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User Reviews for Crunchtime Teamworx

Great but suggestion:

App works amazing and I absolutely love the layout too—very simple and easy to navigate; however, I wish there was a way to automatically update my calendar app with the schedule my work has provided. I’ve used others before, time management apps, that have this feature and feel its something that would help

{Tomtom.14}, Oct 02, 2022
Missing Features

It's an okay app, but it is missing a lot of key features. For starters, to be able to export your schedule to a 3rd party calender would be very useful (especially if it auto updated changes). Also, the ability to change the first day of the week to match personal calenders would be nice. Finally, it would be a big help to add more notification settings, like a way to give an hour heads up to an upcoming job.

AlecM., Jan 14, 2021
Bugs, lack of features and no manager support

There are a few bugs in this app. For example you can’t set an “available” time, and sending messages doesn’t seem to work.It would be great if this app could export the schedule into calendar apps, or offer a calendar subscription link.Kinda crazy managers still can’t use the app to at least approve/view shift changes.

ARFIDSED, Jul 23, 2021

I like it. Is good but it would be sooo much better if it had so much more options like days requests and more communication through here.

Betty121415, Aug 07, 2021
Updating My Availability is Weird

The app is great for the most part but whenever I try to update my availability it glitches/is weird. It just won’t erase my old availability it will basically write over my old availability and my new and old availability will be together, im not sure how to word it correctly but it’s very annoying. When i try to delete my old availability it says pending and then I will try to to put my new availability and thats with the times are all switched and wrong. I just want to update my current availability but I can’t really do that whenever my old availability won’t delete and will interfere with what i’m trying to put as my new availability.

blexican roach, Sep 12, 2023
It’s great for work!

Its great for knowing my schedule for work but right now the button to go back from seeing who is working isn’t functioning properly so its getting a bit frustrating since I don’t know when I work now.

imaflop1234, Mar 01, 2021
Refuses to work

The app was working fine for a couple years, then all of a sudden it won’t allow me to sign on through the app. It keeps stating that there is an error and the only way I can view my schedule or drop shifts or pick up shifts is to log onto the website. I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, putting all my information in, changing my information, everything I could think to do. Everything is the same as on the webpage, but the app still refuses to let me log in. I’m frustrated because I purchased the app so it was paid for and now I can no longer use it. I tried to report a problem and it said I couldn’t because I don’t have it on my purchase history which makes no sense whatsoever, so I have no way to get any kind of customer support.

It's JMO, Apr 21, 2022
Bugs horribly when choosing availability

The functionality of this app is garbage. When choosing the times you can work, the app will never cooperate. For example, I’ll set my availability on Sunday’s to be 4-11pm and when I press submit, the time I “chose” would be set as 12-6pm. This bug is incredibly annoying and defeats the purpose of the app when it’s easier to tell my managers my availability verbally.

kllaterall, Aug 19, 2023
Very Conveint

It gives me the information I need on my work schedule for the following week.I don’t have to call in or go to my place of employment to get my schedule. I have it here in front of me.

Pat Carson2018, Jun 06, 2021
Setting availability issues

There is a bug that I’ve seen a review from a year ago addresses that is still in the app. The app won’t let you set your availability. Every time you select the times available then hit the done button it erases what you’ve put. You can use the prefer and not available options, but you cannot use the available option. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!

pLasMa WOrriOR, Aug 10, 2022


Crunchtime Teamworx is the fastest and easiest way to access and manage your schedule! View your schedule of upcoming shifts, swap or offer them to other employees, manage your time off requests, and even read and reply to messages from your managers - all right from your own device. With Teamworx you can take control of your time in just a few taps.

As a manager, you can review your Daily Roster, approve Swaps & Pick-Ups, and review upcoming overtime risks and needed breaks. This is Crunchtime Teamworx: the hospitality industry's purpose-built labor management solution. NOTE: Use of Teamworx requires a subscription to CrunchTime.

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