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Logic Grid Puzzles - Word Games For Brain Training

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Logic Grid Puzzles - Word Games For Brain Training

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Ross McNamara
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User Reviews for Logic Grid Puzzles - Word Games For Brain Training

Best Puzzle Ever, and I hate writing reviews.

This is by far my favorite app right now. Listen, I never write reviews- not on the App Store, not for products I buy..I just don’t really think it’s worth my time tbh. I won’t publicly endorse a product unless I use it exclusively and I really believe in it. My only official recommendations are US Army-issued moustache trimmers, Morton’s Salt, and the CR Laurence Fein two-inch axe-style scraper oscillating knife blade. But this app is incredible. I’m a philosophy major, and this app has boosted my reasoning abilities out the wazoo- well, I’m not a genius now, but it’s definitely made my class easier. If you’re looking to go to law school and take the LSAT (or sometimes the SAT/similar tests have stuff like this), this could really help you out. The stories are entertaining and make it a little easier to separate the premises, and I showed it to my professor and he loved it. 10/10 would recommend; logic is a skill many have lost.

1234567890123456789010, Nov 17, 2017
My favorite app!!!

I don't write reviews often, but this app is so great I had to! The puzzles are challenging and engaging which I love! I struggle to find apps that entertain me and keep my brain engaged, and this one does not disappoint!! The clues are funny and I often show them to my husband who also thinks they are quite clever. I love the differing levels of difficulty and am so glad I bought all the puzzle packs available because I go through them rather quickly! I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who loves logic puzzles!!! 😀**Small side note, other people have commented that autofilling the rows once an answer is true would be nice, but I prefer it without. It allows more room for error so I feel like I have to pay attention more. So maybe if it gets added someday it could be something in the settings you can turn on and off.

92961159, Aug 22, 2016
Titles of first row of boxes disappears

Hello, I have purchased your game and am enjoying it - I play both on an iPad and on my iPhone. However, recently the game has developed a glitch. Whenever I reopen it or start a new puzzle, the labels on the top first set of boxes are missing. These are usually the character names. Nothing else is missing and the game didn’t use to do that. The only way to fix it from my end is to delete the game from my device and download it again. Then the labels are all there. However if I close out of the game, the next time I open it, the top labels for that first set of boxes will be missing again. Very frustrating to have to delete and reload every time I play. Please release a fix for this, or I would be interested in a refund (prefer the fix as I enjoy your game). Thank you. Sincerely, Connie W

C-o-n-n-i-e, Jun 26, 2022
Love this app! 😍

So being a giant nerd, I love this app. It is by far my favorite of any of the logic puzzle/game apps. I took the LSAT years ago and fell in love with logic games so beyond cracking out old LSATs (which might be a little too nerd hardcore) the only real option are these types of logic puzzles. This one comes with some and then you can buy additional packs for $.99. I’m one of those people who never pays for anything in games and I ended up buying all the packs. The only drawback is I finished them all too quickly and now I’m on my last pack. A few typos here and there but really nothing negative to say other than that my brain needs even more! Loved it and found the interface much better than all the other logic puzzle apps. I guess now I’ll have to move on to the next one.

einsteinthedog, Mar 16, 2018
Great game!

I’ve had this game on my phone for about 6 mos. I come back to it again and again. It’s fun and engaging without being stressful. Love the wit in the design and wording of the puzzles. Please continue to add more packs!! I’d be glad to pay for them!Update:I’ve now tried some other developers’ versions of this game and it has just reinforced the simple elegance of this one. It’s not flashy like some of the others, but the puzzles have a great tongue-in-cheek wit to them and the clues are always sufficient to solve the puzzle, even when you are temporarily stumped. Other similar apps require some guessing or error checking as you solve them. That is not necessary with ANY of these puzzles (even if you believe it to be when you hit a temporary “wall”). It’s really beautifully done. I have just a few puzzles left and I’ll have worked my way (leisurely) through all the packs. I would happily pay for more, but will also be content to go back and rework some I did a year ago. I like to think I’ve gotten more efficient at solving them over time!

elbow01, Mar 02, 2019
LOVE THIS APP but I need more puzzles

I have always loved logic puzzles. I used to buy the paper books years ago. I just recently downloaded this app and already purchased all of the packs and am nearly finished with all of the puzzles. I am anxiously awaiting the next packet! I am so addicted to these that I may have to clear the ones I have completed and do them again until a new pack is available. This app is so easy to use and is amazing overall. Thank you so much for bringing these puzzles back to my life.I am editing my previous review because I am now desperate for more puzzles. I have gone back and reset all them more than once. I am having withdrawals and am begging for another pack to be released. I’ll pay double, triple; in fact, name the price! Please hear my plea.....

Elvishandy, Mar 03, 2018

I love this app and used to play it all the time no problem. At that point, I had purchased all the packs within the app. I went to play it about a year ago and the names / labels for the top left square were not where they were supposed to be. Above the square was blank and all the words were piled on top of each other in the very top left corner. I deleted the app due to not being able to play it but just got it back. I restored my purchases and played 1 puzzle perfectly fine. Later, I went to play another puzzle and the names on the top square had gone back to smushed in the corner and I was again unable to play. I noticed another user having this issue so wanted to add that I’m also experiencing this. The app hasn’t been updated in a long time but I hope something can be done to fix this. I love the app and have already purchased everything so it would be very disappointing to not be able to use it after purchasing all content.

Everynameisseriouslytaken, Jul 28, 2022
Love this app!

After solving the free puzzles, I HAD to buy the full pack. I love logic puzzles and this app is the best implementation out of the handful I’ve tried. Can we please have an update that allows dark mode? PLEASE) It would be awesome to be able to export or view my progress somehow. Oh and if there were a way to not lose progress when I upgrade my iPhone, that would also be very awesome. Still, I love the app, just wish it had those things.Edit: so, started from scratch about 6 months ago, and i noticed that I still lose progress when upgrading a phone. Even worse, there is some weird problem with display of text. All text from the top of the first grid is jumbled making it unreadable, which makes puzzles unsolvable. Tried rebooting the phone. Didn’t work. Would love if this could be fixed asap.

Mr.Ian, Jan 08, 2022
Best purchase I’ve made in App Store

Very similar to a previous reviewer, I never write reviews. But Logic Puzzles is the best thing I’ve purchased on App Store, and it was only $1.99!! There are tons and tons of puzzles for that price. These puzzles can be addicting, my husband can attest! But they are so fun, and it’s great to just do one or two while I’m passing time. Before I would scroll and scroll through news only to feel dejected about current state of the world. Now I feel happy and sharp after I’ve done a puzzle or two. Best part is that when I finish all of the packs, I can just wipe them and start over! There is no way I’ll remember all the solutions. Also, I have not confirmed this, but I think the creator might be from my city. Some of the clues seem totally unique to Minneapolis! Road names, State Fair reference... very cool!!!

NicknamesAllTaken$1107$, May 04, 2018
Too expensive but gets the job done

The only good thing about the LSAT was the logic games, and I was glad to see this app so I can play them without the associated stress. They cost too much for too few games, and there is no variety in complexity (number of grids) which is slightly lame, but I’ve bought a few packs. I’ll tire of them soon and won’t buy more unless I receive more per purchase. There are occasional snarky remarks about the subjects of the games. Sometimes they’re witty, and sometimes they’re stupid. One makes a sarcastic remark about as if there were any scientists in Texas. I’ll point your game writers to the Johnson Space Center outside Houston which is, literally, the homeland of rocket scientists and the Texas Medical Center, the largest in the world, and leave my own snark to your imagination. Best not to mess with Texas.

OMG with the names already, Jan 11, 2020


Long before Sudoku hit the scene there were Logic Grid Puzzles. Developed by Lewis Carroll (besides writing Alice In Wonderland, he was also a mathematician and logician), these logic puzzles rely on deducing a complex solution from only a few pieces of information! You're probably thinking, "Whoa, that sounds really nerdy!" And you're right.

But it's also really addicting. With only a few clues, you'll be able to fill in the entire 6 grid puzzle after you put your brain to work. Plus, these types of word problems and logic puzzles are showing up with increasing regularity on standardized academic tests like the SAT, LSAT, MCAT and GRE. So beyond just being a fun past time, they're also a great way to prepare yourself for higher level learning. The app is free, and includes a starter pack of puzzles so you can see if Logic Grid Puzzles are your kind of fun. If they are - there are already more packs with many more puzzles in place you can purchase from within the app - and I'm hard at work writing more puzzles to add in as soon as possible. Sudoku and Ken Ken puzzles are fun, but I think you'll agree that solving word problems pushes your brain in ways those math based puzzles don't!

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