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User Reviews for YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

Liar, Liar, Big Big Liar

Google, you are a company best known for spreading huge lies. You say that you fixed bugs and improved performance in every update of this app, but that is not true at all. You need to take out the extra irrelevant details like "Explored the edges of the known universe", "More cat videos", and "Drank too much coffee" from all updates, from the very first one to the latest. You did not fix any bugs or improve the performance of this app at all. With more ads, a horrible user interface containing things that should not be there, and more dangerous content that you just allow on the platform, you are literally destroying an app that used to work fine several years ago. I do not get how people who reviewed this app could give it a five star rating when it is just going down the drain every update. Now, in the latest version, I cannot remove channels that I do not want to see content from. When I tap "Not Interested" or "Don't Recommend channel", I get an error message saying that the action is not allowed to be performed. I am getting sick and tired of your whole company, along with all of the apps that you create. Soon, I will consider permanently deleting all of my data from every service if this issue is not fixed as soon as possible.

#KIDZBOPFan, Nov 14, 2023
YT has NOT improved with age

Love the concept & the content; HATE the platform!As YT has gotten more popular, it has gotten SO much worse! First, ads are out of control! As another said, I understand that a company must make money, but seriously? Ads are forced upon creators even when they do not wish to monetize & the amount of ads are ridiculous! We, the viewers, are bombarded with many more ads than TV uses. And the ads are for things in which I have ZERO interest (hint: STOP with the weight loss ads!). You can also eliminate any ad over 1 minute! If I want to know THAT much about anything, I’ll search for a video! Sadly, it has become all about the $. Now for the serious stuff (as opposed to the merely annoying). Creators must suffer with having their videos highjacked by ads AND stalkers! SO many creators have had death threats & stalking IRL & many other serious issues & YT does nothing! They do not take this seriously. And big tech doesn’t make it easy to find out how to complain directly to them about anything. They hide in plain sight. It’s such a shame that there really isn’t a viable alternative…yet. Remember that YT: yet.

abigailkitt, Jan 30, 2023
My old playlist with 1000+ won’t show up in library playlists!!

I have a playlist for music that has over 1000 videos in it and it won’t update anymore in the library section, when I press library and scroll down after adding a new song to my playlist I don’t see it, and if I make a new playlist sometimes I won’t see it there either. I thought of making a new playlist but I don’t know how I’ll make a new playlist and transfer 1000+ videos onto it manually. I now normally have to go to my channel profile, click the playlists tab, sort by newly added to and then *maybe* I’ll get to see my music playlist but sometimes it just flat out tells me “you have no crated playlist” when I know for a fact I do, so I have to redo the whole process over again multiple times just to see my playlist because it won’t show up in the library playlists, please fix this.Also gotta add on yet again that I’ve been seeing a lot of homophobic and racist videos that aren’t removed, you can’t even report videos unless you watch them first and you can’t report channels either because the button doesn’t even work when you go to submit the report, and from what I saw on twitter it seems like you’re just trying to defend low life’s at this point, get it together.

Ann the Angel, Nov 20, 2021
Amazing app! But new update ruined it.

And no, this is no because of the dislike feature being removed, though I do find that a really dumb idea overall. This is about how you KEEP PUTTING THINGS ON THE SIDE. First it was with descriptions, which I did find annoying, but not the end of the world. This however, is just plain stupid. Now your putting the comments on the side. Why?? What’s wrong with it being where it was before? All this is doing is making it harder to use the app. Not just from enjoyment, but literally. It makes it hide certain features such as the recommended video for the video your watching. And now you can’t see the original comment as well as the replies at the same time. Just really a incredibly stupid idea. I’ve been using this app for as long as I can remember and have loved it. I’ve embraced the changes I’ve disliked including removing the dislike feature, and have been find with it. But this? This is too far. Please please change this. It’s not helping anyone at all. Cheers!-an old fan

Big problem with game, Dec 14, 2021
Content and censorship

I like the diverse content available but abhor the censorship. Please don’t devalue the intelligence of your viewers. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. The respect for Diversity in this nation was once taught and respected. It is what has made this country great. That’s diversity of thought, the way we do things, approach problems, social norms, and perspectives, etc. We used to not force our will on others simply because we had the votes or power to do so because it is unethical. At the end of the day it should be “reason” that wins out because we have all had a chance to examine and discuss all aspects of why we agree or disagree. Then voluntarily adopt it and not be mandated by law or policy to. ALL voices have an unalienable right to be heard and a right to be rejected or accepted once completely heard. All voices have the moral responsibility to respectfully convey their position. The truth always comes out. Suppression of the truth or only allowing one narrative is like damming up a river—eventually the water will break that dam and flow freely in the messiest way possible. It will only come back to bite you later.. Encourage respect not sanctioned narratives.

Bloomwish, Jan 13, 2023
Comment section is screwy

Please, I am begging you, please put the comments back where they were, open at the bottom and not above the related videos in their own separate tab with one random comment showing. The description, too. Both of those things being in their own tab is annoying. The X button looking the same and having a different function now - changing to closing the whole comment section instead of a reply thread - makes no sense. At the very least, having the comment closing button on the right when most people are right handed and you're more likely to want to close replies instead of the whole entire comment window (whyy) is weird. I used to watch YT constantly while working/doing hobbies and I love reading comments and used to watch some videos multiple times while reading through them but I hate it and don't touch the app at all now unless I'm on my PC. I don't even need YT Red anymore I use it so little. I do miss watching stuff, though. I've always dreaded updating YT because every once in a while the comment section changes to this awful format for a bit for some reason. Really, any other issue I'd have with the app is overshadowed by this.(This was wasn't a wall of text but submitting it killed my formatting, sorry.)

djafkldjalfkjdaklfjldkajfldas, Feb 26, 2022
We need wayyy less censorship

I love this app because it's a place that you can find pretty much anything and see how cool people are. But even awesome things have serious problems. I feel like the more people who protest these things the more likely we'll be heard. Honestly this might not even be true which shows how sad our culture is rn but we need to try. Ok, venting time. Like the other reviews I think it's unfair to take down a video because it makes you uncomfortable. And as another of the reviews said we are already trying to make our country more diverse, more open to opinions. But disregarding one because you don't like it means you aren't being fair. It means you're saying we don't matter. Your consumers don't matter. We have freedom of speech for a reason. We have a right to say what we want. In certain circumstances I think censorship is needed but only when it would actually hurt someone and you don't need to take the video down. You could just tag it saying "hey this video is probably not great for children". Yk? I just think it's being selfish and unfair to refuse to let someone share their opinions when it's a human right.

girl who has opinions, Apr 19, 2023
It’s unreliable

I like watching videos but there are several problems that keep occurring when I use it. First of all, when watching a shorts vídeo, when I try to get out, I can’t because the button doesn’t work. I try to click on the bottom buttons to get out but still doesn’t work. The only way I can get out is to close the app and open it again. Second of all, when watching a video and wanting to get back to the main recommended page, the button is stuck at the top of my phone screen instead of the video which makes it hard to leave. Again the only way I can get out is by closing and opening the app. Third of all and lastly, some of the adds are either consecutive or repeating and some are long ads put together to waste 30 seconds of my time. I like the short ones or the new ads but the ones I know of can be quite annoying. You have to fix these issues. With the new update comes several more problems. The pause button in the video can still appear and won’t go away unless I move the play head. Sometimes when I move the video, the video pauses and I want to keep the video going. Also when I get out of a shorts video, instead of returning to the video I was watching, it returns me to the search tab with the video clicked off. This is going to far. So many problems have arose since the new update a few weeks ago.

Glowing fily, Oct 02, 2023
Community Post create glitch on Mobile

Hello! 👋🏻I would like to write a review here that even though I’m enjoying the App, one of the problems that I’m having is that the creating a Community Post is currently glitched out, as in that when I tap on “+” & choose Post, where I go to the Stage of where I make my Community Post, unfortunately, the add Image Attachments isn’t working & thinks that it’s unavailable, plus even trying to discard the Community Post entirely & I’m automatically stuck on it, as it also thinks that discarding the entire Community Post is unavailable, as currently in order to discard the entire Community Post, I have to manually close out & reopen the App, which is just annoying.So, basically that this App needs to be updated & to have those problems be fixed, so that the Image Attachments can be able to be added & if the Community Post needs to be discarded or so, it can be able to do so without having to manually close out & reopen the App every single time.

Gringa tozuda, Aug 16, 2023
Concerned about censorship and other issues.

Why demonetize and/or limit profit on content that isn’t child friendly when there’s a whole other app for that? Why demonetize and age restrict content creators for one explicative in their videos when multiple music videos showcase soft core nudity and are notably more explicit while having none of those restrictions? Why put multiple ads in the MIDDLE of videos when there’s up to 3 at both the beginning and end of a video? Not only are you wasting more bandwidth and space for yourself, you’re actively discouraging people to support your app. On top of that, why the 15 second unskippable advertisements? Why not just leave the unskippable ads at the 5 second length? And why double them? Not only that, you put ads on videos that are SHORTER than said advertisement. It’s even further discouraging your support and makes you seem more unappealing and unappreciative of your popularity while decreasing your utility. This is why you’re being more a disappointment than parents of a delinquent child, and like a delinquent child you’re putting minimal effort, if any at all, to remedy your issues.

Group1-OG, Apr 09, 2022


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