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David Quiles
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User Reviews for myLightMeter PRO

Long Exposure Life Saver

I wanted to wait until I got my film back before reviewing this app. I absolutely love the design of it and handling it is a breeze. Most importantly though it WORKS. I am a film photographer who shoots landscapes and waterfalls. Long exposure for waterfalls needs an accurate meter reading. I took a chance on a $4 app before burning $200+ on a real meter and it paid off. I got accurate and *consistent* exposures across 3 different lenses and 4 different film stocks. I wish I could include the photos this app helped produce in the review because it is spectacular. Easy to use in the field with instant results and high sensitivity to lighting changes. I am very pleased and so thankful someone put this out there for such a low price. ***I would like to point out that, when compared to my camera’s self meter, it’s results were less accurate indoors. If you mainly shoot portraiture or indoor scenes I can’t speak to how accurate it will be for that, but I give it a 10/10 for natural light

aceshighnwild, Jan 17, 2023
Nicely Done

I am a collector of vintage photography. I have hundreds of cameras, in just about every format. I really appreciate all of them and their differences. Using this app has been a joy to use for all my toys. I, like others was a little unsure about getting the app but I heard so many great things and reviews, I figured I’d try it. Using this app and my own way of doing certain things over the years I get very nice results. It is truly a great app to have with you all the time.

Bertisme, Apr 29, 2021
Great for old cameras

So I bought a few old cameras (mamiya c220, hasselblad 500cm) and none of them have a light meter, I was going to buy a dedicated meter but they are expensive and I don’t mind it but I will not use this cameras as my main format for now, so I tried this app (the pro version because a few dollars is nothing in the photography world) and the results where beyond my expectations!! Very impressive, very simple, and is in my pocket all the time :) thank you for such clever and great app!!

Capataz, Jun 04, 2018
Handier than my Gossen Luna Pro

I use a 1955 Rolleicord V when I shoot film (Ilford HP5 - 400). I like to carry as few things as possible - just the camera - and I would often leave my light-meter behind when I went out to shoot, relying on having memorized the “Sunny 16” rule to determine my exposure settings. I bought this meter after trying the free version. I always have my iPhone in my pocket, and this apps blend of features and skewmorpic similarity to a meter I am familiar with is just great. I’m quite pleased with all the features and settings and look forward to having the meter handy always. Thanks!

Dave V., Jul 20, 2018
Easy to use

Update July 2019. I haven’t used the meter for a while. When I opened it this morning I hit ‘don’t access my camera’ and BOOM! Screen went black and I can’t get back to the meter. Annoying. I guess I have to dump it and buy it again.Old review when I liked this app: I have a bunch of old cameras, a couple don’t have meters so this works for me. I’m going to have my phone with me anyway so having the meter in my phone cuts down on gear. Some of these old cameras are heavy and bulky enough. DDahlberg

DDahlberg, Jun 30, 2019
On par with spot meter in OM4

I tested this along side my Olympus OM4t’s internal spot meter and it was spot on. Only downside is it’s kinda fussy with 200 iso on 6x7 cameras. Especially the 6x7 because it will tell you f stops that you don’t have. But that’s partially the fact that the lens doesn’t give display every f stop. Overall this app work’s impressively well. Makes film photography more accessible witch is needed with how expensive film is.

helpme103728819747329939838, Aug 05, 2023
Buy this app

I don’t ever rate apps but as a film photographer I feel as if I have to help out this independent app developer. I do not own an actual light meter but this app gives me the proper exposure settings for 1/20th of the cost. I will eventually go out and spend the money on a light meter but until then, this app suits my needs 100%. I shoot with a Mamiya RB67 and some Canon and Olympus 35mm SLRs and this app never fails any of the cameras.

Jake F. V., Sep 01, 2020
Fantastic app

I had a lot of trouble getting my account recognized at first, but customer service stepped up to the plate and fixed it. Worth it! Spectacular maps and features and definitely eclipses my old Garmin. Of course, get a battery to prolong walking around, and iPhone screens are iffy in the sun, but none of that is the app’s fault. Love it! And thank you customer service.

Jing_Ke_9867, May 23, 2022
Best meter app and great support!

I’ve been using this app regularly for nearly six years in combination with a Sekonic meter. By adjusting the EV setting, you can match the app to a traditional meter for even more accuracy. For the first time, after a recent update, I had problems with the app. I reached out to David and had a reply, including a work around within hours. The app was updated again within days and has been trouble free. It says a lot when a app has one problem in many years of use.

M4buddy, Sep 01, 2019
Very Accurate

This is a great app, it’s right on. I’ve measured it against multiple light meters, including the excellent meter in a new leica MP and it’s great. There are a few features I wish it had, I wish I could save the measurements, lens and aperture/shutter and phone photo it’s taking, so I don’t have to keep a notebook of shots as well. I also wish it had frame lines for the lens it’s got as a preset. But as a simple light meter, it’s excellent. I stopped carrying an additional meter after testing it.

Mark_Marine, Sep 23, 2020


Designed by a photographer for photographers, focused on RELIABILITY and PRECISION for digital and analog photography. • Extended sensitivity as low as -2/-4EV (dark scenes) • Two different convenient interface designs. • Incident and reflected light metering modes. • Save exposure data. • f/Tools connection. • Independent calibration for the two metering modes. • Independent selection of aperture, speed, ISO and exposure compensation with 1/3 resolution. From 4 minutes to 1/8000 sec., aperture from 1.0 to 512 and iso from 3 to 6400. • Automatic priority for aperture or speed. (Automatic Av and Tv modes). • Automatic ISO or locked ISO options. • Point metering in camera view. • Maximum aperture limited by the selected lens. • Calculate the average of any number of measurements you want. • Read the exposure data of any photo from the gallery. • Calculate hyperfocal distance for 5 memorized lenses. Which also blocks maximum aperture. • Memory for 5 lenses with maximum aperture, focal length and film/sensor size for calculating hyperfocal distance and aperture. • Hyperfocal distance also for infrared light. (IR button) • Exposure value EV on an analog scale or right up front. • Two LED indicators show whether the measurement is unreliable due to lack of light in the scene, or if we have under 30% battery left. • On 3.5 " displays preset lens buttons tilting the device or tapping at the bottom. • Be advised that accurate incident light reading needs a diffuser attached to the front camera.

Without the diffuser still can be used but think about it, it will be a reflected reading taken with the front camera. I'm an independent photographer/designer/developer and am very grateful for your support. Trying to do the best lightmeter app ever, a lot more to come. You can ask for any improvement and I'll be happy to help. This app is constantly reviewed and improved because it is my tool, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] Thank you! David Quiles

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