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User Reviews for Google Stadia

Super convenient and runs well!

Games run really smoothly and Google is continuously updating Stadia to include more features that are requested. I play on the Google Chromecast and have not had any issues on my $80 unlimited data Xfinity internet plan. It would be nice to be able to play on iOS devices but Apple is not allowing it so it’s not Google’s fault. There’s no cost to use the service, you only pay for pro if you want to play in 4K or if you want the monthly free games and discounts. You own the games and can continue the progress on any device aside from Apple. Since the games are stored on the cloud you don’t have to wait for system or game downloads and updates before playing and can just get on right away after work.Not sure why so many people are complaining you can’t play on this app, it is a companion app much like PlayStation’s, just follow the instructions to play on a chrome web browser or chromecast device.I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a convenient way to play games that does not require much hardware at all!

Asophi, Nov 06, 2020
So far so good

I’ve owned pretty much every console since the nes. I’ve read the negative reviews on the Stadia, and have come to the conclusion that gamers are the epitome of instant gratification. I understand Google over promised/under sold, but I also believe it’ll get there, and I’m patient. So far, the games that came with it are good, on par with the main consoles. The thing I love the most is how fast I can get into a game. I purchased all of my games on Xbox digitally and would have to wait quite a while for them to download etc. Don’t be biased, just give it a try with no expectations and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Granted the library is small, but if people expect a new console to come out with a library of 200 plus games, then their expectations are set way too high.

Brandonkgallagher, May 31, 2020
Good but is also trash

I have a couple of games on stadia and all I have to say is my relationship with this program is dying. First the resolution of the games are terrible unless you like to see clear screen for like 30 seconds and then the screen going in and out of being blurry and clear. Next i’m always getting kicked out of games and sometimes it is the Wi-Fi but most of the times it’s not I can never play on stadia without being kicked out of my game and the app at least 4 to 5 times. Lastly the Selection is not great, I thought stadia will be good because I use Google for almost everything but I stand corrected. I will not be buying any more games on stadia and will highly suggest for people to use steam, GeForce, or just Play on Console instead.

cheek/, May 02, 2021
Don’t be greedy Google

The marketing of this idea is terrible. But the idea is world changing. Imagine a world where people could have the quality of a gaming console without the massive investment it takes to have one. This product would be great if you added games that people loved to play like def jam fight for New York. Or nfl street 2. I think the 60 dollar price tag on games is ridiculous that’s where you’re losing customers. Also I recommend a better q&a system for older folks that don’t understand the app but want to play games. You could also include full games in your subscriptions not these 2-d one nut games. I love this idea and the tech is there. Think bigger Google not bigger money. Think about how much global warming you cut down simply by offering this service. You guys are thinking Netflix or Disney plus. Googlize it Google.

Dwaynem62, Jul 28, 2021
Stadia is awsome!

I have two chromecast ultras with two stadia remotes in two separate rooms at home. I play on both iPhone 12 and iPad Pro for on the go. Once I figure out how to pin the stadia tab on the Home Screen it opens and plays just like any other game. Now cellular provider does effect gameplay. I originally had T-Mobile but the speed sucked and always froze up. I switched to Verizon and omg plays just like it would on console. I use an Xbox remote to play on the iPhone/iPad. The only downside is the game library is small but it seems like they are constantly trying expand the library. I love playing rage 2, cyberpunk, and assassins creed Valhalla. For people complaining about the $60 price tag of each game they sell the games for that price on PC, Xbox,and PlayStation. I think stadia is a hit especially on the go. I normally play at home or on my lunch at work.

Jamnbubba690, Sep 17, 2021

Soooo...I'm a casual gamer, playing mostly COD mobile and that's about it... I was initially looking for a ps5 to play cyberpunk 2077 and more COD but as we all know....getting a ps5 now is like not wearing a mask to go out... You can't lol After looking for alternatives, I came across stadia and I had never heard of it...... I bought the premier edition and the game separately.... Soo about $170I plugged everything as easy as everything Google makes super easy.I played for roughly 3 hours and I was blown away... These cloud situation is amazing... Let me repeat...AMAZING!!!I have good internet so I didn't really need the Ethernet cable...I played cyberpunk with no lag no glitches no cuts no frame drop..I then played some of the free selection and again I could not believe how good this was... I compared the gameplay to my friends PS4 and its night and day... There are no load screens on stadia no wait.. you just sit turn on the game and go....I'm a stadia believer now and I can't wait for what team stadia has in it for us in 2021....Minor annoyance.... The iOS app needs a search bar.... This is a plataform that was founded by a search engine.... Why are there no search option on the app... This seems dumb in my opinion..

Josh21646, Jan 14, 2021
Really Impressed

I have a gigabit internet connection and have tried Stadia on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and on my 55” 4K tv using the chromecast ultra and controller combination (hard wired to Ethernet). It has worked far better than I expected and, so far, matches the performance and graphics of my PS4 Pro. Obviously this is a bandwidth heavy technology so if you don’t have a reliable and fast connection, you’re going to be disappointed. Also, in case it isn’t obvious, you don’t play games in this app itself. This app helps you figure out how Stadia works and lets you manage your game library. My 5 star rating here is both for the app itself and the overall service (which I think has the potential to completely nullify the need for individual gamers to own expensive consoles and gaming computers in the near future).

jrbrandon, Feb 12, 2021
Stadia is amazing!!!!!

If you have good internet you will never need a console ever again!! Sure Stadia needs more games but they’re adding games all the time just like the other platforms! Not to mention the constant sales. Stadia Pro is an option so if you have good internet you can pretty much buy games and play them for free including online multiplayer. You won’t need to by a fancy console or super expensive PC. Google seems to be really listening to fans as well. Sure it might take them a little while to update features but they are working on it. One example is adding family sharing which lets you share your collection of games with anyone you want!! The Stadia team also seem to really care about the community and come up with really cool little ideas. Like giving Pro members Jedi Fallen Order on May the Fourth! What better way to celebrate?! Did I mention playing games instantly with no downloads or updates?!? Also playing games with PS5/Series X quality load times and graphics?! Do yourself a favor and give Stadia a shot. Stop hating on something just because it’s new and different.

JW78SNAKE, May 19, 2021
Amazing, just one thing.

This is an amazing service. Works great, and looks great. The one main thing you messed up on was (drumroll) ADVERTISING. The way you made the the service sound on the surface was: Hey, this service is available for ANYONE, and will give you UHD, 60fps gameplay, no matter what. This is not what it is. My personal opinion, if you have a newish Router that has a 5ghz Network and a 2.4Ghz network, and you have at least a 20mb bandwidth, if you only connect the stadia to the 5Ghz and move it close to the router, that is the minimum for playing UHD graphics. If you cannot do these, then do not get this, however, if you can do this, or do better (30mb+ Bandwidth) then this service is for you. I personally think if you have an above average WiFi plan, then this looks, and performs much better then a console, otherwise, just buy an Xbox One S/PlayStation 4.

Pan!cSw!tch, Jan 01, 2020
Don’t waste your time and money on this terrible console

Stadia is the worst performing gaming console that has perhaps ever existed. Not only does it offer a terrible selection of games, but the game quality is significantly dumbed down. The resolution is practically always terrible and pixelated, there are constantly connectivity issues that lead to massive lag spikes. Do not waste any money on this absolutely useless gaming system. Don’t even waste your time on a free trial. Stadia is horrible, the streaming is terrible. Stadia has also made it impossible for me to refund my purchases after playing for 2 hours and after rendering my gameplay useless. If I cannot pass a level due to stadias terrible connectivity and interface I cannot access the rest of the game but I’m too far to refund my purchase so google has cleverly stolen my money. Do not fall into googles scheme to exploit its customers, stadia is absolutely horrible and a much more expensive gaming console will be well worth your money instead of the terrible waste of time that is stadia.

stadia is terribe, Dec 26, 2020


Stadia is Google’s gaming platform that lets you instantly play your favorite video games on compatible devices. You can’t play games on an iOS device, but you can use this app to set up and manage Stadia on other devices. Access Stadia — you only pay for the games.

Play games on many screens you own Play Stadia games across laptops, desktops, and select mobile devices (not including iOS devices). You can also play on TVs if you have the Stadia Controller and a Google Chromecast Ultra. See https://support.google.com/stadia for more details. No more downloads The moment you claim or buy a game, it’s ready to play — no waiting for downloads or game patches. Stadia updates games behind the scenes so you never have to wait. Growing catalog of games Get a bunch of games included in the Stadia Pro subscription, with more added each month. You can also buy games individually with no subscription required. More and more games are being added all the time.

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