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User Reviews for CovertCam

Video recording red dot

The app works great with only one problem. The video recording has a permanent red dot on the screen and this defeats the purpose of having a covert black screen, please advise how I fix this or is this a bug ??

BennyBookWurm, Sep 16, 2020

App works as advertised, only I noticed one ‘small’ problem. After I take a picture or video, it does not save it to my device and I have no way to go back and look at what I recorded. Is this a bug or is there some kind of issue on my part? If I could get some help with this problem, that would be delightful.

ChiChiChiChoi, Dec 25, 2020

Seems great to me. Both video and audio come in clean. It’s quick. It’s easy if you follow the controls provided above. I am wondering if there’s a way to get rid of the tiny red marker that’s there in video mode. Hardly noticeable though I want complete invisibility. Great app man, definitely recommend.

dersyboy, Aug 20, 2019
Not completely black

Does't cover completely your screen! Theres a green light on top and you can see the picture you took on the bottom!

Dynhotr, Jul 12, 2021
This app is difficult to use

I was able to switch to video mode and also to settings, but return from setting to the black screen make it disappear the preview window from the bottom and I can’t make it reappear again until I close and reopen the app. I wish you could fix thatI use this app to record videos in a really private wayBut having the red or green icon so big and on the top right side of the screen make it so obvious to everyone that it stops being private and can no longer use for mysterious recording as those big icons red dot , green square make everybody realices that I’m recording and can’t be hidden , private or a secret anymore I wish you could fish thatI don’t think it’s necessary to have such huge icons it could be something really small and neat.I wish you could fix it

featherbabylove, Oct 11, 2021
Its been years can you consider?

Its been years and users are asking for the same thing can you atleast consider removing the red dot in video mode? We would all appreciate it and then you’d have the perfect app for covert recording, if not can you atleast give me a reason? App is a 3.5 just because of the red dot man, other wise it’s absolutely perfect

JUHSHAWAN, May 17, 2023
Amazing simple and a smart idea but

If you could just at least minimize the size of the red dot then this app could be a 5 star as well if possible add backgrounds

meek_miki, Jul 14, 2021
Well done almost....

For the most part works great!! My only complaint is the setting page cuts off the right side of setting so I can see what they are set to or even see them. I would attach a screenshot but I can in this review. Tks

Mfg engineer, Aug 11, 2019
After app updated

Dear Developer, Thanks for fixing the previous bugs.There is new issues in the app, is not aligned on the screen, the size is bigger and there are parts that I can’t see. I have an iPhone 7 up to date.Everything else is perfectly working, I love this app!

selhan, Aug 20, 2019
Live video instead of video?

When I try to take a video by double tapping while in video mode, it instead takes a live video. Am I doing something wrong or is the software just outdated?

septa_837, Apr 01, 2022


The original black screen camera app. No nonsense app with no silly gimmicks. Take a photo or video with a touch of the blacked out screen.

Made for concert and festival goers Features include: - Discrete preview window that can be hidden - Live photos available - Burst mode All settings can be uniquely set to your preferences and saved. CovertCam v4.0.2 features: - Single tap anywhere on screen for photo - Swipe right to toggle video mode, then double tap anywhere on screen for video (double tap again to stop) - Swipe left to toggle front/rear cameras - Swipe right to toggle photo/video mode - Press and hold (3+ seconds) for settings/removing settings menu - Burst mode - Takes a photo every x seconds Coming soon: - Integration with Apple Watch PLEASE NOTE: In order to take video you need to be in 'video mode' - Swipe right and you toggle between photo and video mode. An indication that you are in 'video mode' will be that the view finder will slightly enlarge. Once in 'video mode' you can double tap to start the video. It is currently not possible to auto-disable the shutter sound of the camera when taking a photo. It is against the iOS Developer Program License Agreement. It is against iOS Developer Program License Agreement to not have indications on the screen when taking a photo and/or video.

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