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FILCA - SLR Film Camera

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FILCA - SLR Film Camera

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Cheol Kim
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User Reviews for FILCA - SLR Film Camera

Nearly Flawless

The app is great, let’s start there. I’ve tried different apps the emulate film stocks and this is by far the best one in my opinion. The interface of the apps also is good for the most part, controls are easy to understand and produce great images using the lenses on my iPhone. With that being said it doesn’t come cheap, adding the different film packages are additional costs but the truth is, once the app is purchased it comes with plenty of emulations where you don’t really need to purchase other unless you want to. My biggest issue with the app is the lack of compatibility with Bluetooth / remote shutters. I know it has a timer but I would like the option of being able to use my remote shutter. I really hope that they add this in a future update.

@victoralejandro, Apr 26, 2023
Fantastic Vintage Look

Love the manual controls and all the vintage looks. Easy to use and setting up a shot is quick once you know your favorite film filters.My only negatives are small. I wish the UI was larger. There’s so much space on my screen between the edges of the UI and the edges of my phone. When I open up my filter or series library, it takes up half my viewing screen making it difficult to preview a shot. I also wish there was a way to favorite certain film film filters.

4N20, Jul 25, 2023
Purchases on top of purchases!

First of all, you have to pay for the app to even download it. Then you have to pay to add film packs. You ALSO have to pay to unlock pro mode which contains very necessary features like being able to edit your photos after you take them. For pro mode you can either pay a subscription or unlock everything for a one time fee of $80!! Typically with apps you either download them for free and then have to pay a subscription, OR you pay a one time fee to download the app and then you get all the features without needing to pay a subscription, but usually not both! Also, the app is glitchy (sometimes photos just don’t save) and the layout is difficult to use. It’s a shame because the photos it takes are pretty nice and the concept is appealing, but this app was a waste of money for me.

AshleyKranz, Oct 09, 2022
Won’t record after purchase and app won’t close! Beware!

The photography possibilities on this app are second to none, that’s a given - and the only saving grace for the app. The issues start to rear their ugly heads (yes heads, plural) once you decide to purchase filming capabilities. I bought the 3.99 pro upgrade followed by Kodak series and Fuji series. And guess what? None of them work! I hit the red record button and it sends me right back to the purchase screen, really frustrating. They didn’t waste time taking my money, but can’t update their apps functionality issues? Not cool! Then there’s the exiting of the app. It’s a nightmare! Like most functional apps you swipe and it disappears. Not this one! I have to constantly sign in and out of my home screen to finally exit the app. Also, to make matters even worse, I deleted and redownloaded the app. In hopes the app was glitching, and could be corrected with a “fresh start” I got just that! I had none of my purchases and all the same issues I mentioned above! Terrible! I’ll be going through Apple to get my refund. This app was/is a real let down. Proceed with caution, fellow consumers!

Chris87yup, Dec 10, 2019
Takes photos by itself constantly.

I’m pretty upset I just spent money on this for all the pro features. It has some great controls but it’s impossible to use without upgrading because of ad that pops up literally every 15 seconds. If you do upgrade like I stupidly did, then it takes photos on its own. Constantly. There’s nothing to explain this. I’ve troubleshooted over and over. It’s impossible to use as is. Read other reviews and you’ll see many people experiencing the same thing. This is with an iPhone 11 fully updated. Fix the app. Criminal to charge for something this buggy. Especially with the overzealous after to force you to buy. Noting this company and making sure never to buy again. Apple should remove this app unless it gets some serious fixes.

Dustin64, Nov 08, 2019
Money-Hungry App

This app is a paid app, and once you buy it virtually nothing is available to you without purchasing more functionality. The timestamps are only available in a monthly subscription price, that just doesn't make sense. This app is just looking to take your money. Though none of these upgrades are terribly expensive, you get hidden costs everywhere. Would have been better to make this a $10 app, and give you the functionalities, or a free app that then gives you options to pay for more, but when you buy the app itself you are actually buying nothing, just a ticket to buy more things. Stupid business model, that decieves users.

EricDargan, Jun 21, 2019
Not worth the money

I bought both of these apps for photo and video, they allow you to take shots, and in the app you are able to manipulate them- but you cannot save how you manipulated them unless you purchase a pro upgrade for a ridiculous amount of money. Also, you aren’t able to use the app properly because it’s on AUTO. The photo app you can manipulate some things but if you’re wanting to add effects like different film stocks for a cool photo film look, you must upgrade and pay to save the photo film looks you chose. I’m definitely disappointed and was going to have my students purchase this for assignments- but definitely will not.

film8krDude, Mar 21, 2022
FILCA: The Retro SLR in Your Pocket!

FILCA is the camera app that delivers a retro SLR experience right in the palm of your hand. This nifty app is a godsend for capturing life's impromptu moments without lugging around a heavy camera. Perfect for snapping off-the-cuff family shots or gritty street scenes, FILCA is like the Swiss Army knife of photography apps – compact, versatile, and surprisingly sharp. Catering to everyone from the greenest of rookies to the most seasoned pros, it's as if FILCA was crafted in some secret photography lab for maximum user satisfaction. In short, FILCA is a pocket-sized powerhouse that'll make your smartphone feel like an old-school SLR. And trust me, it's worth every cent.

gorbomb17, May 15, 2023
The best photo film app, BUT!

This app is great. It is exactly what you want your photos to look like if you are into film. BUT it is a tad bit un-intuitive. I wish that the photos on my phone would sync up to the app instead me having to select individual photos. And I wish they allowed you to edit your time stamp. The time stamp is my favorite feature, but not being able to edit the date is SUCH A BUMMER. I think these can be easily fixed though. “nudge nudge”Worth the money though. Get it.

Iwantlarock, May 15, 2022
Best Film Camera for the Buck

Ivey used most of the film cameras with a rating of 4.0 and above for my iPhone 11 Pro Max 14.3. I found Filca to be the best because it includes all the features and capabilities of the latest iOS and pro DSLR features. The UI is well designed and the choice of films is terrific. The cost is reasonable, especially in this crazy era of expensive subscriptions. This app deserves a higher rating of 4.8 and I think that you will agree with me.JohnnyAppSeed

John DeNicola, Feb 27, 2021


Filca is a perfect blend of the convenience of a digital camera and the nostalgic charm of a film camera. Experience the high-quality silent shooting and professional manual operations, enabling you to capture your most memorable moments in photographic form. ■ Shutter speed, ISO, white balance control in Manual mode ■ 35mm film filters from industry leaders like Kodak, Fuji, Agfa Filca is designed to optimize your snapshot experience. It's perfect for taking photos of people, self-portraits, night scenes, and capturing the subtle beauty of everyday life.

Apply our filters to achieve an authentic analog film appearance. Main Features: * Auto mode camera with 35mm film filter * Manual mode (Exposure and Focus) * Full control over shutter speed, ISO * Various aspect ratios: 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1 * Digital zoom up to 8x magnification * Manual Focus Control (macro, landscape) * 36mm film filter from Fuji, Kodak, Agfa (including black and white filter) * Film Grain Effect * Film Printing Effect * Optical Image Stabilization * Low Power Mode * Selfie Mode * EXIF Data Storage (including location data) * Portrait Enhancements * Full Resolution Photo * Timer and Flash Function * Grid Mode View * Auto-Generate Instagram Tags Pro Features: * White Balance Adjustment Function * Date Print Function Share your photos on Instagram using #filca We look forward to featuring your work. Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filca.app/ Terms of Use: https://han.gl/HCCwV Privacy Policy: https://han.gl/Wclkw Let us elevate your photography journey with Filca.

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