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ZombieBooth Pro

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ZombieBooth Pro

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for ZombieBooth Pro

Bloody awesome! =P 🌟

A great and entertaining app! This was definitely worth .99c - everyone I have shown loves it & wants to be zombified! It's so realistic that many of them get freaked out by the images. I would just suggest a few more actions the zombies do and some more 'head' costume pieces - preferably some more zombie realistic stuff like adding razor blades to the face or stitches etc. But still a great app! Kudos to the creator 👍

AppDollx, Feb 03, 2012
shockingly amazing!

I bought this app thinking it would be some lame picture app that superimposes a scar and a little blood or something resembling a zombie. After I scanned my face I almost dropped my phone I was so impressed. I spent the rest of the afternoon laughing and making all my pictures of people I knew into ferocious gory looking zombies. This thing is good. I honestly think this app must be kept away from small children because it will terrify them. All in all I would have been willing to pay more then $.99 for this app but at $.99 it is a must have app!

AvatarAustin, Jan 22, 2012
Coolest app ever if u like zombies

But I only give it 3 stars because it messed up my photo album section. Now there is a big block of blackness covering my photos. I can still get my pics when I touch a spot in the black, but I don't know what pic I'm pulling up. Not at all happy about this. The other complaint is I have the 3G and haven't had any problems yet besides the fore mentioned, so I told my mom to get it. She has the 3GS and it won't work for her.

Easily taken advantage of, Aug 26, 2010
By far the best

If you liked Bald, Aging, or Fat Booth, you will love this app. This is by far the most realistic app I have seen on the app store. It takes a picture of you and it makes an animated zombie with your face! You can also change the zombies face by shaking the device and it bites your finger! Awesome app!!! Worth every singe cent!

FA28, May 30, 2011

This is one of the best apps on my iPod now. It's just awesome :D though for all pictures, you need to zoom in on the face and sometimes it zooms too far, making the picture look blurry. Though that's my only complaint! I'd prefer this over FatBooth any day xDEDIT: PLEASE add Retina Display compatibility! The effects and the photos themselves are sort of "dumbed down" resolution-wise, and it makes the finished pictures look pretty bad on current-gen devices.

Geo_212, Apr 26, 2011
Had this app for a while

Figured it's about time for a review. I've had a lot of fun with this and anyone I show it to are fascinated by it. The detail is great. I also like getting pictures from the Internet and using them. I laughed hysterically when I used a picture of Michael Jackson and the first zombie animation had no nose. Lol. Great app. Works great on iOS4 and anyone complaining about crashing must just have an iPhone with crappy problems. NOT THE APPS FAULT!

Jessiegray88, Aug 16, 2010
App crashes after uploading to Facebook

Every time I upload a video to Facebook, I can't get back to the main screen to make another video! It stays on the video I uploaded with no options to get out of it. I have to totally shut my iPhone down and restart to get back in the app. I tried saving the video to my phone to see if that would work, but it's the same problem! Fix this please!!! Other than that, this app has some pretty cool effects.

jratcliffe222, Oct 07, 2011
Super cool and great to show off!

I wasn't expecting much and thought I had to edit pic myself but all I gotta do is choose a pic of my face centered and it does the rest for me! Supercool animation of pic and if u shuffle it changes the zombie face in seconds. Love that I can record video of animation to friends. Didn't lag at all in whole 30minutes of non stop use. Def recommend 

Karbearprincess, Sep 26, 2010
Creepy in a good way!

Talk about a creepy and kick arse app! The first time I gave this a try on my brother and we both freaked at how awesome and realistic the zombie skin looks and animates over the persons face! As to the one person who gave it one star and said you have to be a disturbed individual to like this, all I can say is get a life and stop telling people not to buy this cause you thought it was a disturbing app, well you're just a sad pathetic person with no sense of humor!

SAHendry, Sep 12, 2011

Worth every penny!Besides being amazing at transforming a picture of someone into a hideous zombie it also transforms the face when you shake your iPod. It bites your finger when you touch the screen & looks at it when you move it around. You can even video record it and upload it to Facebook or email it to a friend. This is totally an amazing app. Check it out for yourself!!!

YAAMEE, Oct 31, 2010


How would you look as a zombie?! What about your friends? ZombieBooth is a fun way to instantly make your face into a 3D, animated zombie!

You can even record and share videos of your zombified friends! CUSTOMIZABLE 3D ZOMBIES! - ZombieBooth makes any 2D portrait fully 3D - Create a huge collection of 3D, animated zombies from photos of you and your friends - Shake or Tap to choose from over 500,000 zombie variations to pinpoint your undead doppelgänger YOUR ZOMBIES COME ALIVE - Zombies will blink, scowl, and breath! - Hear them growl and frenzy - They’ll even try to ravage your finger if you get too close! ZOMBIFY YOUR FRIENDS! - Capture portraits to zombify on iPad 2, 4th Gen iPod touch, and any camera equipped iPhone - Record and post videos of your zombies on Youtube, and Facebook - Share zombie images via Email, Facebook, and Twitter Still not convinced? Try the Free version! There’s also an iPad version of ZombieBooth! The iPad version is now 50% discount for a limited time ! For more info, to ask a question directly, or to just share your zombies, come visit us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ZombieBooth) or Twitter @ZombieBooth. WARNING: This app contains frequent use of horror images that may not be suitable for children or the faint-hearted!

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