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User Reviews for YouTube Studio

Top Video Change? Why?

I will start by saying- I love this app! You can arrange and view your videos in order of (default) newest first or by most views. I did an app update and they changed a most important feature to creators- under analytics then under overview-scroll to bottom and you see “top videos”.... these have been ordered “view count” now whereas previously they were ordered by “minutes viewed” which is much more important than “view count”... view count can be seen in your list of videos already. Now to see your watch time you have to click on each individual video! Tough to do if you produce a lot of content. It makes no sense that the way top videos is now arranged is by views instead of watch time. I am hoping this was an error and it will be corrected... if not, adding top videos as per watch time back into the data under top videos by views would be great. I really miss that feature and it’s only been a few days. Thanks for your time.

2020_Reviewer, Feb 02, 2021
Ok love it, but I have a problem.

As I said in the title that you may or may not see, I have a problem. Ok, before I go on a limb here and say a bunch of things that you probably don’t want to hear again, fix all of your bugs as your making your app out in the public. Millions of developers do that, so why don’t you? Anyway, I still think this app is amazing. But it still has limits I’ll admit, but there is one problem that I had with the app.........the add custom image. And that was that anytime I went to put it on a video I would have to verify that my channel exists. Which makes sense. But that’s not the stupid part. When I go to put in my verification and do the whole mess of trying to get it verified...I go back and.......................LOOKY THERE! IT SAYS IT NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED AGAIN! Now I know you have probably herd this complaint over and over and over again but, if that many people tell you you need to fix the same problem and or bug, you probably need to fix it. I don’t know if ANYONE will see this but....just....please developer, fix this! If this does get fixed I will 💯 percent get the app again. This is a great app for inserting your thumbnails! So everyone please be careful when using this app. Reason is because I didn’t download the app again to see if the app was glitching or if it was something wrong with my phone. But when the app gets fixed I fully recommend this app! Itsgachatime out!😁

amazing job!!!, May 11, 2020
Plz fix this..

I give it three stars because yesterday this began to happen to me that I am going to tell you now, first I was uploading a video and I'm fine As usual, but later when I uploaded it I was going to put the thumbnail and when I put it and when I put it on it did not appear to me I changed the title and it told me that an error occurred I tried again And it said the same thing, see it, it comes in again and it said the same thing Delete the video to see what happened And I'm going to upload it when I deleted it when I delete it I tried again the same since it does not appear since my title still does not appear and the same poster kept appearing January please fix it It bothers me a lot that it happens to me and I know that almost nobody happens to it but it bothers me a lot that it happens to me please I hope they fix it

Annie120096, Dec 29, 2020

This review won’t be as long, but I absolutely love this app and it’s very helpful! But could you please add recent subscribers and make it so you can change your channel art/ banner and profile? It would be tons more helpful because when I request desktop website on my phone it says I need to to sign in and so I click the link and it just exits out!! Please just add this in. Recent subscribers would make me not have to go to desktop website on my phone and use that yt studio, because my internet is pretty bad and it never really loads. And plus it would take much less work to do both of these, thanks! Also please add more features to here that there are on the computer yt studio, it’s way more helpful! Please put my suggestions in thought!

BLUE ~, Aug 25, 2020
It could be alot better though…

It's great!But,there are problems,like I know it's made for phones,but the IOS version is so watered down! Like,the computer version has maximum editing options!Like where do you put cards,infact,where exactly do you do anything?!!Like this app isn't for editing! It's just analytics!And ways to earn,but my channel is too small for that so it doesn't even count!It only has like a few editing exclusive studio things,like putting categories for target audiences, and for the web browser version that is ment to be like the computer version,it doesn't even let me into my main account!So I want a large-scale update that will prevent it from being extremely watered-down,to make it more like the computer version.

Dfhiinvfdd, Aug 01, 2023
Please add this

Ability to see comments based off the videos those comments are left on. Often I want to go back and respond to people. But the comments can be buried under 100s of comments I’ve already responded to. And also newer video comments I have even never responded to but don’t have a response for. Ideally I would like to go to a specific video so I can better find comments I have read but I haven’t responded to without endless swiping and also I’m sure it has other benefits to. Without this I often have to pull it up on a computer or loggin to my upload account vs my viewing account on the standard Yt app which is kind of. Annoying given I am in the Yt studio app to manage my channel conveniently on the go. Otherwise great companion app

Leetofresh, Jul 18, 2022
Inferior to the desktop

I had this app for a little while but it was only a few months ago I really started to use it. First off, I don’t like how the app is designed. Everything looks like it blends in with each other and there are some icons that don’t even look right for the app. There are some features missing such moving videos in a playlist, customizing the channel layout, etc. There’s also a glitch when you type out your title and scroll down and then up, it resets to back to the title it was originally. This was very frustrating especially when I’m writing my description and the title changes! Also, I really hope the COPPA/made for kids thing should have a divider with the required option and the optional.

mincrat the cool, Mar 05, 2020
Is okay but needs more work

So I like the app cuz social blade updates some stuff and when you check how many subscribers u have they do it like 10 subs 20, 30 like that they don’t actually show u like 1,334 it would be more like 1,330 they will not update until u reach 10 more so is kinda annoying, so Ytstudio used to be awesome when it comes to know how many actual subs u r getting but not is not working they said I lost 45subs when I didn’t I gained 25 so I found it weird that is doing that cuz I used to love it, I hope they fix the problem the other stuff is working good but the subscribers count is having problems like social blade kinda annoying cuz I’m small youtuber and I wanna know when I’m actually going to hit 10k :) hope they do something about that

Neizuko, Dec 27, 2019
Mobile App

Probably a small percentage of people have this issue, however I do not have a computer to make certain adjustments, I genuinely love the app, I’m very new and the only thing I would love to see change, is that the studios app will be updated to hold the same capabilities as the website, or making an app specifically for phones where I can make the small adjustments I need to, I frankly don’t have a computer. It’s frustrating when I open the app and open the website on my phone and have to go back and forth, the website is responsive and doing what it can I suppose, however it’s rather annoying that many options made for computers aren’t accessible to the website on a phone, I would rather have these things accessible from the app for phones. Just to work the website I have to scroll in and read small words or tap on small sections and it’s kind of discouraging.

Qbrazy, Oct 22, 2022
This app is so helpful but could use a couple more features

As a content creator this app is extremely helpful for keeping up to date on your videos statistics. From # of views, avg view duration, and impressions, to staying in contact with the communities you build. It’s awesome! But with that being said the studio app desperately needs some added features that are missing but can be found on the browser version.-Subscriber List (Being able to quickly see who has recently subscribed to your channel is something that would greatly strengthen this app while on the go especially when doing contests and a computer might not be available)-Email/Notification of those who unsubscribe (this is more of a personal feature I’d love to see, as someone who is deeply connected with the community I’ve built knowing who is coming and going would be a great asset. Heck I wish a little prompt would be asked why they unsubscribed so we could help reduce churn)Overall this app is a great and helpful tool. Almost identical to the web browser version. You couldn’t really ask for much else. Hopefully we see continued improvement to it to help empower creators.

Tysori, Apr 30, 2023


The official YouTube Studio app is the best way for you to understand and connect with the people in your community using the device you always have with you. Use the app to: - Get a quick overview of how your content and channel are performing with the new Channel Dashboard. - Understand how your channel and different types of content are performing thanks to detailed Analytics. You can also see performance data for different types of content in the Analytics tab. - Cultivate a deep relationship with your audience with the ability to sort and filter comments to find the most important conversations in your community. - Make changes to the look and feel of your channel, and manage individual pieces of content by updating the information for individual videos, shorts, and livestreams. - Start a business on YouTube by applying for the YouTube Partner Program so you can get access to monetization.