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User Reviews for Netspend Skylight ONE

I need help pls

Recently they shut down my account with no warning or nothing and I found out later on and they told me it was for my safety. And I have no idea what happened to my money. I can’t login or access my money, history, transactions or my statements. I called them multiple times after hours of wait and going through so much mentally for the past week I was able to get a hold of them and get an answer. They said they send my money in a paper check form via UPS. Did this happen to anyone else? did y’all get your money/checks? Pls I need to know im really panicking. That was my hard/work earned money. This is so messed up and I can’t imagine happening to anyone. Pls don’t bank with them I didn’t have as worse of experience like it was ok until now this is just something else I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this. It’s the worse feeling. I don’t trust them. Idk if I can after what they to my account without me knowing or giving me an heads up.

Amahmano, May 16, 2023
Trash- scam - don’t bank with them

Don’t waste your time. You can’t deposit cash money gram or check with the card, withdraws AND balance inquiries cost $1.00 to process Every. Time. And they charge you $30 a day if you have a negative balance. I was -$90 over buying gas when I needed it and the card took a long time to process and tell me the charge for the gas went through (like 3 days) so I thought I had more than I actually did (-$90 for 3 days of charges) and then tried to figure out how to bring my card to the positive, the only way I could do this was through my job who forced this card on me as a means of pay, only to find out the only way I could get cash into the account was through my job, pay wasn’t for 2 more days and finally got out of the negative, only to be told that the grace period to dispute a negative charge was 24 hours. BUT I DIDNT EVEN GET A NOTIFICATION I WAS NEGATIVE UNTIL D A Y 3. heck this company. Don’t waste your time or money. The customer service on the phone was rude. Please god Don’t bother.

Clarrisawoods, Jul 18, 2022
Missing Money

Account says I’m in the negative when I know for a fact I had money on there. I accidentally made a $5 purchase on this card since I forgot it was linked to my AppStore, and was overdrawn $1. First red flag is that I know there was more than $5 on the card, as I haven’t been using it. Second, I can not log into nor access my funds/ deposit history/ purchases. If I’m charged for this $1 over draft I will be reporting this bank. There’s no way to even add money from my actual bank account on to this card- I tried PayPal and Venmo, neither work. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I only got this card because I was required to. I don’t recommend anyone use this app. My money has been stolen and that isn’t even an exaggeration

Fbriannon, Nov 17, 2022
Worst bank ever!!

First off customer service is so bad! I’m only 16 and I had this bank for almost a year and In these last months I was getting money taken out of my account by someone from another state and I told them I didn’t spend and that wasn’t me and they told me they didn’t know and couldn’t help me!! The person took so much money from me on the account I don’t have anymore money and this was my primary banking since I’m not old enough to get something like PayPal. This is really the worst bank that you can bank with and it really makes me sad cs I’ve been trying to save up for a car and it’s impossible with skylight when a random person can take money from me, also even after there was no money I started getting so many decline fees so I just paused the accounts(I should have done that in the beginning) I tried to ask why they were given me these decline fees after I told them that this wasn’t me spending my money and the lady just kept saying “you Bought something” or should would say she didn’t know and only I can know and that they can’t help at all

ggxgjjch, Nov 27, 2021
Worst customer service I have ever felt with

Can’t log into the app or website at all. Called customer support 9 different times in one day trying to get it fixed. 5 of those times said sending a reset password link to my email. Never got it. I got hung up on twice. Never had a issue till that day. But can’t seem to get the help I need to get on the site and App. I have done nothing different on my end but made to feel multiple times I was the problem. I also have a hearing disability and mentioned this every time I talk to someone. You have people that don’t speak clear English and it’s a struggle each time I call. What is strange that each time I called they each had something different to say what was wrong. That it was fixed ect. It is NOT fixed and clearly need your customer service dept to have better training and also speak better pronunciation so we can better understand them. I was so flustered I got very upset and cried cause no one could help me at all to solve your issues on your end. I have deleted the app cause at this point im worried you have security issues and not being honest about what is going on.

hopefulheartcbd, Sep 16, 2023
Avoid at all costs

Customer service is overseas, they have ZERO capabilities since they’re not stateside and can only email requests to the departments (in the US) that you will NEVER be able to speak to. The only bank that I, or anyone else for that matter, have EVER heard to have a MAXIMUM deposit amount. When demanded to provide documentation proving your deposit (same company that has sent countless deposits with NO problems) they will tell you you have until exactly 5pm CST to meet all of their demands or they will reject your direct deposit and hold it for up to 6 days. I called at exactly 8AM, conferenced my employer in to the call, got them the letter they demanded and yet it STILL won’t be released until THEY call both my payroll person and me to confirm once again. What happens when you call them? Either it’s a fast busy signal (70% of the time) or the automated bot will tell you to call back later and HANG UP ON YOU EVERY SINGLE TIME. The. Absolute. Worst. Ever. If you want your payroll held hostage, these guys will hook you up!Next call is to the Attorney General, one after that is the CFPB. Creating obstacles and limiting communication are the types of offenses directly related to predatory lending that results in enormous fines and much more. Creat problem, limit solution = Company Mantra Despicable business practices and clearly failing their fiduciary responsibilities.

Jim Dartley, Apr 14, 2020

I’ve be trying to resolve an issue with this so call bank for over a month with a charge that wasn’t mine and still haven’t received a refund. They came they could offer a “provisional credit”, but I want my money. After several phone calls and emails, I’m still waiting so when I get my money I’m definitely closing this card out.UPDATE: I’m still trying to resolve this issue that happened in November and they are blaming me because I didn’t submit paperwork to get provisional credit. Let’s be real Netspend/Skylight, it doesn’t take two and half months to see that I didn’t make a charge and refund me my money. Then then when you email or call you get the same script, blah blah blah. I just want my money so I can close out this account.

Juanita Richardson, Jan 22, 2022
terrible bank and terrible service

I’ve had this bank for only a few months bc of my job. it’s the card that i get paid through direct deposit. my account was working perfectly fine and all of a sudden they locked my account. i called and they said to verify my identity i needed to prove three personal documents which one i don’t have because i’m a minor. they said there was nothing they can do and that’s their policies. i DO NOT RECOMMEND this bank to nobody. i have my own bills to pay even being a minor , i work because i need the money and i get paid every two weeks to then have to wait a whole week and a few days to get paid when i’ve been supposed to get paid. im now behind on bills and behind on a lot of things especially since it getting near holiday season. Overall this app and this bank is a 0/10. theyre policies are only convenient to them. i would recommend switching banks as soon as possible to a more reliable bank. this bank needs to get shut down honestly . worst experience in all my life .

KrustyK413, Dec 01, 2022

The absolute worst card and app. My employer uses this for payroll so I have no choice but to use this scam card. Good luck getting help if you have issues (and you will). Customer service is nonexistent. My app won’t even let me file a dispute or contact them with the problem. I’ve sent multiple messages with zero response for months so far. I accidentally linked the card to my Apple Pay, and it tried to charge my card for a subscription fee. I always transfer money out of the app when it’s deposited so there’s never any in there, and when it tries to charge your card it charges you a dollar everytime. Sometimes subscriptions will attempt to charge the card 6 or 7 times in a row, and it’s $1 everytime. There isn’t one good thing I can say about this garbage card. I’d give it zero stars if I could. Don’t use if you don’t have to.

m1735, Jan 04, 2023
Worst banking app I’ve ever seen.

I’m forced to used this app to cash out tips at my work. First of all, it’s slow and clunky but that’s not even the worst of it. Currently it’s telling me I am not allowed to transfer ANY MONEY TO MY PRIMARY BANK ACCOUNT. So my money is stuck in the skylight account. I can’t put it in my other bank accounts because of a cap of some kind. I just got off the phone with customer service and they told me: 1). Call my main bank (clearly trying to get me off the phone) 2). Let me put you on hold (I was on hold longer than I spoke to anyone) 3). Use an ATM machine. After an HOUR of being on the phone, their solution to this problem was “just take the cash out of an ATM machine and deposit it to your main account.” One star is too high.

Mastergunguy, Feb 09, 2022


You are always on the go. Get the app that helps make sure your money keeps up with you! The Netspend Skylight ONE App gives you the power to manage your account on the move.

Managing your money wherever, whenever. With ease and speed you can: - Check your account balance and transaction history - Find surcharge-free ATM locations - Get direct deposit information - Send money to friends and family It’s secure, fast, and free. Optimized for iOS.

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