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User Reviews for Daily Puzzles

Daily Puzzles

Look forward to doing the daily puzzles everyday, love all the games!! I think it helps keep my mind in "think" mode. Thank you so much, I see from the daily messages, which I also enjoy (great conversation starters) that they are looking to improve the site, can't really think of anything that can be done to make it better!!! Thank you so very much again for a great puzzle site....look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

@[email protected], Jun 29, 2014
Love it - fun and challenging

Gotta say, I love puzzle apps. Specifically this one. I solved sudoku with actual thinking for the first time, and not a solve containing using frustration hints like other sudoku apps. The way that the app simply tells you your wrong let’s you think how you’re wrong, not like most apps where a hint is most definitely there as a way out from frustration. Don’t get me wrong - I love me a good hint, but solving puzzles from this app just feels more rewarding.

Charmibarmie, Jul 03, 2022
good mix to keep you sharp!

I thoroughly enjoy DailyPuzzles. The mix of different puzzles and difficulty levels keeps me on my toes. Several things that are great about your particular game-☀️ITS FREE (or it was when I downloaded it.☀️You don’t HAVE to do a puzzle if you don’t want to. Lesser “puzzle pages” have you complete a number of games in order to gain tokens to play the next game, or level. Ugh! So happy you don’t do that here. ☀️You also don’t have to buy coins or earn points for hints. So if you are stumped, take a guess, you won’t be penalized for it.☀️DailyPuzzles gives you an interesting fact everyday. ☀️There are NO ADS! No asking me to link my game to FB. No tap on this link and ask five friends nonsense. I recommend this game to anyone who loves a good mix of puzzles.Keep up the awesome work!😁

jenk0615, Oct 30, 2018
Great game! Thank you 😁

I love this app. I appreciate that there are different types of brain games and the difficulty levels vary. I look forward to reading your message of the day as well. I have learned some interesting facts and feel a sort of connection with “the person behind the curtain,” if you will. Thank you for making a great game and keeping it maintained. Happy New Year to you and your family!

lddmc, Dec 31, 2021
Enjoying this app

Sometimes crypto families I know nothing of subject matter so just hit solve button, but good for learning. Wish memory game was always hard and that goal of minimum amount of moves could be strived for. Like give a scale of moves. LOVE sudoku .. best functionality I’ve ever seen. How you can highlight the number u r working on and when finished it flashes. Very nice! Now part of my morning routine. Overall nice app.

llbinct06, Aug 04, 2018

Update:Could you please please please please bring back the older sounds? If some find them annoying, perhaps you could offer a selection in the settings, so we could revert to the older sounds, if we so wished. My husband hasn't updated in ages, and I'm actually jealous of his sounds. I think he plays the game in front of me just to annoy me. I just want my old life back again. 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾I absolutely love the new match game, and option to hide word seek words (now I don't have to avoid looking toward the right of the puzzle). But one of the highlights of this app was the magic trill sound after correct selections in the word seek. You know...that sound that's similar to a 50s game show that plays while they lift curtains and announcing, "...you could win this brand new CAR!!!!" I think I would give up all the updated improvements to get the "50's game show curtain trill" sound back. So I remove a star for changing the sound, and add a star for improvements.

mynicknamewasstolen!!!, May 08, 2018
Stress Buster

Hi! Five Stars!I was telling my husband the other day that these games are certainly for me. Not overly long, not too hard, not too easy. My brain experiences a comfortable massage. Very relaxing and fun. I always feel like I'm doing just what I should and want to do when I'm playing them. And then when I'm finished and on to the next daily activity, I feel like I'm accomplishing something else I want or need to do. Meanwhile, I have that little smile inside me knowing that it won't be that long when... Just at the right time I'll be back playing these wonderful little games. I feel like a kid. I just love them! Thank you to those who make these games and present them in apps. I'm starting to get a secret wish that I could create games and apps like these. Maybe no... Maybe yes. Smiles again!

Nisanet, Dec 02, 2013
Excellent for many years

This app is simple with very few ads if any. I look forward to doing it every day. Truly it is, other than getting the newspaper out on the lawn, the very first way we start our day. It gives me something to look forward to without buying a lottery ticket only to find out I just threw money out the window.

Panama grandma, Apr 04, 2021
Wakes up my brain every morning

The first thing I do every morning (after feeding the squirrels 🐿 and birds 🦅 out back and pouring myself a cup of coffee ☕️) is do these five puzzles.It only takes a little while and when I’m done, it feels like my brain has shifted out of neutral and I can start my day.Plus, they don’t collect any personal information on any of their games. I love this developer, Black Labs Consulting, and recommend them highly!

Queen Eunice, Mar 30, 2022
Nice app but why so LOUD!?

I finally got sick of having to cover the phone speaker when completing a puzzle and turned the sounds off completely. It seemed no matter how low I had the volume on my phone the ending chime sound that plays when you complete one of the puzzles is always blasted at full volume. It’s literally woken my husband from a dead sleep and he sleeps through anything. I don’t even want to think of the trauma my poor dog has suffered from this app. I miss the sounds, but I just can’t turn them back on because that one ending tone is SO LOUD!! I just noticed the last update was two years ago? I guess this isn’t likely to be fixed any time soon. *sigh*

Sam.Zzz, Sep 10, 2020


Welcome to Daily Puzzles where you can enjoy six puzzles in one app. Each day at midnight you’ll find, new, often topical puzzles, it's like always having a variety puzzle magazine with you. The design is simple, and, just like a magazine, there aren't scores or timers to worry about - you can focus on the joy of solving the puzzles.

Exercise your mind everyday, for free, without ads. See why thousands of people play everyday and why our loyal users have played 80 million puzzles!

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