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User Reviews for Video Star

Video Star

I have been using video star for a few years now and overall I love to use it and make edits with it. There are a few things that could be fixed, though. Over the past few months, I’ve found easy ways to download long videos to my phone to make a video edit. When I use the app Mega to download videos I have to add those videos to an album in my camera roll to upload it to my video star project which just adds more steps. There are also a few glitches I noticed. When I’m making a video edit sometimes the screen just goes white in the middle of the edit and when I save the edit to my camera roll it’s just a frozen screen. I don’t know why this happens but it has happened to me quite a bit. Also, I tried to watch one of my video edits but as soon as I got to the second part it automatically paused itself. And when I saved it to my camera roll half the edit was gone. Also, when I have been editing for a long period sometimes the entire app freezes. For example, I could be trying to create a multi-layer clip and it would freeze in the middle of loading. Other than that I enjoy using this app and I will continue to use it.

b* all the names are taken, Jun 25, 2021
Great results / hard to use

Video star produces fantastic results and I really like it, but it’s a steep learning curve and fairly unintuitive for new users. Some particular problems I still have: ⭕️when recording, I’d like to be able to just record a bunch of takes, but it always exits me to the edit screen where I’m a few taps away from recording again. I’d also like some ability to quickly annotate my takes — either with text or just stars. ⭕️All of the destructive operations, like splitting scenes, are unnecessarily destructive; it’s silly and annoying that you can’t undo that. ⭕️There are a lot of effects — most of them useless — so rather than forcing the user to go to another screen to categorize them into visible and hidden, I’d like to see them put in categories by video star.⭕️ It’s way too hard to crop and do cross-dissolves. How anyone would know to go to multilayer to do this is beyond me. ⭕️Multilayer is, however, really awesome. I often edit my whole video in that — I wish it supported different compositing modes and I wish it were nondestructive because having to redo a bunch of work to make one tweak is very frustrating. ⭕️Finally, it would be really cool if this app had official support for one of the many smart gimbals on the market (maybe it does already?)

Bejayoharen, Mar 15, 2021
RSMB (real smooth motion blur)

Okay,video star it great editing app and honestly the best editing app for phones but I do editing and when I’m done with my edit , it looks like really choppy in places and it looks kinda yucky , but I was wondering if you guys would add RSMB to it cause it would make the editing/edits so much smoother and clean like the edit really flows with it and such like after effects, so if guys can add smear why not add RSMB I’m pretty sure people would love to see that in video star also can we get like a smoother turbulence like ones we have now are okayyyy ...but having a smoother turbulence would look so clean and better on my opinion...so plesseee make sure to go over this cause I would really love to RSMB added and a smoother turbulence..but overall video star is a good editing app and highly recommend if your making like anime edits and stuff :) I also think you guys should be to able to save peoples edits when they delete or offload the app , it doesn’t make sense to have all of your hard data removed when you delete the app I think you guys should make accounts so when people sign in there edits will always be saved

camie U., Jul 13, 2022

I’ve been using VideoStar for almost a year now, or I believe that it has been a year.The app is great!!! If you use all the effects you are given you could make such a wonderful edit. However, on the topic of effects, the new update with the text effects isn’t the best. The text effects are choppy even with decent graphs. I’m not sure if putting it on a longer clip would do it justice but so far I don’t find it worth spending your money on. You could’ve added text explosion or something that you see in edits regularly. It would save editors a LOT of time. You should also consider getting some decent turbulences. Not the old turbulences, I’m talking about GOOD ones that look somewhat like AE. No matter how hard you try with the turbulences provided it still is not the best.Other than the lack of effects that people are asking for, the app is overall great. I would highly recommend it for ANY editors. Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or experienced, this is right for you!!! If you are a beginner I would start on apps such as Funimate or apps that teach you the basics. Before you get on VS you have to learn at least what keyframes are and how to properly use them, or wing it. We don’t care.

coralinev on Funimate! <3, Jun 18, 2021
good, but needs improvements.

Good app, but the stuff that cost money is too expensive, some people don’t have that type of money, you know? for me, i don’t have that type of money, and it’d be helpful if less things were costing money. because i don’t have money, and even if i did, i wouldn’t cost that much money on the app. i thought this app would be way easier to use, but most of my edits take 2 days because i still haven’t tried to use keyframes. people say my edits are good, but i only sometimes use qr codes because it’s easier than being confused for hours trying to make an edit. please change the prices! i don’t have that type of money, and neither do a lot more people. it’s really expensive, and i’m planning on buying it, but that’ll take a long time. whenever there’s a new update, mine doesn’t update! it stays as the old one & it’s annoying. i’ve been looking through the bad reviews, and other people have been saying the same thing. other than that, it’s kind of easy to use, especially qr codes. i’ve been using video star for 3 years, and i’ve been using it free. i’ve learned how to edit on the app, and i’m so proud of how good i can edit now. i’ll purchase the paid stuff maybe later. but thank you for making an amazing editing app! i hope this review was helpful to other people who are willing to download this app <3 🧚🏻‍♀️💕

𝖈𝖚𝖙𝖊𝖛𝖔𝖎𝖉𝖘🧚🏻‍♀️, Jul 12, 2020
Great! But difficult

Videostar has worked well in the time I’ve had it but there are a few major and noticeable flaws that make the app extremely frustrating and hard to use. The biggest part is,, for the love of god PLEASE add an undo button. I can not express how annoying it is having to restart and entire clip because I messed up an effect and destroy all the transitions and effects and motions on that clip just because my finger slipped. An undo button would save me and a lot of other editors time. Another thing I noticed is when I first got videostar I didn’t use it for months because it’s really confusing? Mostly nothing has directions or labels and the tutorials didn’t help me at all,, there is also just a lot of stuff crammed into small spaces on screen especially for iOS,, scroll bars and pages would be a nice thing to have and tool bars/easy access buttons for certain packs would be nice. Note this is coming from somebody who has not bought anything in this app and probably won’t in the future cuz I’m broke-But other than those few issues, I’ve had a lot of good outcomes when using videostar, and since I started using it I’ve improved in editing and gained some popularity! So overall a good app!

dum00nd, Aug 12, 2019

This app is absolutely amazing, I made loads of edits on my instagram account and people loved them even though I only got the free version. People are complaining that is confusing but it’s really not when you get the hang of it! But I have one problem is it possible that can you make the all access pass free? I understand that you need to make a money of it but my parents won’t allow me to buy the pro some people can’t afford the pro anyway. Even though I can make really great edits with the free version I would love to edit on multi layer, and you already make enough money from people that download the video star so don’t understand why you would need a subscription? This app would be utterly amazing if it was completely free. But other then that is a wonderful app! I absolutely love using video star I got so many compliments on my edits! But the only problem I got is that the all access passes are to expensive so I’m asking nicely that if it’s possible for you to make them free. It you can’t then I would rather prefer to use funimate or alight motion and all that other stuff that I don’t really want to use. But other then that is a great app that I love to use!💜

Harry Potter madness, May 17, 2020
VV GOOD APP .. some bad things

first of all, I have been using this app for a while now! I think since Feb 2020! at first I wasn’t used to it but now since I got vsp and have been practicing I have gotten better! I have a tiktok account which now has 13k followers! all thanks to your app! reason why I’m not giving it a full 5 star is because I thinks there should be some changes! 1: can you make AT LEAST the first two layers free? I think it would be amazing for the people with vs free! so they can put their watermark, etc. 2. maybe make some more transitions free?! There aren’t that much good transitions for free! and it kind of takes a long time finding one for free ( a good one ). it would also be better for the people with vsf! or with people that don’t want to pay just for better transitions. otherwise, videostar is an amazing app! it’s useful and I love it! it distracts me when I’m stressed and stuff! it’s one of my hobby’s! even one of my edits blew up on tiktok! all thanks to ur app! I would have never made a tiktok account or have known anything about editing if video star wasn’t around! thank you otherwise and have a great day! wait , I HAVE SOMRTHING BAD !! why is it when i buy a pack my other packs disappear ??! i don’t understand why it happens and i also press reload but nothing shows up … plz fix this

jakamals, May 04, 2022

I’ve tried looking up “free edit tutorials” because for the LIFE of me I cant find a decent free transition. This app from what I can tell is almost completely USELESS if you don’t want to sell your soul for decent transition, or just make getting pro less expensive or a one time payment. Plenty of people use this app and is probably the most popular editing app on the App Store. I spent hours looking up tutorials on how to use transitions in free mode because my parents won’t let me get the pro mode. With how useless this is as free I’d be better off using apps like funimate or something like that. I’d be fine with there being a pro if you actually gave some INTERESTING things to people who can’t pay for pro. Every transition I tapped on said something like “you can have all of these for the CHEAP price of 5.99 a month!” Or something like that. You can get a one-time payment bitzen account on BitLife for less then that and playing that doesn’t promote their app even more, while pro is expensive here and since the people who are making the edits are forced to have pro, they all look good and are posting them, making people want to get that app, making yalls customers grow even more. I guess it’s just kinda annoying that I can do absolutely nothing with this app, when I’ve used it in the past on friend’s phones and such and had good experiences

JulietSamoyeds, Apr 30, 2020
I’m in love!!

This app is amazing!! I have been using it for nearly a year now and my edits have improved a ton. I’ve really started getting noticed on Instagram since I’ve started VS and a lot of people think I use Ae?! I see some complaining about how confusing it is, but honestly once you get used to it, the app is super easy to use and very fun. However I do suggest making it easier to mask. This option in Video Star is very tedious and I’ve recently started using a separate app to mask photos. Other than that this app is great once you make all the payments you need. Totally worth the money.Edit:K so a lot of people are suggesting making all the packs free and uhhh...they can’t? How else will VideoStar make money? If they don’t make money there will be no way for them to pay their employees and when they don’t pay their employees, they won’t be able to make the app better and cooler than it already is. “But they should be doing that with their own money and not money from their customers.” Excuse you, but that’s how businesses work? Businesses make money from consumers and use that money to improve their product. Where else will VS get money if they do as you suggest and “use their own”? Makes no sense.

Kinzgirl119, Jun 06, 2019


Video Star is your #1 video editing app — there’s no other app like it! Create incredible fan edits and amazing lip-sync music videos with Video Star. There's thousands of effects to color, animate, enhance, warp, combine, and re-time clips ...

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