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User Reviews for Genius Puzzles

Amazing Game to make your brain think

I’ve been playing it for several months now, and I’m not even 1/3 of the way done. Amazing game, with difficult puzzles each with various rules and objectives. There is one annoying bug, where if you play a puzzle for some time, and then decide to undo all the way to the beginning, the app will say that you won. Other than that, this app is the best puzzle app on the Store

1LordPheonix1, May 19, 2020
Very good puzzles but some annoying features.

The most annoying feature is that often when you solve a puzzle, you can’t see your solution because it is immediately replaced by a “puzzle solved!” message. Have a dismissible banner announcing that the puzzle is solved, please! And just now I solved a Mosaic puzzle but I didn’t get the puzzle solved message so I had to give up. When I was shown the official solution it was the exact same solution as mine. What gives?

Asusa, Jun 09, 2022
Love these puzzles

Plenty of good puzzles to keep you occupied for hours. Would give 5 stars except for one thing: when you solve, a full-screen ‘congrats’ image instantly pops up and there’s no way to see the completed puzzle! It’s immediately gone forever, so you can’t review what you just accomplished.

GA-SoxFan, Oct 14, 2021
Let me see my correct solutions!

An amazing collection of several dozen graphical puzzles with an intuitive and smooth interface. Puzzles range from easy to quite difficult. My main frustration is that the winning splash graphic “congratulations” covers the puzzle at the exact nano-second that you solve it. This removes the satisfaction and learning of seeing the completed solution. When you clear the congratulatory splash, the winning solution is gone. Each puzzle has different level of difficulty. A minor improvement would be to put different color flags on the puzzles depending on your progress: not started, started but not currently working, currently working, and completed. A must-have for any spatial-math themed puzzle enthusiast.

Grimgore Ironhide, Apr 21, 2022
Best darn puzzle game out there!

Unlimited puzzles of all different kinds and all different levels. Gameplay is simple, no fancy extras, but all features are perfectly suitable. I love how reasonable the ads are! Other similar apps will limit play with coins or tokens earned through ads and purchases; this app has nothing but great puzzles. Would definitely recommend!

homeskillet2011, Dec 11, 2019
Great start!

I love puzzles and these are a lot of fun. I hope the creator keeps updating them because I think this could be a top seller. There are a few glitches now but for a free game with moderate ads or a 1.99$ is great. Keen: 6 normal has errors in every puzzle I have seen so far. No other level has had any. I wish for any game that allows pencil marks you could add multiple numbers without clicking on the box in between each I wish there was a hint option. Get so many free then Watch ads or buy. There’s a few games that the instructions aren’t quite clear enough and having a hint would be a great stop gap. I wish on the main screeen you got a medal or check for ones you have accomplished. Currently you get a red flag of its started. I’d like to see the ones I’ve finished. Again I hope everyone gives it a try and I hope it keeps evolving.

jfbwidbqonf, Oct 15, 2021
My Perfect Puzzle App

This has all my favorite puzzles, and some I’d never heard of before! Amazing little app. I wish there were a way to turn off the immediate feedback when I’ve messed up. Fortunately, it only tells me when I’ve violated a rule, and not when I’ve made a wrong move. There’s also a bug when I go to read the rules, and then pop back into the game, some of the controls don’t work. But if you pop out to the menu and back into the game, it’s fine again.

LanguiDude, Apr 11, 2021
Good puzzles, poor interface

Many good puzzles to play, but the interface is really awful. The art is really ugly—it looks like it was drawn by a none-too-talented child. And basic controls are missing. There’s no reset level button, for example. It remains to be seen if the new games make it worthwhile to put up with these shortcomings. But if you have any other way to play some puzzle, you’ll want to use the other app.

Readingaloud, May 29, 2021
Great game, but found a bug

I’ve previously written a glowing recommendation for this game, and I still think incredibly highly of it, even as I’ve now completed hundreds of games. However, I just decided to check out the puzzle game Pattern, as I’m a big fan of Picross games. I chose a 20x20 board, and then was met with an impossible board. After stumbling my way through three clues which contradicted each other, I finally had the puzzle provide the solution for me, and saw that the solution didn’t match the clues for the rows (because they were impossible). The clues weren’t off by one or two numbers—they were entirely wrong. As if they were clues to a completely separate game. They matched neither the black or the white squares of the solution. As I can’t find a way to report a bug other than with a review, I’m writing a review about it.This saddens me a little, but it doesn’t take away from my immense enjoyment of the rest of the game! This is absolutely still a worthwhile app to get if you like puzzle games based on logic.

ThinePwnage, Apr 14, 2021
Wonderful Exercises for my brain (and yours if you use it)

Many puzzles to solve at different levels, well designed with zoom in case too small to see on your tiny screen. So much better than watching videos or playing arcade style games!Raise your challenge by solving the puzzles in your head before filling them in!Been playing several years: starting another puzzle keeps it feeling fun and new over such long time.One request: used to be able to review puzzle after it finished, but later versions immediately cover it with picture. Any chance I can see the completed puzzle? Perhaps time for “Pro” version of the app!BTW: for the price, I recommend buying it if you like it. No need to keep seeing ads forever.

瑞明 Raven, Feb 19, 2018


Train your brain! Over 30 puzzles to tickle your neurons for hours of fun. Share your scores between iPhone and iPad via iCloud.

Genius Puzzler features: - 30+ puzzles with multiple levels. - Dynamically generated levels for unlimited challenges. - Auto-solve feature if you just can’t figure it out. - Auto saving of all of your games, so you never lose your progress - iCloud support: Start a game in your iPhone, finish it using your iPad. - Game Center support

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