after spending $7, but I honestly do love this app and have zero complaints presently. One thing I hope to see in future updates is info pertaining to the planets in our solar system and other astronomical info. I know that’s not exactly the purpose of this app, but think it would be great to slightly expand the scope of this app, just like you track the Sun/moon positions, you could also track the planets’ positions. Just a thought. Good job Lumy.

Good Møurning, Oct 27, 2022
Great for photographers

I’m a photographer, and I would definitely recommend this app to any one who wants to keep tabs on atmospheric light times, it is one of my main apps for that I use for light, the others being PhotoPills and SunservayAnd TPE 3D and others.But it is the best one for just a quick glance by use of a widget. And is the only one that lets me use in a watch face, were as all the other apps I use for light information don’t. A great app, would highly recommend.😄👍

Joseph Haz, Jun 04, 2021
Great, but terrible watchOS support

I bought Lumy as a great way to monitor sun activity and hopefully have better timing with sunsets. While the iOS end of the spectrum is alright, the watchOS support is utterly terrible. The complications tend to glitch and show odd squares. This is most notable with the X-Large face and a background color enabled. And sometimes the widgets that show seconds till an event don’t update, being stuck on the last displayed second count. Lastly, as well as the naming of the widget names on watchOS. The dynamic island glow is a nice touch, except I feel a nicer touch would be an option to have it do a glow all times of day- I have yet to see an app do a gimmick with the dynamic island since getting my 14 model a few days ago.

JoyfullyYellow, Oct 03, 2022
Great App!

This app is great! I have been using it now for almost a year maybe a little less than but it’s always been accurate. I use this app for work to know when sunrise and sunset are in different towns etc. legally we can travel 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset in Fl with oversize load transports. Other states are completely different when it comes to that info and have saved us on many occasions. We are very satisfied with this service and we hope it continues to be of use for us in the future as well.

Kstnd327, Sep 12, 2022
It’s okay, should be better

The times in the app are off by a couple hours and I can’t fix it. Not sure if this happened because I took a trip to a different time zone or if it was already like this before but, like I said, I can’t fix it. Second, I’m using the Day Overview watch complication but it doesn’t seem to update itself or, if it does, it’s very infrequently: The “sun” will still be in the same spot when I wake up in the morning as it was when I went to bed the night before. It doesn’t update unless I open the app on the watch. So other than being a cool looking complication, it’s not very useful. Other than those couple annoyances, the app is okay but it doesn’t really do a lot. One could argue that it is overpriced.

lkvahgoihang, Dec 30, 2022
Clean and Polished for iOS16

This app is exactly what I needed. I travel frequently and need a quick way to check the sunrise, golden hour, and sunset times. This app lists everything out in a simple way without any clutter. It lets you customize the information you want to see too! Now with iOS16, the lock screen widget is an absolutely incredible addition. Now I can see a countdown at a glance straight from the lock screen! It is beautifully (not lazily) done too and actually looks nice. I have one suggestion/request! I wish the countdown widget had the option of counting down to multiple events. For example, have it count down to golden hour, then once that time has passed, have it count down to the sunset, then last light, etc. If this were a customizable feature it would be amazing. Overall very happy with this app!

nmn0003, Sep 20, 2022
BEST app for Apple Watch Face & iPhone!

This is hands down an AMAZING app. I bought my Apple Watch just because of the Lumy face. I even made the Home Screen on my iPhone the Lumy screen. It gives so much real & live data about “Golden Hour” and astronomy and the sky. Words don’t describe the visuals and movement, they’re out of this world. Worth every penny. Try the Apple Watch Face!! Great on iPhone too!

oscarr, Feb 26, 2022


Lumy is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to be in tune with the sun. • Perfect lighting for stunning photos? Check. • Hiking trip around the first or last light? Done. • Outdoor yoga or fitness session?

Schedule it with ease. • Mood-boosting sunlight walks? Yep, it's got you covered. Whether you're chasing the golden hour for your next Insta post, or just trying to get your daily dose of vitamin D, Lumy's got your back. With Lumy, you can anticipate the best lighting conditions and plan your outdoor activities with confidence. Plus, with weather information for the next seven days, you'll never be caught off guard by rain or clouds. Lumy is highly customizable to suit your needs, whether you're a minimalist or a power user. You can enjoy Lumy on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod, and share it with your family members with a single purchase. Features: • Simple, clean, and user-friendly design. • Beautiful home screen widgets to keep you informed at a glance. • No internet connection needed (except for weather information). • Accurate sun tracking for any location around the world. • Predictions for any future date. • Custom repeatable notifications to keep you on track. • Supports spotlight search. • Solar compass that displays the sun's azimuth and altitude. • Independent Apple Watch app with customizable complications. • Apple TV support, including a stunning photo frame mode. • Dynamic type support for all screen sizes. • Shortcut workflows for added convenience. • Custom app icons to match your home screen's aesthetic. • iMessage support to share with your friends. • HomePod compatibility with Siri shortcuts. • Universal purchase for all your devices. • Family Sharing support. • Localized in Chinese, Japanese, French, and German. At Lumy, we're dedicated to helping you make the most of your time under the sun. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email at [email protected]! Note: Sun Information Available - Sunrise, Sunset, First light, Last Light, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Astronomical Twilight, Nautical Twilight, Civil Twilight, Solar noon, Solar Midnight. Moon Information Available - Moonrise, Moonset, Altitude, Azimuth, Transit, Transit Elevation, Weekly Moon Phase, Next Full Moon, New Moon, First, and Last quarter information. Golden hour or Magic hour refers to the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the lighting is soft, warm, and perfect for capturing stunning photos and videos. Capture the breathtaking beauty of golden hour with Lumy! Cheers!

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