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Funimate Video & Motion Editor

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User Reviews for Funimate Video & Motion Editor

missing some features/bugs

i loveee editing and currently i’m using vsp (video star pro) and after effects... but before i was just using Funimate. it’s not the best if you’re actually trying to learn how to edit because the transitions are already made and the key frames are actually way more confusing than what i use! but, if you are just using it for random edits here and there i recommend (kinda). i often get kicked out of the app, and it happens only with Funimate. also, it’s very hard to get a good audio. first of all, the audios included are only one length and if your clip is too long it cuts you off! this is extremely annoying!! secondly,there’s literally no way to do a voice over wit music in the background. you have to make two different projects one with the intro audio (voice over) and one with the edit audio. but there’s none where you can put a voiceover i the middle or without pausing the music. THIS IS THE WORST OF ALL! that needs to be fixed! or at least give us a tutorial on how to make one! thanks for reading... overall, if your good with key frames this isn’t a horrible app.

#PUGSrock, Jan 04, 2021
Good app but…

This is an amazing editing app, its easy to use and is helpful for beginners but.. my problem is A lot of things are premium, even the things that don’t need to he premium, the first edit i made had little to no problems, but the next edit i made was when i had a problem. When i went to export it, it would not let me save it or anything without buying premium, what editing app makes you pay just to export a video??? Its so annoying and frustrating cause I spent so long on my edit and now i cant even export it, if anything just make people have to watch an add to save a video, then you can get money off of the adds and stuff, you can also add and ad blocker that people would have to buy, it would he a way better solution other then making people buy premium just to export a video. It seems like a scam almost, and on top of that 60-70% of the effects are premium, its like you just want money and your doing it in the most obnoxious and annoying way possible. There are way more efficient ways to make money without having people pay to do over 60% of the stuff, ESPECIALLY exporting a video! Its such an absurd and ridiculous tactic to gain money. Maybe try making the app more accessible to use for people who don’t have a lot of money instead of scamming people out of their money just to export a video, maybe then you can be a 5-star editing app.

Bull bison, Sep 02, 2021
Things to fix for a better liking for funimate

I personally like the app mostly, There are a few things that should be worked on and/or fixed about this. I was having some problems with importing a video. Every time i would try to put the video into the edit it would refresh the whole app and i couldn’t put that video in. It was really making me frustrated and i almost deleted the app. I kept checking if i needed to update the app because of this problem but it said it was updated. If you could fix that type of problem it would really help! Also one more thing. I feel like there should be less pro effects because some people do not have the money to buy pro and they may want to use the effects that are pro. I know you get the money from pro, but maybe lessening the amount of pro effects or lowering the actual price of pro would make a really nice impact on the people’s prospective of this app! Lastly, I’ve seen a lot of animations on vs and i think you all should add animations to funimate. Yes i have tried to animate and it’s pretty hard to do it. The masking doesnt zoom in all the way so it’s hard to get the small parts of the photo i want. Plus it kinda looks... messy. Overall funimate is a very good app and nothing really bothers me other than those 3 things. Thank you!!

henenneej, Jun 06, 2021

Funimate is a great app for editing, they’re so many transitions and I know Funimate gets a lot of hate for there pre-made transitions but if you use keyframes its so good. Sometimes the people can be toxic and a little dry but the editing app is great. Overall Funimate is a good app for editors but they’re some issues. For example if you’re trying to make a really complicated edit or just a simple edit Funimate will most likely glitch, crash, lag, etc. I don’t know if its only me but if i’m done with an edit and I put it in private and look at it, some parts will be laggy (if i don’t post it) and it will basically be laggy (in private) until a week or so. Also not even that but when you’re making the edit and you’re doing some transition thats “complicated” or even basic it lags and eventually crash. Which is VERY annoying when i’m trying to edit. It can be frustrating because when it crashes and I got back into the app the whole edit will be laggy and the sound will be out of beat. So I won’t know what the beat it is. Even if the sound isn’t off the rest of the edit will be laggy and hard to re-watch when fixing or trying to do smoother edits. Maybe it’s just me but I think this is very annoying and frustrating.

IcicleGD xD, Apr 21, 2021
I love Funimate!!!

There’s really nothing wrong with it. I can’t have TikTok so this is the perfect app for me that doesn’t make me buy everything. But something weird with it is that when I use none of the Pro stuff it says that I have used them and makes me pay for Pro unless I get rid of them. Which is weird because I didn’t use and Pro stuff. And when I try to record without audio after a few seconds I can’t hear myself. I think that should be fixed because I have to make a video with whatever I want to say then memorize it. Then go back to the app chose that audio and try to lip sync with out messing up. Also I think that when you look at other people’s videos that all of them should be different because when I get on there I see all the videos that I’ve already seen and I have to scroll down a lot to find videos that I haven’t seen. I also wish that you could like and subscribe to other people even when you don’t have an account. But other than that it’s a really good app and I love that it’s almost exactly like TikTok but it’s not so I can still have it!! I love all the videos and how I can make my own dance videos. So yeah, if you can’t get TikTok then this is definitely the app for you. Thanks for reading my review!! Bye!!!! 👋👋

JJ The ReVeiwer, Apr 24, 2022

Hi!<3 I have a lot to say about this app , bassicaly this is tt but like different so if ur parents don’t let u have tt have funimate u can dm ppl or post and get followers and likes and do cool edits! There is one thing I do not like about this app getting banned from ur user for no reason this had happen to me once and I lost all my friends I got them back now but it was really scary ,not saying they have control over that ,oh and glitches sometimes when u say a curse word u not able to chat for a day on a post and that’s pretty annoying I’m 13 I’m aloud to say thing (I don’t) one time I commented true lolz and for sum werid reason that was bad ,oh and one time for sum reason it wouldn’t let me chat with anyone for a hole day I don’t know why I didn’t do anything don’t worry after that u can chat!:)) I think this is a great app oh and dating ….. dating is a big thing on funimate also tt and roblox to ngl but like yea stay away from dating and I’m telling u cus I’m dating someone rn and I luv them ngl but like I kinda wish I never did that cus my parents found out and yea drama lol so don’t date even if u love them also respect ppl please gender , skin color , and how they look like don’t be mean to anyone because that’s toxic and yea that’s itt ! ,<3-miko:)

loll🤣😂😂😂, May 24, 2022
Love This App, But a Few Minor Problems.

Hello! Before I start, I would just like to say that Funimate is literally one of the most easiest apps to make my edits on. It’s not hard to use at all, and the transitions, filters, effects, etc. is a very nice touch! I would very much recommend to anyone looking for a real, free editing app. I have been using this app for three years now and I have had no major problems. This app is kind of like TikTok, but for editors. So if you’re not allowed to have TikTok yet like me, and you like to make edits, then you should get Funimate! You can even post your edits like TikTok! They also post tutorials so it’s helpful for beginners. There are a few minor problems for me though. Sometimes when I’m making my edit, I use some of the pre-made transitions available. It says at the top “PRO features used.” when I never even used a PRO effect. It goes away when I delete it though. But sometimes I have to start my edit all over again, so that’s frustrating. Another problem is, when I’m exporting my edit, it randomly closes out of the app. That’s really annoying, and I have to re-export my edit. Also, it freezes randomly when I’m making my edit. Anyway, besides those few problems I sometimes face, this app is amazing. 10/10, would highly recommend. Have a good day. :)

MarshmelloAndTea, May 27, 2022
Amazing app BUT…….

Super toxic app like I’ve never seen anymore people get bullied in my life like also super dramatic people people are giving them a complement and they take it personally when there just giving a edit or whatever they made a complement it’s a great editing app but just like it’s super toxic and the mute like I follow someone and they got muted for saying peanut butter like what the heck fr funimate get your app straight I’m just telling the truth also blocks when you clock someone usually there not aloud to dm you or folks you and stuff but I still can get notifications from comments it’s annoying if you don’t want someone to talk to you make that happen funimate. Robo accounts like I do t know what’s it’s called but there are a bunch of accounts that don’t exist like get rid of them. Funimate is a great app but to many inappropriate acolyte there was this one time we’re a bunch of accounts made these comments that were like call me and wanna have 🤭 they would comment on people’s pages even like 6 year old I bet ALSO featires like people repost send 3 hours on edits and they feature all the edits that took 5 minutes like they only feature funstaors and stuff like there should be a thing like funimate does this every week they go through the abcs and they look at people edits and then see if they desire it it’s annoying how people get more attention so funimate notice people more 😤

More Relaxed, Jan 04, 2022
Very good but....

This app is very good but there are mean people and like people getting bullied and funimate is like just scamming us they just want money and scam kids teens and maybe adults and they don't give the like new effects to iPads which is sad and stupid so funimate if u see this change all the stuff back to where iPads and every electronic can get the new effects and don't just give the people who do amazing and have pro a feature or a lit it's anoying I've been here for 4 years but last time my account got banned all I posted was a pic of me and my lil sister!!!! Ima rate this a 3 yall are lucky u even get a rating from me this is just a crappy app a lil bit so yeah... this is my opinion don't u dare banned me if u do I will make another review saying don't download it so yeah wait no DONT BANNED ANYWON!!! It's stupid that y'all ban people for no reason and people say to ban them cause they hate them and want to be mean and bullies so yeah when u gotta ban someone at least find out what they are doing and if it's nothing don't ban them if it's bad ban them! It's that simple 😤😤and but I would suggest downloading it but warning ⚠️ u might get bullied! So be careful and cautious if u don't like being bullied I don't suggest it for u!

Queen! ( ˘ ³˘)♥😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️, Aug 29, 2021

I like funimate but I do have to say, I am very upset that they took almost all the effects, and made them pro. When I found out that they all seemed like they were pro I got very mad. You need to leave some for the people who can’t spend their money on that stuff. It just isn’t fair. Now, funimate is one of my favorite apps, or at least it used to be. If you just change that one thing, less pro stuff, then it would go back to being my favorite app. I love the effects and the touch magic and the shapes, songs, lits and features, hashtags, funistars, and lots of other things. One last thing. I think that people who work like an hour on their video or it at least look a little bit good, then you should at LEAST like their video. So yeah. That’s my review/ opinion on Funimate. Well those were the more negative things. I have some positive things as well. Funimate is awesome that it’s free! Yes, I know you have to pay for the pro effects. But, I’m very glad it’s free. I love how you can do whatever sound you want and that pros don’t get special ones. I like funilive although I do wish non- pros or fun stars could have them. But otherwise beside those few things, I think Funimate is a great app! So I hope you’ll at least just listen to that top part and try and fix some things to make them more fair. But yeah I give it 3/5 stars! 💖

RheAJOds, Sep 02, 2018


Ranked #1 on the App Store in more than 100 countries! Awesome video editor with great effects and transitions. Funimate is the best video editing app you can find on mobile!

Join millions of Funimate users who create advanced video edits easily. With Funimate, you’ll be able to create PRO edits very quickly with the help of unique and advanced editing features we have. Create amazing Fan Edits or spice up your freestyle videos with unique video features like transitions, custom animations, video and text effects and filters. Add stickers, backgrounds and overlays to your video to show off your creativity and amaze your friends from our element library with thousands of options. You can share the videos you create on Funimate on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Musically and amaze your friends and gain followers! Don’t forget to post on Funimate as well to join the Funimate community and even get featured! P.S: Funimate users get featured more often on social media like TikTok because of creative videos they make by using unique Funimate video effects! Even if you are not an expert, Funimate lets you create advanced multi-layered edits that look really PRO just with your mobile phone. On Funimate you can find: Fan Edit videos to show their appreciation and love to influencers and celebrities; Lip sync, dance and freestyle videos with awesome text effects, AI effects & video effects; Awesome anime edits our users make with their favorite anime & manga characters; Game edits to show off your gaming skills; And MANY MORE... TOP VIDEO EDITING FEATURES TRANSITIONS: Awesome transitions for your edits that you can add with a single tap! We have the best video transitions to wow your followers. Just add your pictures & videos and just by using a few taps you create a cool video with professional looking video transitions. ELEMENT LIBRARY: Video editing is even more fun with overlays, stickers & backgrounds from our element library that has thousands of elements. KEYFRAMES: You’re not limited to our effects when it comes to making your videos unique. It’s super easy to animate your layers using keyframes! Discover custom animations to show off your creative skills to your followers. VIDEO MASK & AI EFFECTS:You can change the background of your videos and add cool mask effects to your videos with just a click! To try this out, add a dance/freestyle video, tap AI Effects button and choose the effect you want. EFFECT MIX: You can try more than 100 advanced video effects on Funimate video editor. INTRO & OUTRO EFFECTS: Tens of intro and outro animations. TEXT EFFECTS: Tens of different fonts and styles available ! ADD MUSIC TO VIDEOS: Add your favorite music to videos to make short music video clips. VIDEO MERGE, CUT & TRIM: Besides all the awesome features, you’ll also have classic video editor app features like cropping, merging, cutting, trimming and editing videos. Funimate is the only video editor you need. You can also create reverse videos and slow motion videos just with a tap! BE A PART OF FUNIMATE VIDEO EDITING COMMUNITY: Shoot videos for weekly challenges, show your creativity by using video effects, hot music and get featured to grow your fan base on Funimate. Share your creativity on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and Musically and boost your likes: best way to amaze your friends and get new followers. Payment for your Funimate Pro subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. If you purchase your subscription during the free trial period, any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited. Funimate privacy policy and terms: http://funimate.com/terms

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