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Impresso: Video Design Studio

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Impresso: Video Design Studio

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User Reviews for Impresso: Video Design Studio

Not that Needy

I agree with the others who say that a monthly subscription is uncalled for. The app prices are ridiculous and their “free” is never enough material to experiment with to see if you even like the app enough to purchase it. Free trial? As they already charge your acct, with hopes you “forget” to cancel in 7 days, which will happen. Or, their idea of 7 days and yours never coincide. I have wasted more money on NOTHING with apps then anything in my life. Say maybe a person wants to use the app once a month? Does that justify $9.99? Maybe if this was the only thing I did in my life and I used it to make hella $ every single day. Maybe there are those that committed who can justify the price~ I however can’t. Good luck! Greed gets a person nowhere.

2Honest4MyOwnGood, Dec 18, 2018
Almost there

Update: all the new stuff is great but sadly my issue is still not resolved. I want to use this app to its full extent so bad but no update is working. This app is a great tool to boost your presence on social media, BUT it has a major glitch that is driving me crazy. When you add photos and attempt to go back to the main menu to finalize the post it won’t let you and it keeps breaking by my up the photo albums on my phone. I have to completely exit out and close the app to go finish the post. Once they get that fixed it’ll be a 5 star app but this is a hugely annoying issue.

Andrew Pearle, Dec 13, 2020

I use this app everyday!! BUT recently I created a post within the app that probably has way too many gifs so now I can’t even open the app without it automatically closing… My fear is if I delete the app all my prev templates will be forever lost… I don’t want to be that person with a bad review because I couldn’t live without this app but how does anyone help with this bug?

Blackie fam "Go Utes", Jan 11, 2023

I really wish I could give this app 0 stars. The app is super basic it isn’t customizable the preselected templates don’t allow you to change the duration of time an image is shown. I seriously cannot justify paying $9.99 a month for this app this should be a free app. There’s nothing special about it nor does anything the app have to offer stand out from a bunch of free apps in the App Store. I’m pretty disappointed actually. This app may be good for someone who is more flexible and just using it for fun post but if you’re trying to use this for a business or something more professional don’t even waste your time or money.

Breonna G, Jan 17, 2019
Revolutionary App - Excellent!!

As a content creator, who has experience in photo/videography, graphics, editing in general, this app is a game changer for me. It’s very advanced and it’s user interface is clean. It brings modern features I have yet to see be integrated in more expensive softwares on even desktop applications. Highly recommend!

icoklar3, Jan 29, 2021

This app is so amazing for templates for my business but I am having issues deleting pictures and replacing them from my gallery. I just literally slapped myself in the face because I am so stressed from trying to get this app to work correctly. I keep closing out of the app and refreshing and I closed my tabs and still cannot remove the selected media. I just want to hurry up and get my project over with so I can post it and move on. The app also closing out on its own alot.

kiolu, Jan 01, 2021
A few issues

The templates and effects are nice, but there are a few issues.1. It’s hard to trim. You can easily see where you want it to start, but to see where it ends, you have to watch the clip. If it’s off, it’s hard to adjust because can’t see where it ends; you have to watch the video AGAIN. 2. You can’t choose specifically where you want the text etc. you can only choose “this scene only” or “the whole video”3. I wish there were folders to organize all my projects. I’d like to organize completed/in progress, or organize all my A/B testings together. All my projects are starting to add up and it gets confusing.

lang1007, Aug 14, 2020

Super good app and all, but first things that I don’t like is the user face a little hard to navigate. Like I can do it, it being making a story or anything else on it. The problem is like other apps such as photoshop or Artist you can easily memorize how to do everything on them, because everything is just one push of the button on the same row as everything else. Now of course nobody is perfect, and I could be wrong about this to many other people. That’s just what I would say about it.

Mallories boyfriend, Aug 05, 2018
Outrageous Pricing!

Are you kidding me? This app has a $9.99 A MONTH charge to unlock and use all features. That computes to App Store highway robbery in my opinion. These developers are getting beyond greedy and Apple needs to do something to control pricing. I downloaded it and yes, it has some decent features but when I tried to create a video it limited it to 5 photos only without subscribing to their outrageous pricing. A couple of their competitors offer removing all ads and unlocking all features for a fixed $4.99 which I can accept but all these developers going with their monthly subscription fees for apps is a trend that is frighting as relates to the user experience in the App Store. I deleted this immediately after running up against their “free”limitations. Get a clue developers; We The Users have had enough with monthly subscription plans unless it is for something long term like music that makes a real return on investment. Anything less is attempted extortion.

Randtrav, Aug 05, 2018
Best for efficiency & promos

I use this for all of my business photos. Removing backgrounds doesn’t work nearly as well in most apps as it does here. I find this app to help the tone process speed up some & to make killer promos for my items in super creative ways. User friendly & I recommend it to everyone in my niche. I only wish there was more templates but overall I hardly rate anything at 5 stars but this surpassed the typical 5. Get it.

Rebeccha_Label, Aug 06, 2022


Featured by Apple in more than 100 countries! Make eye-catching videos in minutes that make you remarkable on social media in a super easy way with the most advanced Instagram story editor! Get noticed by transforming your photos/videos to stunning videos with no editing skills.

Templates : Pick an animated template among our 500+ professionally designed customizable templates. New ones are added each week. Customization : It is a professional, yet personal way to build your brand with various customization options. Edit a story template or create a new one from scratch. Easy to Use : Creating video content all on your phone like a designer with no design skills needed. Texts and Fonts : Tell your story using our stylish fonts to inspire your followers. Use animated text on your videos to attract attention. Music Library : Select music from our rich library with more than 5000 tracks or upload your own music from your iTunes library to make your videos unique. Cutout Feature : Remove the background of your product images or portrait photos. Social Media : Post on Instagram feed, story or reels with only one tap to wow your followers. Share your video on all of the social media platforms. Be a reels editor, story designer and creator for each social video only with Impresso. You can edit Youtube intro and cover videos as well. Advertising : Create professionally designed video ads with Impresso. Create attracting video post or stories for social media marketing with Impresso! You can unlock all of the eye-catching video styles, templates, filters, collages, frames, stickers, background and effect options with Impresso Pro to level up your marketing. It's a must have video maker app for modern content creators and social media designers. Terms and Conditions: https://impresso.com/terms/ Privacy Policy: https://impresso.com/privacy-policy/

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