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User Reviews for Days Since: Quit Habit Tracker

Simple, yet effective

I have battled substance issues for quite a few years on and off throughout my life, and as of June 26, 2021 I moved to a new state and started over on a new sobriety journey (again lol). Anybody else going through something similar knows, some days are much better than others. Now that I’m in a spot that I have been clean for a while, you can’t help but to get an itch to be crazy sometimes. I set up this app back when I was falling apart over how upside down my life was.. and although I rarely check up on it, on a bad day when you need to see how far you’ve come, it definitely comes in handy. 186 days ago I was losing my mind and today it was just a reminder to not turn back. Thank you Days Since for the subtle reminder not to reset the counter and keep moving ❤️

_mattlongg, Dec 30, 2021
Keeps me on track

I like this App. I can set more than one category and when I open the app the info is all on one page. For me it’s motivating to look at how long I’ve been working towards a goal. I set two goals for myself 1)Days without refined sugar and 2) Days without alcoholic beverages. Neither of these goals was set out of a critical need but more of a personal desire to achieve better overall health. Last night we had a dinner party and we were serving cocktails and I briefly thought, I’ll just have one drink with everyone else, but I opened the app and saw that it had been 16 days since I last had a beverage and I really didn’t want to hit restart on that counter! So I passed on the beverages and woke up feeling great today and proud that I stuck with my decision to continue on a healthy path. However, I did eat a couple of Oreos and had to reset my refined sugar counter to 0. This is a great tool to track progress and can be a great motivator for people who like to set personal goals.

7LKelly3, May 22, 2022
Less is more

This minimalist app is phenomenal. I absolutely love it! I wanted an app to track days since I quit smoking and considered many before I downloaded this one. Not as many bells and whistles in this app but that’s why I love it. It has a widget, which is fantastic. You can share your progress directly from the app for when you’re feeling proud of yourself or perhaps for support, either way a great idea from the developers. The colors are also really aesthetically pleasing in my opinion and I love the ability to see multiple counters over a long period of time. I haven’t had to reset my counter yet (fingers crossed!) but if I do I love the ability to add a note and that the app remembers previous progress. You can change the icon as well, cool beans! I can’t recommend this app enough. And it’s free! I’m delighted! Developers, thank you for creating this gem.

carihopps, Jul 13, 2021
Trackable self-accountability

I’ve been using this app to try and focus on daily habits that I’m usually not very good at. I use it to make sure that I’ve taken care of myself in a way that’s difficult for a sprint of days, and the fact that it tracks resets is a gentle encouragement and a useful type of accountability.I keep a useful widget on my home screen that shows how many days it’s been since I’ve had alcohol, and how many days it’s been since I made another large change in my life that has been positive. It’s minimal and non-intrusive and not pushy. No reminders that shame you if you’ve had to reset no notifications to tell you that you need to check it, it’s incredibly passive if you don’t deal well with pressure. It just reminds you how long you’ve been doing a thing and how many times you’ve failed at sticking to that routine. That little bit of accountability has really changed my perspectiveThis has become a vital part of my self-care routine and I really really appreciate how simple and useful this app is.

lamefork, Sep 16, 2021
Really Amazing App!!!

I’ve had a few bad habits that I have managed to quit using this app. I’ve said goodbye to junk food, too much inactivity, and smoking. I’ve also been spending significantly less time on my phone these days. Now I just say, like probably many people, I had reached a crossroads. So as to say, once I dropped all my bad habits successfully, it felt as if there was nothing special about it other than knowing I’m on a road to better health. For anyone who may be struggling with that, there’s a few things I’ve learned and gained in addition from just reflecting on myself and my past bad habits. Removing bad habits (addictions) allows you to live in the present moment. Admittedly, this was very scary at first. You become highly aware of your own mortality. I have learned to embrace it though and I am working on building productive habits to replace the bad habits. So my advice to you is to work on replacing the bad habits with healthy and productive habits. Because if not then you will be left with a void. You’re going to feel this emptiness. This sense of losing purpose. Keep in mind that bad habits you used to do constantly kept your mind distracted and running from traumas and such. It’s a good opportunity to face all of your traumas head on and let go of everything bad. It will be easier than you think. Don’t question the process. Just trust it.

Matterettam, Jul 07, 2022
Extremely Helpful

Days Since is an excellent app, and I’m more than delighted to have found it. Prior to finding Days Since, I used standard counters. Many varieties of them. I tried them for months at a time, but didn’t get the same result I was looking for. I’ve used Days Since to assist me in quitting smoking as well as other vices I’m a bit too embarrassed to reveal here. I’ve used it to help me keep up with water intake, keep up with speaking to specific family members, as well as progression in working on various projects. For each instance, Days Since has effectively revealed to me…..well, ME. It has shown me just how much of a procrastinator I can be, or just how amazingly consistent I can be. I love this app, and have recommended it to numerous friends who could use a bit of insight into how they are realistically managing their lives. Thank you, Days Since Team. You clearly “get” people like me, for whom striving to be better is a daily endeavor. The days since I found Days Since are much better than they were before. Thank you again!

Podcastlistener222, Sep 12, 2021
Maybe it’s simple enough to work?

I gave it three stars because I don’t like that the only way to really hold yourself accountable is to post it on social media (they gave that as an option in the app). I would prefer other features, A different kind of reward system. Or even just a simple reminder to look at my progress throughout the day or the week or whatever. Right now it’s pretty cool but I’m worried I’m going to forget about the app and it’s going to get lost in my homepage. Other than that, I think basic premise is pretty cool. It just needs some really simple additions, like a notification system edit: I updated my review from three stars to four. It’s actually working better than I thought it would. I still wish there was some type of notification or reminder to check it. Very simple counter system without a lot of bells and whistles. I am six days into no smoking . If I make it to 30, I’ll update it to five stars

radiofinger, Nov 15, 2021
Very helpful.

I’ve been on the mission to stop smoking for some time now. I always thought it would be impossible because for me I get that urge to smoke when I don’t have it. This was always why I’m past times I would say “I could never stop” but by the Grace of My Lord and Savior Jesus I’ve been able to overcome so much more than I thought I would. I got a Bible and started reading and when I would read the Bible on those days I wouldn’t have as many urges. Crazy to think that reading a book could feminism physical addiction urges right? The app was a great way for me to keep track of my progress to remind myself if I ever do get an urge or an apatite for smoking. I still do get urges occasionally if I havnt been reading my Bible but that’s why I love the app so much. It gives me motivation and it gives me something to physically see. If you do mess up there’s no shame because you can reset that timer and your back at it again. You can make different timers for different things too maybe you vape also or maybe you smoke weed or something. You can set different timers for all the things you need to tackle no matter what it is so I think the app is great and I’m really appreciative of it!

redeemedJoshua, Feb 23, 2022
A fairly good app

There’s nothing special about this app. This app was alright, though. All that it really does is allows you to set a habit tracker and you make sure that you don’t do it again. I have three bad habits that I need to break, but again this app is pretty normal and it helps to remind me that I need to quit. It also helps with being able to see how many days I’ve gone without doing it again because it encourages and motivates me to keep going. Although, once I really do quit my habit what else is there to do? There is no flair or anything super special they happens if I did hit a one year milestone. I like that you can reset the counter, but I want to know, developer, where is the pizzazz that I’m looking for or a little something to keep me motivated. What if those numbers aren’t enough? This is what I would like to see as an improvement to this app. Push notifications. With these enabled, you can see motivating quotes or a little sentence to remind you that you’re doing a great job. I feel that this can also be done in the app itself so that you can also view inspiring reminders if you keep visiting the app to see your progress. I know that there can be many more visual pleasing updates that can be added to this app but definitely keep my advice in mind. Thank you for your time.

Sydney mills, May 02, 2022
Great Motivation for Both Healthy/Unhealthy Habits

This app is so helpful of keeping track of how long I’ve made it since I’ve kicked some nasty habits (vaping, binge eating, and consuming alcohol). It’s so motivating to see how far I’ve come, and when I’m thinking of relapse, just looking at this counter makes me not want to break my streak. You can also use it for positive reminders, like days since you had a baby or a new pet, so you can celebrate those mini milestones. Or days since you’ve picked up a healthy habit, like eating a balanced diet, started a fitness routine, started a new job, the possibilities are endless. Overall, a great app. The only thing I would like to see in the future is possibly allowing reminders to check in. Not every day, but I’ll admit, once or twice I should have reset my counter and forgot. It’s a problem with myself though, and perhaps others prefer to not receive notifications.

Vicky0311, Jan 14, 2022


Days Since can help you break any bad habit. Create a counter for each habit that you are trying to get rid of. If you are trying to quit smoking, create a counter and set the last time you had a cigarette.

The app will show you how long it’s been since you smoked for the last time. Tracking your progress will help you stay motivated. Whenever you want to smoke again, open Days Since and check your progress. You don’t want to reset that counter, do you?

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