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User Reviews for hoopla Digital

Good but buggy, with one major annoyance

I like hoopla’s selection a lot, but the app (on iOS and on Roku) can be a bit buggy. Sometimes the iOS app will crash/show only a white screen while I’m browsing for items. The app on Roku has crashed a few times in the middle of a movie and will refuse to reopen if I try to open the app again immediately. In a few minutes, it’ll load normally, and thankfully so far it’s started back at the time it crashed at when it does finally re-load) I also wish I could send books to my Kindle (similar to Overdrive/Libby) because otherwise I’m usually reading on my phone, which isn’t ideal, especially for comics. My biggest issue with hoopla is that, unlike Libby, I am not allowed to add multiple cards on the app. We have two cards for the same library in my household, but only one compatible tablet and one Roku. I don’t even think I can sign in with my card on the tablet (every time I try I get an error message that the card is already registered). And on the Roku, depending on who rented a movie/show, we have to logout and log back in constantly. It gets annoying. If we could store both cards/checkouts on the apps, it would make things much easier for everyone (as I doubt we’re the only ones with this issue). Please consider adding this functionality in a future update.

Alice Valkyrie, May 20, 2020

Originally I liked the Hoopla app. Now not so much. It seems to be having what I consider insurmountable annoyances. It first started with the app freezing right in the middle of a book. I switched from using the app to read a book to just clicking on read now without using the app. That worked for a while but is now doing the same thing. Very frustrating when you have only so much time to read and then it freezes and you can’t. It isn’t my device at fault either since it happens not only on both tablets I use but also on my phone. I’ve written to them twice with no response about this problem. I was sure they would fix it but no such luck. Also it doesn’t sync between devices. The other library apps like Overdrive will pick up whatever page you’re on when you change devices. Not Hoopla. I’m sorry to say. This means endless scrolling page by page in order to get to your current page. Oh and the latest annoyance is after reading maybe 10 pages a banner pops up and you have to click out of the book, it comes up with the download page and you then have to click on resume in order to keep reading. It’s almost enough to quit using this app. The only reason I come back to it occasionally is they have some books that the other services do not..if you want to try an app that works the way it should try Libby. They’ve got their act together. Merry Christmas one and all. Hope the powers that be read this and fix these basic problems.

casa viejo, Dec 22, 2019
Used to love it a lot

I used to enjoy hoopla a lot and only wished I could check out more than 8 books/audiobooks a month. I even liked it better than Libby because it had more audiobook selections. But lately, I keep having difficulty with it. Sometimes it won’t download or open an audiobook. Today it won’t let me borrow an audiobook even though I have four more books available. I don’t know if it’s because I recently discovered Karen Kingsbury and enjoy listening to her books or what. I even tried to download a different author and it wouldn’t let me. It keeps telling me there’s an error and I can’t borrow more books until tomorrow because the collective daily borrows have been reached. I didn’t even borrow any books today or in almost a week. When I first signed up for hoopla a year ago I borrowed my limit in less than a week when I discovered audiobooks. Last week when I had problems I just deleted the app and reinstalled it but it didn’t work this time. I’m so disappointed because I took the week off to clean for an open house so I have all the time to listen while I clean but I can’t. Leaving later this month on a trip and hopefully can download stuff for the drive and plane ride. I hope they fix the app soon.

Chriscddo, Jun 11, 2019
It’s getting ridiculous...

I’ve had this app for a few years now. It has been slightly irritating at times. Sometimes it won’t play so I’ll have to restart it. Sometimes it randomly pauses so I’ll have to restart it again. But the past few days have been way worse. It keeps telling me I’m using my account on another device. I have never logged into another device. So I change the password to my account just in case. Twice. Then it won’t load. My books won’t show up under borrowed. So I keep killing the app and restarting it and half the time (I’d say I did it over 35 times) it would show my books on the home screen. But if I click on any of them to listen to them or return them it freezes and shows a blank screen. Of the very very few times it actually showed the page with the book it hardly ever started playing. And if it did, it made an awful squeaking, stuttering noise. I have restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app, used different wifi’s, and reported the problem. I’ve noticed other people have said the same thing since the last update and the response is that it was fixed. It is not so. I have been having the problem for the past 3 hours. I am still - right now - trying to play my audiobook and as I write this review I am hearing squeaking. The problem is most certainly not fixed. It seems to me it shouldn’t be this hard to play an audiobook.

Giossio, Feb 15, 2021
Must have!

I am OBSESSED. I am a public library director so the I have helped the library make this possible for our community. If your library doesn’t offer it, ask! Unlike other providers of digital content, though also amazing in their own right, Hoopla offers ebooks, audio books, comics, tv, music, and movies. All items in their catalog are instantly available- no wait! How many check outs a month is set by your library as its free to the user and paid for by the library but its a great compliment to other digital platforms! The app’s interface is easy to use and they are constantly improving it. You can download ebooks and audio books to your device for the 21 day check out so you can listen even when you cannot stream. If the item “falls off” after your checkout (because 50 hour audio books are a thing), you can re-borrow and it picks back up where you left off! You don’t have to start over. There are even more benefits I haven’t mentioned!And from the backend as a director, working with the staff at MidWest Tape is awesome; quick to answer questions & reach out for support. It’s easy to access your portal and check stats, make changes to checkout limits and controls, and review spending. I can’t say enough nor can my patrons!! We love it! CHECK IT OUT!

Linds2286, Jan 27, 2022
Loses my place when I close the app

I have to use this because my old library account with a library that uses Overdrive expired, which is the only reason I bother reviewing this. My place in ebooks and audiobooks keeps resetting every time I close the app out and I have to actually place a bookmark to mark the spot. I don't think this is supposed to happen. And it doesn't ever in overdrive. Also the ebook format is irritating. I want to be able to see the time, cell service, and battery percentage at the top of the screen. Maybe they could switch out the unnecessarily wide band at the bottom reserved for the 'percentage left' or whatever, make that smaller, and let us see the top indicators on phones. And the way the pages flip in the ebooks is jerky and annoying sometimes. But really my biggest beef with Hoopla is losing my place in ebooks/audiobooks and not showing the time/battery percentage/cell service indicators at the top of the screen when reading an ebook. I need to know what time it is when I am reading because I like to read during my lunch break at work and I don't want to have to set an alarm or check my watch every few seconds to make sure I am staying within the allotted time. And I raise these issues knowing full well they could fix them because Overdrive has everything down perfectly basically. I wish my current library used their platform. Sad times.

margaret_holmes, Jul 02, 2021
Too many limitations.

First off I really enjoyed this app and how I can read any books I want. I have read most of the Avatar the last airbender series but I want to read more. That is the problem. I can’t. Only 10 books a month is kind of ridiculous. Especially all the Atla comics are split into three parts! So they each count as a book which is dumb since there only 80 pages each. Also just having a 10 book limitation is dumb since real libraries don’t have that limitation so why should a online library have it? If you can’t change it for free I suggest charging 5-10 dollars for unlimited books a month. So I can at least finish my series and avid book readers can read when ever they want to. Also this app has weird book availability. So your telling me this app has every Atla book series and book but not the series straight in the middle of the plot line. Why is smoke and shadow not in this app? I’m seriously dumbfounded as to why they have every other series but this one. I’m not spending 20 bucks on Apple Books to get this so I guess I’m just gonna have so skip it. By the way its says suggest titles in the settings and it’s says “coming soon” and it’s said that for like a month. So get that fixed. This really great app could be 5 stars if it fixed these three problems.

MatthewH08, Jul 15, 2020
Get hoopla now!

I have always like audio books. I am a young girl, and I am dyslexic. I have always struggled with reading despite my best efforts. I eventually found out about audiobooks, and convinced my parents to get me a radio so that I could listen to the cds at the library. It helped so much, and I started making progress with my reading and reading comprehension. However, a radio would always lose my spot when I unplugged it to bring around the house with me, and I eventually ran out of books I liked to listen to. I can still recite most of the lines from Harry Potter from how often I listened to them. Anyways, one day, I was at the library, and I say a sing for hoopla. It was exactly what I needed. I downloaded it onto my phone, and fell in love with it. Hoopla’s free and easy to use. I listen to hoopla daily, and it’s a perfect way to read books while getting dressed, driving, or even just so you can follow along. You can even adjust the speed of the book depending on your reading level. If you are looking to have this for a child, you can put restrictions on. Since I got hoopla, I have also gotten Overdrive. I am so happy to have a site that has free audiobooks, and doesn’t even require WiFi.😁

Nina Evans, Dec 23, 2018
Very good app

Hoopla is a very useful app and I’ve gotten a lot of books out of it: mostly audiobooks, quite a few ebooks, plus some music and graphic novels. It’s biggest problem is the very limited number of checkouts you have per months; occasionally I’ve run into limits on how many checkouts that my *library* is allowed. Because of this, I use Hoopla after I’ve exhausted all other options because, when ripping through a series of ebooks, it is very frustrating to have to wait for the next month to finish a set. I recall no standout problems with quality (every software can have bad moments) but for some silly reason Hoopla’s audiobook skip-backward function does not work with my vehicle’s sound system controls. It’s a long standing problem and very frustrating when you’ve missed something and, as you’re driving, there is nothing safe or legal to do about it but stop listening. Hoopla is one of five audiobook apps in my phone and it’s the only one with this problem, which suggests it should be a fairly easy fix On the plus side, it has a standout smart Lookup feature. It has the usual dictionaries but also connects into Wikipedia and if it finds a reference it shows a snapshot with pictures right up front. I’ve not noticed whether it’s good at language translations or not but perhaps I’ve not read that type of book yet on Hoopla.

Rbw43, Jan 24, 2022
Mostly good

Hoopla was recommended by my public library and I’ve mostly liked it. It’s frustrating that unlike other audiobook apps, there isn’t a way on Hoopla to listen to a preview of a book before borrowing it. So a few times I’ve gone ahead and borrowed but have been disappointed. I’ve sometimes given the book as much as a 20 or 30 minute chance, but a couple times I had to stop much sooner, largely due to the narrator or the production quality. Sometimes, while the book is probably good and the story or characters are appealing, the person chosen to be the narrator is simply bad or inappropriately cast. Sometimes the audio levels are all over the place, varying in volume and quality. I know no audiobook is read all in one recording session, but most manage to maintain consistent levels and some sound like there’s suddenly a different microphone or sound engineer or he narrator was having a bad day.In any case, I wish Hoopla allowed a short preview. The way it is, I have to borrow the book, thereby using up one of my monthly allotment of books and then have returned it within a few minutes because I was disappointed in some way with the book. I’m glad I discovered the option to give the book a rating, but it would also be extremely helpful to be able to write a review. That way I could tell prospective readers which books (and narrators) I really like enjoyed a lot and caution readers about the books (or narrators) I found to be not worth my time.

TV All the Time, Aug 06, 2019


Tap into Discovery. Instantly Read, Listen, and Watch with Your Library card. hoopla is the leading all-in-one digital library app, with more than 1,000,000 titles—from best-selling novels and blockbuster movies to niche, hard-to find content, hoopla has something for everyone.

Read, listen, and watch without ads, for free with your Library card. • Take your library with you on your smart phone or tablet wherever you go • No late fees • Ad-Free • Available 24/7 • Thousands of new titles added every month • Instantly stream or download for offline reading, watching, and listening • Works with Apple Carplay • Never lose your place - your borrowed content synchronizes across a wide range of devices • Kids Mode – turn on to only show family-friendly content • Shuffle feature to have songs randomly played from one album or all albums currently borrowed • hoopla Magazines • hoopla BingePass gives unlimited streaming of popular content for 7 days with a one borrow. In our eBook reader you can: • Save your place with a digital bookmark • Highlight text and add notes or add notes to bookmarks for future reference • Adjust the text size and formatting • Change the color of the page Our new audiobook experience offers: • Distinct chapters • Ability to save your place with a digital bookmark • Notes can be added to any bookmark for future reference • Speed options range from 0.5x to 4x normal • Car & activity mode • A sleep timer that can be set to the end of a chapter or a set number of minutes Our digital graphic novel/comic experience delivers: • Ground-breaking action view to bring comics to life. Double-tap and swipe for a panel-by-panel guided reading experience • Magnifier tool to help readers explore the details within each panel Download the app today and get the most out of your library with hoopla! (Content may vary by Library)

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