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User Reviews for Instant Financial

Good idea. Bad execution

I just started a few months ago at a restaurant that decided to use instant. I like the idea of not having a server walking out with a full nights tips but that’s where it ends. I use Chase and was told most major banks don’t charge fees to withdraw; between chase and instant I pay $5 in fees. And they will respond with their 33,000 no fee banks but I live in a city and walk...I can’t go 20 mins out of my way for no fee. Also, the two business days for instant transfer is fine if it’s Monday or Tuesday but on the busiest nights for servers who make most of their money on weekends, don’t expect to see your money for FIVE DAYS!!! Basically if you want all your money you wait and if you don’t mind losing about $100 a month in fees or 30 mins travel out of your way they’re great. Tell their C suites they have to wait 4 days after pay day for their money or use 33,000 out of 2 billion ATMs and see if they fix it then.Also, why can other services like PayPal have a transfer done in 2-3 hours yet I get charged $2 so instant can snail mail it!? This is also contingent on how fast your employer puts it on your card as that can be a few mins to next day. STOP JUSTIFYING SHORT COMINGS, INSTANT, AND ACTUALLY FIX IT. THIS IS OUR MONEY!

Chap100487, Nov 05, 2018
It’s good!

I had just recently gotten this card, after our other cards had expired. And I have to say, this is significantly better than the other card. But with a few drawbacks in my opinion. One is that they give you the money that you earned, durning the shift that you had just worked. Like I like that they are always adding money onto the card, but it just makes me want to use it. And that money always goes toward our next checks. However! I do like that they give u an option for whether or not you want to take it. Another draw back, that I have not yet experienced, but have heard from other people, is that if your card has less than 400 dollars on it, there is a 5 dollar fee. Now that I don’t understand. If there is anyway I could get an explanation for that, I would be grateful. Well, thanks for hearing me rant on and on about it. I hope you see my message, and I hope to hear from you soon!

cherish marie sabotta, Jul 30, 2020
Bad review on Instant pay

My first day at working at Taco Bell was really good but the card company was extremely horrible I keep getting an authorize transaction and I know my workplace is tired of me asking for a new card 24/7 and I’m getting tired of it too. I’m supposed to enjoy what I earned and work hard for and when I call instant pay they freeze my card so I have to get a new one and you can’t speak to the manager because they’re always busy. Or if I forgot my pin number, it’s always a hassle to reset your pin or if you type your phone number in a wrong way it always make this like robotic noise. I suggest you not to use this app get a bank card start using the bank more instead of using this cheapo, Card I’ll be glad who ever gets the soda because this is extremely ridiculous because I have a different card same thing happened but when I create a new account everything was OK until I got a new job, which is you know the instant pay but you ain’t supposed to make a new account everything seem goody two shoe OK? “So why we can’t make a new account?” Ps. I was going to custom out each and every time I call but I didn’t!!!!!!

Christinna Howard, Apr 01, 2023
The Only Thing Worse Than This Company Is The App They've Created

My employer recently announced that they were offering (actually they didn't offer us the service, they just made it the only way to access our earnings). It was presented as a decision made by corporate solely to benefit it's employees. Instant access to our tips with any fees or headaches. None of us were excited about the introduction of the service this week. However, based on the literature we were provided, it seemed like it might not be a terrible idea. We were very wrong. First of all, the app it's self is slow, buggy & generally not well crafted. Most importantly, the promised lack of fees and quick/easy access to our $, turned out to be a joke. Transferring $ to an actual bank account can take over a week. Using the provided Visa Instant Financial card in an ATM to withdraw funds, results in a fee from both Instant Financial & my bank($2.50 from Instant & $3.00 from BOA). Yes, I'm sure their are some fee-free ATM's as they state, how can Bank of America's ATM's & most other machines owned by major financial institutions not be in their network? The only people benefiting from the services provided by Instant Financial, are Instant & the companies who force their employees to use those services.

CocktailsAreMyArt, Apr 08, 2018
Intentionally misleading

Update 2: 3rd or 4th interruption to daily use in less that 3 months.... can't use card, add money or check balance and right near Christmas too.... this really has me considering a new job just to get away from this card.Update: I saw your response, which was way late. Ironically you all fixed the issue within hours of me calling you out on the applications nonsense. Still seems like a temporary intentional ploy to get people to over spend that you fixed after someone called you out on it. Furthermore I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get my balance IE the app should work consistently. Keep it right the first time and stop messing with people's money. Still do not recommend this app or company. Leaving my old review as is. If your job requires this: pick a new jobOld review:The app used to update your balance every time you opened it. Now it will only tell you the balance as of the last time you received pay. If you withdrawal it remains the old balance setting you up to overdraw your account and pay fees. Seems pretty deliberate and like they set you up to fail. Actually considering changing jobs not to be stuck with this misleading system. Just seems very intentional that they want you to overdraw.

Former TD Bank user, Dec 20, 2019
It’s good for me!

Even though I wasn’t necessarily happy about my job forcing this new card down my throat, I can’t say I’m not thankful for it. I’ve had this card for almost a month now and haven’t touched it since because I’m saving, and It’s just awesome if you wanna save! I gave the card to my aunt and told her not to let me touch it all summer! To be able to watch my money just stack up is awesome! I usually check it when I’m bored at my other job after a couple nights of working and I’m always surprised at how much i’ve earned! I know if I would have still been getting cash tips I wouldn’t have saved as much as I am now with this card, so this was just a blessing in disguise for me! However!!!! If you do use the card, then USE THE CARD! Cause they give out random weekly cash prizes and you’re entered into the drawing every time you use your instant card. That’s pretty cool, keep up the good work!

Lisalooooo, Jul 01, 2018
constant fraud and expensive withdrawals

My restaurant recently switched to the Instant card a few months ago and already half a dozen employees have had their card information stolen and used fraudulently. Prepare for it to take 90 DAYS to receive your stolen pay back IF it’s approved. DO NOT keep your money on these unprotected cards, the security and fraud response is abysmal. This is essentially how we are paid, we can’t afford to wait three months for instant to address its own security issues before we receive our money!! Why is my card being approved literally on the other side of the country mere hours after I get paid for a shift 3,000 miles away? If your company gives you the option, CHOOSE TO GET PAID VIA CHECK because unless you are near a very specific type of ATM (spoiler alert: you’re not) it will either cost you money to access your own pay or you will need to wait days and days and days. Imagine if you received a paycheck for all your tips and hourly combined for $0 and the payroll company told you it would take 90 days to get it back, and then when you finally did you had to pay to access it within the week. That’s the instant card, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

llllllllllllll., May 10, 2019
It’s not that bad

One of my jobs switched are tips from cash to the Instant app. While we were all pretty annoyed at first because cash is just so easy but this meant we got our tip outs faster so that part I like. You can transfer money to your bank account for free but it can take a couple days, so plan it out, or use the debit card it’s self if possible. App is straight forward and simple that not much to get confused about. Honestly the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I use my tip money to pay mybills and it just adds an extra step because I have to wait and transfer to my bank account(because I’m not paying to get my own money, I don’t with my bank so I’m not going to start now) and than than pay my bill. Since mostly all my bills can’t be paid with card online/ auto pay, you have to link an account number. Other than that is is app is easy and gets me my money the next afternoon vs 2 days later. Some people at my job still hate it, but it’s not that bad.

restaurant life, Jan 11, 2020
Best payment app I’ve ever used

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best payment app I have used in my entire life. First of all, the customer service line is listed clearly when you look up Instant on Google. It’s very quick and easy to get through to an agent and they are available 24/7 which is honestly unbelievable to me. I’ve had credit cards that I’ve spent thousands of dollars with and I couldn’t get somebody on the phone half as easy as with Instant. The customer service representatives have always been friendly and helpful, and even when I call in with an issue that I’m sure can’t be resolved, they surprise me by fixing it every time so far. When I got this app I really didn’t expect much, but I’ve been blown away by the ease-of-use and consistency. I always get the payment offer the day after I worked, and even one day when I missed the offer because my job was being super draconian and refused to let me take my break, I called into the customer service line and within 5 minutes got paid. I really can’t recommend it enough, I just wish all apps and websites were this seem less to use. Great job guys!! This company is a real diamond in the rough now a days

TalbotD, Feb 06, 2023
Can’t even activate my debit card, something so simple.

So I have missed out on some needed payouts because after I made my account, I’m not able to activate my debit card on my app, or on a regular browser. The Option is not there, I have to repeat the same info over and over each time (I’ve used the chat function twice with 2 different agents one was rude, and the other seemed somewhat more knowledgeable, but still couldn’t resolve my issue. Spoke with 2 different support staff, who didn’t know what the heck to do. ) Most financial institutions can activate over the phone and be done with it. But NOPE! I’m pending an email or call from an agent from a higher level of support . I would think they would have had me on a priority call back list since I’ve been having trouble for sometime. I was told they would be in the office around 4 hours ago , and not a peep. Unless there is that many issues . I feel like just saying forget it and go back to something more reliable. like a regular bank.

VQZ81, Aug 26, 2021


Only available at employers offering Instant. For verified employees who are paid by Instant, the Instant Financial app gives you daily access to your earned wages and/or tips for free. Connect your Instant card with your Instant account to receive your wages and/or tips, make in-store and online purchases, and withdraw cash from any ATM.

Use the Instant app to receive important notifications, claim Instant Pay offers, check your real-time balance and view your recent activity, find the nearest ATM for free cash withdrawals, and transfer your money to your bank account. Instant puts you in control over how you get paid. GETTING STARTED 1. Create an Instant account with your email address and password 2. Enter your personal information for verification purposes 3. Pair the Instant card you received from your manager by scanning the barcode to the right of your Instant card on your welcome letter (the paper your card was glued on) 4. Find your employer and add a job 5. Once you’re verified, you’ll receive your daily earned wages and/or tips daily right to your Instant card FEATURES & BENEFITS • Pair a new or replacement Instant card to your Instant account • Get notified when Instant Pay offers are available • Get notified when you’ve been paid your Instant Pay, the balance of your Net Pay, or Tips • Receive your daily wages and/or tips directly to your Instant card and have immediate access to your money • Check your account balance and review your latest account activity • Find the nearest ATM for free cash withdrawal across the MoneyPass ATM Network (US) or the Exchange ATM Network (Canada) • Freeze and unfreeze your card in case your card is lost or stolen • Transfer money to another bank account - one-time transfers and scheduled recurring transfers • Receive support via email, chat, or phone call • Update your personal information in the app • Pay your bills (in Canada only, US coming soon) NO USAGE FEES At Instant, we don’t believe in charging you fees to receive, spend, or access your money. We only charge avoidable fees, such as a 90-day inactivity fee or an off-network ATM withdrawal fee. For a comprehensive list of fees, please refer to our US Cardholder Agreement (https://www.instant.co/us-cha/) or our Canadian Cardholder Agreement (https://www.instant.co/ca-cardholder-agreement/) PRE-AUTHORIZATIONS Please be aware that some merchants, such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and car rental agencies, may place a temporary pre-authorization hold to ensure your card is valid and that there are sufficient funds on the card to cover the final amount. Holds are usually removed and released back to your card when the transaction is completed within 5 days or sooner. Some merchants, such as hotels and car rental agencies, have pre-authorization holds that can last up to 45 days. BANK TRANSFERS Please be aware that bank transfers made before 1PM ET can take up to an estimated 2 business days to process and appear in the destination bank account. Bank transfers made after 1PM ET will take up to an estimated 3 business days to process and appear in your destination bank account. Need your money sooner? Visit an ATM to withdraw your cash and deposit it into your bank account the same day. RESTRICTIONS Please note, you can only load your Instant card through wages, tips, or reimbursements received from your employer. SUPPORT • FAQ: https://instant.zendesk.com/hc/en-us • Chat Support: Tap on the menu icon, tap on “Help”, and tap on “Chat With Support” • Email Support: [email protected] • Phone Support: Call the number on the back of your card

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