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User Reviews for HS Team App

login issues

just found out you have to click the mypass login and then the labor login links in order to ACTUALLY log in otherwise it says your credentials are not correct, but when i login it just gives me a screen that says “//walk me stuff,” whatever the hell that means. and i’ve got one question; you guys didn’t hire anyone with any experience at all in app development when y’all were making this app, didn’t you? my mother could do better than this. this app is counterintuitive and you’re better off just adding a shortcut from the home screen to the website.

annoyed working man, Dec 17, 2019
Incompatible with Dark Mode

With the new IPhone update a lot of apps are either staying the exact same or moving along and adapting to dark mode, however this app is unreadable when dark mode is on. I don’t know if it’s an apple thing or if you guys can do something to fix it, but the color of the text stays the exact same and parts of the background turn black, making the app useless unless you go to settings and switch off dark mode. It’s more of a PITA than anything else, but it would be cool if you guys could fix it. Definitely would get a 5 star review for that

Chrisnicholson96, Oct 19, 2019
Layout and Loading

The layout is really nice and easy to navigate. Recently, however, the app won’t load sometimes. This is incredibly inconvenient because I will try to check my schedule and it won’t load. This is the only way I can look at my schedule. So, if the app won’t load I won’t have a clue when I work and there is no accessibility for me. It used to work really well, but with the updates the issue has been getting WORSE. Please update the app to have it load quickly again, thank you.

drakert468, Apr 27, 2019
Dark Mode Update

I use this app every day for my job and it’s been such a huge help in my life. That being said, the new dark mode update has turned a useful tool into the most inconvenient app on my phone. I understand that most apps are switching to dark mode to comply with the new IOS update, but the execution of dark mode in the latest update of this app is horrible. You can’t see messages, times, or days, which makes seeing my schedule and communicating with my coworkers more difficult than necessary. Please, either edit the dark mode compatibility to make the app usable again, or ditch it completely and go back to the old format. There is absolutely no reason why I should have to adjust my phone’s entire display to see an app. I love this app and all the help it provides, so I am extremely disappointed at this update and the problems it’s caused.

egghead365, Oct 20, 2019
Calendar Syncing Issue

Honestly, this app is not very great, but it works for me. There’s only one very annoying issue that I have with it (as of now lol): So I synced my work schedule with my Apple Calendar, however, there’s like multiple listings of the same shift on my Apple Calendar. So like it’s there, it’s syncing, but it’s putting it there multiple times, which is pretty annoying. I don’t know exactly what’s causing this, maybe every time I open the app it re-syncs? That’s my biggest issue at this moment.

HQutie😜, May 27, 2020
Could use a theme update for iPhone.

The app seems pretty decent and well put together. Recently theres been an iPhone update to enable dark mode and this is the only app that seems to not work well with the new iPhone update. It’s extremely hard to see the text when in the app. I have to go into my phone settings and change my entire display to be able to read the text in the app. Hope an update can be made to support the new iPhone display settings. Otherwise a good app overall.

JayAcapella, Oct 20, 2019
Its great... when it works

This app is great in the number of features it offers and the simple design. I work at Chick-fil-A and it is the scheduling app we use to manage everything. However, there are problems with its performance. Its loading times can be very long, to the point where it will time out you have to restart the app. Sometimes, even when you restart the app it won’t work and you have to wait 20-30 minutes until it comes back. Second, the messaging system is unclear whether a message is sent. I will write a message out and hit send, and the send button will go dark and it will just sit there. No confirmation, just a static page. If you wait 30 seconds, it goes away. However, it is unclear whether the message sends if you don’t wait until it vanishes automatically. Lastly, the shift pickup system is buggy. A few weeks ago, I was trying to pick up a shift for a Saturday (and it was a Monday) and it told me there was an error. I kept trying to pick it up throughout the week and it never let me pick it up. I tried to pick another one up that week too, and again, I was never able to. This app would be awesome if it were more reliable.

Llama_Man32, Apr 15, 2021
Good- but

I’ve been using this app ever since I started working, which isn’t to long ago. I work at chick fil a and it’s been the best experience so far! This app is what I use to check my schedule and ask of time etc. this app has some problems but I didn’t think to much of it because I could easily restart the page. I’ve been trying to restart the page since idk when this morning because I need to see my schedule for this week and the next week because I might have plans. It’s honestly so annoying when it takes forever to load and I’m just waiting for something to happen. I know what time I work today tmmr and the next. I don’t now if it’s my phone or the app being slow but I’ve tried restarting my phone, turning my cellar data on n off and I’m gonna try to use wifi to see if it will work.

mags4596, Jul 21, 2022
Not a good layout

The app is just not easy to navigate. I believe this app could be so much more organized. I find it unnecessary to have to first click on the calendar icon on top, and then each day of the week over and over just to set up your availability. I think having a pop-up or a drop-down box after simply clicking on each day of the week, with the time frame you are able to work, would be much easier and faster to set up. Even on the website, the availability calendar is set up almost like an excel sheet when it could just be a one-click drop-down box of the hours you’d want to work. The message feature on the app doesn’t give me notifications of a new message so I often read them late (doesn’t go through push-notification), and new messages should be in bold print to differentiate between old/new messages. Simple features make a huge difference.

Mar3736373, Nov 17, 2018
I liked Shift Agent better

On HS you are unable to see the whole team you are working with. If you are scheduled front of house, you can't always see who is back of house or in leadership. You also only have the options of being available or unavailable. On Shift Agent you were able to say when you preferred to work or preferred not to work even if you were available.Also, the interface just isn't pretty. It's shallow but as a consumer, it matters. It still gets the job done and works. But these are ways it could be better.

Mir_CFAuser, Oct 23, 2017


Check schedules and send text or email alerts to notify staff about the schedule or other important messages. Team members can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Schedules and the roster automatically update with any manager-approved changes.

NOTE: The HS Team application REQUIRES a valid HS Team user account through your employer.

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