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Legion Workforce Engagement

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Legion Workforce Engagement

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Legion Technologies Inc.
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User Reviews for Legion Workforce Engagement

Still needs improvements

I wish I was able to have the desktop version and the mobile version all in one. In the mobile version, it’s hard to manually put in hours so I’m always having to get on my laptop to input hours when I’d rather just do it all from my phone. Same for when I’m off on Saturdays (payroll days) and I’d rather just approve peoples times but nah it’s easier to do from laptop then phone. Other than being able to see the schedules and being able to create time off this app still needs a lot of improvements.

airdecah, Jun 20, 2021
Wish other features were available but does the job

I’m on this almost every day to check my schedule and it’s pretty convenient. I wish there was a way to see when my schedule gets changed other than just noticing it’s a different time for my shift. Even if it was just a notification or a pop up when I open the app “hey your schedule for this day has changed from blank to blank” or let me see the literal edit history if it’s been changed after posting. Other than that, it’s mostly convenient 🤷🏻‍♀️

BooBear1618, Mar 02, 2022
Fix the app!!

I had no problem with it at all for the past year and half up until yesterday. Everytime I got on it to review my schedule for the week it constantly logged me out. Had to log back in everytime. Today when I tried to log back in it would let me log in. Ive deleted the app and reinstalled it and i’ve even changed my password and made sure I typed everything right but it keeps saying I don’t have access to the requested application. I’ve tried to reach out for help and actually email someone but all I get is solutions that have nothing to do with the situation and also got another email to go to my manager for troubleshooting purposes. You guys should be the one to help with that not my manager.

bsbcbksbfjmdndjcj, Aug 02, 2022
Slow and laggy

I have to use this app for my work and as of now it’s very slow and laggy then what it used to be. It doesn’t show me who I’m working with when I first open it like it used to do, I have to go where it says schedule most of the time to see if I work and who I work with. I do like the app because now I don’t have to take pictures of my schedule all the time now.

Bubba Yaga, Jul 25, 2022
Semi-good app. Fix time visibility.

I tried to view my (total) hours worked this current pay period, and I was prompted with the following: “Oops, we encountered an error while trying to process your request. Please try again later.” My smartphone’s software system and my app are updated to the most recent version. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this message either; it pops up every single time I’ve tried to view my hours worked, but per the clock, to see when exactly I worked during the workday. What good is an app about scheduling and worked hours if the visibility regarding an employee’s time is completely obscured? Ridiculous.

DOGZ146, Dec 25, 2022
App needs maintenance

When I get a notification of my new published schedule, it will not let me view the message my boss always leaves on published schedules, when I first got this app it worked great, I could review the message left from boss and even would have an alert message when opening app but now there’s no alerts and no messages but onMy notification from app, it will show the part of message but not full then when u open app there’s no alert to view it!

fzjfzjgx gas txmg gx, Jan 11, 2023
Some improvements would be nice

I have to use this app for work since that’s what my employer wants but I know that there are some things that would make it a better app to use. If pictures could be sent at a higher quality that would be helpful since we often use pictures to convey important information. A better notification system for messages inside of the inbox section would be nice. The messaging part could be reworked to include a name instead of just a picture or initials when messaging in a group chat. Also why can’t we see our clocked hours using the app? This would be an important feature if your boss won’t let you cover shifts if you are going to work overtime.

Lucky matter, Dec 16, 2021
I’m actually Impressed

After voicing a concern about this application, we were able to get a response back from the developers, who were extremely helpful. After talking on the phone we were able to sort out our issue and we were very appreciative. Like I’ve promised, I have removed my 1 star review and I truly believe this company deserves a 5 star solely due to there excellent costumer service and a well developed, fully functioning app.

reallyhj, Feb 15, 2021
Somehow needs more maintenance

Almost every single time I open this app, the screen loads for a solid 10 minutes. This, on top of the almost constant maintenance makes the app unusable. They give you no warning on their “scheduled” maintenance. (If it’s scheduled, let people know) The other features are great, it gets two stars because I can only stand to use this app to quickly peek at my schedule and then close it. Something that should take a minute at the most takes upward of 15. If you have the option to use a regular old paper schedule, I think you’d save yourself the hassle.

sidnye99, Feb 17, 2021
Downgraded some items

It was fine until I couldn’t see my timesheet. I know we are suppose to trust that our time is being recorded correctly but the timesheet helped manage that even more. I’ve had a time or two when I had to ask my time be corrected due to faulty equipment (timeclock) at my job and if I would not have seen it on my legion app I wouldn’t have known and my paycheck would have been messed up. That was a downgrade when that was taken away 😒

sorry yall nick name tt, Jul 12, 2022


Engage and empower your team with the Legion Mobile app. In just a few taps, team members can keep you updated on their work preferences and availability, and Legion ensures that they are factored in the next schedule. Notify team members when work schedules become available.

Send targeted shift offers to team members in real-time, drive team participation and ownership while fulfilling open shifts and callouts.

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