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Crew Messaging and Scheduling

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Crew Messaging and Scheduling

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User Reviews for Crew Messaging and Scheduling

Advisor of ℅ 2021

We were looking for an app that helps our high school class officers and advisors stay in communication with one another without limiting how many people were in the group and being limited by what kind of phone you had. Super that we can have side conversations after posting a message to the entire group, too, and can see quickly, who is online or not. Crew is easy to use for all of us in addition to getting us all connected quickly. Support peeps sometimes scare me because they are so “right on it” and our questions or posted mistake(s) get answered almost instantly! Haven’t tried out all the bells and whistles, but plan to as we spend more time with the app.

BHS ℅ 2021!, Aug 04, 2018
Some minor improvements

The Crew app is great, I use it every day for work and overall it’s worked great. Some minor things that Would make the Crew app a more enjoyable experience would be faster load times and an image gallery. Making the loading times for the crew chat faster would improve the experience tremendously, when it’s being used at work sometimes you only have a second to check the chat to make sure you don’t miss any information, but I have noticed on my IPhone XR and iPhone 7 that it can sometimes take a couple minutes for the chat to load. Another recommendation would be to have an image gallery for the chat. I have found myself in the past scrolling through the news feed to find the right picture with the information I need. It would be very helpful if we could click on a sub menu in the chat to a gallery of the pictures posted

Gary Hugo, Mar 27, 2019

I would recommend this to anyone with a small business who needs better communication within their employees. I am an employee of a small business and I use this app to connect with my coworkers. It is super efficient and it makes things like shifts and cover and taking time off a LOT easier to establish. There is a cool feature where you can give your coworkers a star for good things they have done. There is a small problem I do need to complain about:When the app updates it had a handy feature where is highlights an improved feature or something else that changed during the update. When this happens, the screen dims and a circle appears around what is being shown. I am aware that this should only happen once, but after the recent update it hasn’t stopped. It has been weeks since the update has finished and this small glitch hasn’t stopped. I complained to the Crew workers and a change hasn’t happened yet about it. It is not a big glitch and I can easily ignore it, but it can be very annoying. Other than that small thing, Crew has been a great app that I will keep. I highly recommend it to anyone, and I am thankful for this app because it lets me connect with my coworkers and manager. Thanks Crew!

iplayoverwatch, Jan 03, 2020
Automotive Service/Auto Sales

I own an automotive repair shop as well as an auto sales and the main issue we have always had was communication. That was the main reason I looked into Crew, thankfully I did. Sending texts messages or using radios never worked out due to someone being with a customer (so we couldn’t interrupt) or on the phone and so forth. Now that we have our Tasks/checklist which is awesome btw, we can easily check off the things that are finished and easily add things as needed while keeping everyone on the same page so that is no longer an issue. I like how you can create certain groups that helps since the mechanics aren’t getting messages that are unrelated to them vice versa. I really haven’t used all of the features but so far I have to give Crew 5 stars for meeting mine and my employees needs and expectations. Thanks Crew!

Jadyn0227.#selfi!!, Oct 17, 2018
Amazing App for business schedule & team connection

I have been using Crew for a good while now, I’m very satisfied with the features that the app provides, it has been extremely helpful specially with building and distributing the weekly schedule. My employees love the App, they can access their schedule at any time, they can also see their coworkers schedule and be in touch either in group messages our privately, which it’s really handy when they need someone to cover a shift. There is also features like the Announcements (which only managers can use), Tasks, and Motivational rewards that owner and manager can offer to employees.Besides of that, the App always work sharply, with no issues along the way, and the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWESOME!!

Juliana Recart, Sep 01, 2018
Best app for employees EVER.

By no means am I getting anything for writing this review. Hands down the best app for employee communication period. Had all the bells and whistles you will ever need. It had improved our crew 100%. Schedules time off request printed schedules and much more. You can even see how many hours you have someone scheduled. All employees have instant access to everything. Support has been amazing. Fast response and answers all my questions in a timely manner. If u have any questions I use every feature in this program. Feel free to contact me anytime if u might have any questions about this app. I use it with all my employees about 25 in total and every single one of them love it and use it daily.

k yats, May 12, 2018
Operationally Sound thanks to Crew

This app is absolutely the way to go. After hearing of the app from a fellow manager in the mall that I work, I decided to give it a try. I was immediately amazed at all of the great things you can accomplish with this app. Not only can you input schedules, but the app notifies your associates that they have to work leaving NO ROOM FOR ERROR or those “I didn’t see the schedule” texts. Also the task setting option is a major plus, as I can send tasks for my team to complete while I am gone. I can also monitor when my team is at the store and who is here at all times to hold my associates accountable. Gold stars are an awesome way to reward my team for great days and a job well done. 100% 10/10 for me! If you’re a manager, and you don’t have this app, YOU ARE TRULY MISSING OUT.

Kris, a thankful store manager, Aug 20, 2018
Just got notice u must pay now for over 5 employees (was 10)

Not understanding why they’re taking away from their free version customers. If I have to pay for a scheduling app, i’m going to find one that holds the past schedule longer than two weeks, one where you can change the shift time as far as if the crew ended early, you used to be able to adjust the time after the fact, but now you have to create an entirely new shift to correct the times. Also, they never added the lunch/break times feature, so it wouldn’t get added to employees total work hours (I constantly got calls from employees stating the Crew app tells them they have seven hours more than I paid them for -each time. I have to remind them that the crew app doesn’t account for lunch breaks.

MCB1223, Dec 02, 2022
was good while it lasted.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE A MANAGER: crew app was extremely convenient for so long for me. i could see when my schedule was posted and keep up on all the updates from where i work. however this new update where we can’t text fellow coworkers is gunna send the app down the trash VERY SOON. how am i supposed to text my coworker to ask them to trade me shifts if i can’t contact them? i can’t. i either have to wait to end up at work at the same time as them (which is extremely difficult because what if they don’t work any time soon how am i supposed to talk to them now??) or i have to text the manager and depend on her to relay my message and then relay the response. that means my manager will be relaying MANY messages that could have just been sent within the chat. if you wanted to make the app less inappropriate you very well could have made it impossible to send messages that had foul language. but instead you went and ruined the app entirely. thank you👍🏼

peepeepoopoolikesbird, Jun 28, 2023
Worked great until the bug... now I’m left in the dark by customer support

The crew app seemed like the solution for my business and worked well for several months. I recommended it to many until a sudden bug actually created great turmoil in our operations. Three months ago the app jumbled my schedule up on its own and has not been functional for is since. At first the customer support team blamed me, my devices and my competence , only later to admit that there was in fact a bug when I sent them screenshots of a schedule I re-created at least 20 times only to have the application render it useless. Since then there have been other features that have broken down for us. I wanted to stick with Crew because at one point it was a great tool, but when I inquire about the fix I’m told that my ticket has been submitted but is not a priority and there’s no ETA on this issue. This feels like a blatant disregard from Customer Service for the integrity of our operations. We have a super simple calendar with not many changes to it but Crew has been able to hold up their end.

sarahrex34, Jan 26, 2019


Crew connects your entire distributed workforce from the frontline to corporate leadership, unifying communications, streamlining scheduling, and making operations hum. Join for free. Read why customers, operators, and teams LOVE Crew: - “Being able to communicate and engage with our frontline workforce is absolutely critical to our success.

With Crew, we can reach every team member with important information at the touch of a button, and that is invaluable at our size and scale.” - Steve Plank (CTO, Taco Bell Corporate, 10,000+ employees) - “Crew helps employees engage, feel like part of the organization, and know their role is important - all of which mitigates turnover. This platform is taking our communication to a level we didn’t know was possible.” - Trevor Parris (Director, Affinity Living Group, 4,100+ employees) Tens of thousands of teams across every industry use Crew every day to support: UNIFIED COMMUNICATION • Engage employees with top-down announcements in a familiar chat-like interface • Send messages to everyone, specific groups or have conversations 1:1 • Connect your entire team without exchanging phone numbers • See exactly who’s read your messages • Send unlimited photos and videos • Know who’s on-site with Location-based groups • Survey employees to keep a pulse on sentiment and get real-time feedback • Reflect your organization’s hierarchy and control multi-team communication • Engage your distributed workforce from a single, system-level dashboard SCHEDULING & SHIFT COVERAGE • Distribute work schedules to everyone’s phones at anytime • Easily get shift coverage or pick-up extra shifts • Get shift reminders and allow employees to track wages • Track and manage employees work availability RECOGNITION & MOTIVATION • Inspire your employees and build a productive team culture with Gold Stars • Implement a custom recognition program with customized badges FILES & TASK MANAGEMENT • Share and manage files (incl. photos, videos, and documents) with coworkers • Assign tasks to coworkers and get notified when they’re completed COMPLIANCE • Enterprise-level data encryption and security with the ability to wipe company data from devices of terminated employees • Prevent inappropriate content automatically with Content filters • Protect team members from harassment with user blocking and content moderation controls • Protect your organization from liability by creating and enforcing your own opt-in, usage, and conduct policies • Prevent messages from being sent to team members while off-the-clock • Advanced user suspension and message flagging features to ensure team members have access to productive and accurate information • Measure and enforce the timeliness of schedule postings to remain compliant with labor regulations (EOC, Fair Work Week, etc.) INTEGRATIONS • Scheduling & rostering (incl. Kronos, Infor, UltiPro, and more) • Insights & workflow (incl. Square, Docusign, Zendesk, and more) • Communications & benefits (incl. Facebook, Slack, Qualtrics, and more) Visit crewapp.com to learn more about Crew's digital workplace platform for businesses large & small. -- Crew is fully committed to your privacy. Your data is encrypted, and will not be shared or sold to any third-party, period. We offer in-app purchases of auto-renewing subscriptions for Crew Pro. Crew Pro offers Admin-oriented features including enhanced permissions and controls. The amount will be charged to your iTunes account and will vary by plan and country. You’ll see the total price before completing payment. Crew Pro subscriptions purchased in-app renew monthly or yearly depending on your plan. To avoid renewal, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Terms of Service: crewapp.com/terms Privacy Policy: crewapp.com/privacy Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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