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Einstein's Riddle Logic Puzzle

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User Reviews for Einstein's Riddle Logic Puzzle

Amazing puzzle game

My favorite thing about this game is that there are no timers or level rewards to drive progression, and there are no tokens or passes to play the next round. Only the love of solving the next one keeps you coming back, and it’s not hindered by micro transactions. If timed is your thing, there are daily challenges that you can participate in where you are ranked according to your time. But if you still want to take your time you can, you’re not missing out on anything!It is so refreshing to use an app that isn’t all about the greed that I don’t mind the sparsely scattered ads every now and then.

99Tricks, Nov 03, 2020
Fun logic puzzle game - room for improvement though

The only thing I’d change about this game is the 29-move limit on undoing moves, which makes it quite difficult to use what-if logic on the biggest puzzles. This should be bumped up to at least 99 or even dropped altogether. Otherwise, this is a fun and challenging way to give yourself a mental workout.Update: Since my original review, they’ve remedied the what-if situation by adding save-state and restore-state functionality, which lets you try something out and instantly go back to where you were, with no move limits. That’s good enough to bump my rating up from 4 to 5, though I’d still like to eventually see the 29-move undo limit go away.

Bonfire98A, Nov 23, 2019
Love but bummed

I’m not sure what’s going on but lately when I play the harder modes, the game is so caught up in lag. And it hardly lets me do anything. Which makes it hard because sometimes it’ll lock in an answer when I was trying to x it out. Then I have to undo and wait a few seconds before it registers. I tried restarting my phone, checking my internet, going on cellular data, deleting the app and reinstalling twice. I’m at such a loss. This is one of my favorite games to play and love playing the harder modes to challenge myself. But I’m at a loss of what to do, because the harder modes and even some of the easier ones are unplayable because of the time lag or the game freezing :(

Cassoooodra, May 21, 2022
Please fix the ad system

While I thoroughly enjoy this game, the advertising system is invasive, maddeningly repetitive and disruptive to the overall game experience. Imagine trying to relax by listening to music or a podcast while playing this game only to have the whole experience derailed. When you hit the “X” to attempt to clear the obnoxious reoccurring ad banner, it triggers an whole screen ad with audio that interrupts your music or podcast and cannot be skipped until after a hard 5 seconds. This can happen several times in a single game. Advertising is a critical part to any free app produced by a small independent developer, I completely understand it’s purpose. However of all the free puzzle game apps I use, this app is by far the most abusive in the way the ads are integrated into the game. There are plenty of ways to monetize this game’s platform without disrupting the experience. I’d be happy to give more feedback if you respond with an email address. Thanks.

godlyguy25, Jun 22, 2020
Still love this game BUT

I was one of the early users of this game and have seen it through multiple updates. I think it’s the oldest game on my phone, other than solitaire, and I still like it. The updates have made it easier to use, though I miss a few of the early version pictures. If you like logic puzzles at all, you’re sure to enjoy. More years since... and still playing Ditto ... keep going! They’ve added a lot of puzzles! So bummed about the google ads taking up part of the screen now. I need to expand the puzzle size to use it and the ads get in the way - even preventing me from moving the screen around or closing out of the settings box. Frustrating to play now. If they’d figure out another way to incorporate ads or let me purchase an upgrade without ads, I’d still use it…

Mezzovoce, Aug 10, 2021
I love this game

I love this game. Not only have I become more vigilent and logical over the past few months of playing this game, I have smarter. My friends and neighbors notice it. I have stayed awake longer and slept better. However, I wish this app offered a point or money system. Some of the levels require myself to write down answers and take the game off my phone and onto paper. I wish hints or clues were offered, or a ‘give up’ option to be shown the answer and explained. This game has helped me very much still. In my older age, I feel I have become more healthy and have better memory.

savvysmarty, May 29, 2021
Best logic puzzle

As others have said, the controls are great. This has so many games at every level! I love the “insane” level. (Even though I wish they would rename it to something that wasn't a mental illness term.) This level is harvest and requires being able to organize all the conditions of the puzzle. This is where the sorting tools they include are so great. I can’t say enough. About how great this app is. It also has several language options so sometimes I do simpler puzzles in another language to learn something. I wish I could purchase an ad-free version. Sometimes when I’m on the verge of making a connection and have figured something out, I get an an ad that makes me lose my train of thought. This game is worth paying for.

uytrnbv, Mar 27, 2021
Awesome game!

This game is so challenging. It sometimes takes me days to solve. I love it. With other logic puzzles you can sense a pattern and it becomes boring. While the process of elimination part is the same, it really makes you think when you get close to the end. I’m an old lady trying to keep my mind sharp and this game certainly helps. Love it! What I would really love to know is how people are doing the insane daily challenges in a matter of 20 minutes! It takes me that long just to get through the first set of clues. Maybe there is a strategy I’m not aware of.

vindoggie57, Jul 15, 2022

First I like the fact that there is no timer. I get so tired of games having timers. I want to play a game that challenges my thinking without having a timer. The second thing is The controls are easy to use and images clear and easy to see so I can tell what is what. I also like the fact that not only do you have a sentence to say whether the fact is true or not but a simple red dot if it’s not true and green if it is. Even if you can not read the words you can play.My only complaint is as someone else put it tired of the same characters and items. I realize that you may not be able to make each puzzle different but perhaps make each level different so the characters and items are different.Like they put it our planet is full of color, creatures and people.

Vorric, Oct 31, 2018
So fun but some puzzles unsolvable

I love this game - it’s addicting and takes me back to 7th grade lessons on logic. But on the more challenging levels there often aren’t enough clues to solve the puzzles. So I have to save a checkpoint, take a 50/50 guess, and see if it works out (if it doesn’t I know the other option is correct, load the saved checkpoint, and move forward with the now-known fact) - but often both options lead to a dead end and I have to keep trying 50/50 options until I find one that works ... it can get tedious. I would love an update that makes puzzles solvable without the tedious troubleshooting. (Maybe look for a trend of puzzles that take users an unusually long time to solve?)

xhollysue, Sep 09, 2020


Real Einstein Challenge is a logic puzzle to challenge your brain. It is known as different names, such as Einsteins Riddle, Zebra Puzzle or Sherlock Holmes Puzzle. The game presents a logic problem that gives you several clues describing a scenario involving a number of people.

Each person has a certain job, owns a certain pet, likes some kind of sport, among other attributes. Your role in this brain teaser is a mix of detective with intelligence work: by using pure logic thinking and elimination, to uniquely deduce the whole scenario based on only a few initial clues. Features: • Thousands of Riddles: over 7000 logic riddles, all free! No packs to buy or anything. • Daily challenges: 15 free challenges every day. • Increasing Difficulty: Several grid sizes, from 4x4 to 16x9 - the bigger the harder. • Filters for Experts: Filters to help you find hints related to the elements and variables you want. • Mobile: Fully adapted to mobile interface: no clumsy triangular grid as the paper version. • Auto-Save: game is automatically saved so you can continue later. Clues follow these lines: "The English wears the Baseball Cap. The American likes Wine. The one that owns a Fox doesn't drink Beer..." And your job in the Einstein Riddle is to fully determine the scenario using logical assumptions, such as knowing what drink the English likes, and what kind of hat the guy who owns a Fox wears. If you like pure logic problems, this game is for you: a true enigma game. If you have any suggestions or problems let us know through [email protected] or the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/288035414684910/

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