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User Reviews for Vivid Seats | Buy Tickets

Don’t trust these guys

I bought tickets. I paid for them. Their website listed my tickets as “confirmed” in big red letters on my account. But they never emailed the mobile tickets to me. On the day of the event I chatted online with customer service twice, both times the rep promised my tickets would be emailed before the show. The second person I talked to, “Christopher” said don’t worry the tickets will come. Just go even if they haven’t arrived. They will be emailed while you’re in line to get in. I’m sure you can see where this is headed. I went downtown. I paid for parking. I get to the venue. Still no tickets. Now I’m outside on the phone with vivid seats like an idiot for an hour while the show starts without me. I finally talk to some one who offers me a refund. We’ll see if it ever comes. When I asked why they didn’t just tell me that afternoon there was a problem, she said they didn’t confirm the tickets weren’t coming from their “seller” until 30 minutes after the show had started. THEN WHY DID IT SAY THEY WERE CONFIRMED ON MY ACCOUNT?? Ok I’m done venting. I know it’s just a show and life will go on. But don’t make the same mistake as me. Oh and the tickets were a gift for my wife, so I drug her into this whole debacle. Luckily she has a sense of humor and she loves me. If that refund ever comes, I’ll try to make this up to her.

allowtimetoheal, Jul 17, 2022
Rip off company

I purchased tickets well before the pandemic hit and was excited to head to a concert as a Christmas present to my girlfriend last December. The concert was suppose to be May 2020 but for obvious reasons it was postponed. Which is totally fine and makes sense but a few months later around September 2020 they sent an email saying the event had been canceled which also totally makes sense and gave everyone 7 days to get a full refund, so I called.. I spoke to customer service who told me to expect a refund within 7 business days. After 2 weeks I called back and told them I never received the refund and this is where they started to scam me and try to say I never called them within 7 days of that email and for those reasons I was out of luck and could have a credit towards future events.But, How do I know this company will even exist after the pandemic?! They could go totally under with my “credit” and I’m screwed.I reached out numerous times via email, phone and even to the executives LinkedIn accounts and also had to call my bank to open a dispute which so far has gone in my favor because before the pandemic when I purchased the tickets there was no “7 day” restrictions if the event was canceled everyone was due a full refund. VividSeats is a gigantic rip off and I would use extreme caution when ordering any type of event tickets through them. Especially during this pandemic.

Corbin Williams, Nov 30, 2020
The Absolute Worst Experience I’ve ever had with Buying Tickets!!!!

The App is absolutely useless....It Doesn’t store your ticket it just shows that you paid for it?? Ok... Well the Venue doesn’t care about your transaction it just wants the Barcode so they can Scan the ticket... Well you can’t get it because you need to accept tickets through a barrage of emails that most get lost in your Spam Folder.... Then you call customer service and your calling a third world country where you can’t even understand what the hell they are saying... But they get mad at you and hang up on you because I couldn’t understand their broken English..... If I could give a Negative Star that’s what I would do... I will never buy tickets from them again ever or will I ever recommend someone to them....I arrived early just to sit and fight with customer service to locate this Parking pass that I paid to much for. I ended up missing half the game and had to pay out of pocket for a parking spot... I then call customer service to get a refund because the ticket was never used or Scanned... Bit the customer rep. Just laughed and said we give refunds even though you didn’t receive or use the ticket..???? Ok well then Vivid seats are a Fraudulent company ripping people off.... Oh and it took 45 minutes after getting transferred 3 times to get that answer!!!! ABSOLUTELY THE WORST!!!! DO NOT GIVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THESE CLOWNS!!!!!!!

Dario 2011, Aug 13, 2019
Shockingly horrible customer support

I’ve never had issues buying tickets through any third party ticketing app and I certainly didn’t expect any issues from a company such as VividSeats. I had ordered tickets last year (2020) for a showing of Wicked which was postponed until fall 2021. After seeing the new dates for the show I emailed and called vivid seats multiple times to get any kind of idea about when my new rescheduled tickets would arrive. Well days turned into weeks which turned into months and pretty soon there was only 2 weeks left of showtimes for wicked. I had continually reached out and the only response I received was that “we’re closely monitoring the situation and we’ll update you when the venue has confirmed any new dates.” I’m writing this review the day after the final showtime for my city has passed. So now I’ve spent money for a show I never got to watch and a constant headache as I try to navigate the customer support hurdles to talk to someone. They advertise a “100% money back guarantee” but I’ve seen no mention of it from them as I try to get my refund for these tickets. I also purchased the insurance for the tickets but apparently means nothing in this situation. I will never buy from vivid seats again and I strongly advise anyone who is considering buying from them to reconsider and buy elsewhere. Customer support is non existent and they will hang up on you if you keep persisting for a refund. Stay away!!

Erick284729, Oct 04, 2021
Zero Stars

Bought tickets to an event 3 hours away and a week away. Never could accept the transfer due to some error. Contacted customer service all week trying to get it solved. Eventually, I told them how far away the event was and they said to try to contact them the day of the event before I started driving. The night before I got an email stating the tickets had been withdrawn. I got tickets through SeatGeek myself for the event as I had seen other reviews with this happening to people through Vivid Seats. I went to the event perfectly with SeatGeek. I got home and saw where they sent the tickets to me again 17 minutes before the event started. This feels like a scam to me as I never even got to try to accept them and not even sure they would have gone through. But, since they show they were transferred again-they did their part according to them. If you actually want a worry free time and not trying to wait at the event gate 3 hours away minutes before it starts praying for a possibility you get tickets if they actually come through without errors-go through a company that cares or at least one that will get you tickets at a time you could use them - SeatGeek was awesome! I will never use Vivid Seats again. I ended up spending twice as much as I should have for the same event due to their careless customer service. Hours on the phone and chat with no results. Surprised there is not a class action yet!

JHAT1, Oct 25, 2021

HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. Oh and did I mention, HORRIBLE. The company is a joke. The customer service deserves negative stars. I wouldn’t even give one star but I had to. I was surprising my husband with Eagles Vs. Cowboys tickets at Lincoln Financial field for his birthday and he’s never been there since we are Tennessee residents but are huge Eagles fans. So I get on this website and purchase 4 tickets for (what I thought) was Cowboys vs. Eagles tickets for November 11th. Well I actually bought tickets for the Eagles vs. NY Giants for OCTOBER 11th. Well literally not even 30 seconds after I had ordered these tickets, mind you they were $560( WHICH IS A LOT OF MONEY FOR ME ), I had realized this mistake and chatted them on their live chat right away and begged them to change the tickets or give me my money back. I BEGGED. But as anyone who does business with this site knows they do not do refunds or exchanges but by God they do have a spot where you can sell your tickets you don’t want! Isn’t that fantastic? (Please note my heavy sarcasm) So here I am in TENNESSEE trying to sell tickets for a game in NEW YORK. Wish me luck because this dumb site just cost me $560. Oh and if you have a problem don’t bother calling them you’ll just get the same rehearsed answer for your problem and be on hold for 15 + minutes. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. EVER. That is all.

Kgrahamcracka, Sep 27, 2018
Had to jump through hoops and Prices are INFLATED!!

I used Vivid Seats to purchase 10 Phillies tickets. Payment went through fine. I started getting all these emails that reference tickets had been “sent” but no actual email with tickets. I tried calling to speak with a rep and they don’t have anyone you can talk to, all automated and we know how wonderful that can be. I did a chat session and the first rep was ignorant, couldn’t walk me through how to get my tickets, and then told me the only way to get my money back would be to sell my tickets back! I ask “How do I sell tickets I don’t have???” He couldn’t answer me and continued to get more ignorant with me. After 45 minutes he disconnected my session and I was stuck. So I had to start ANOTHER chat session. This rep was helpful. Walked me through the many steps you have to go through to get your tickets and settled my issue in 25 minutes. I needed to purchase 14 tickets for another game and decided to shop a few sites this time. Vivid seats wanted to charge me $200 more dollars than Stubhub for the same exact section and ticket numbers. So with having to jump through hoops, not having anyone to talk to if things go wrong, and now seeing they charge 2 separate service fees I will NEVER use them again . They charge $7.75 per ticket for a service charge but provide terrible service, then $2.50 per ticket for an “electronic fee” ummmm why???? It’s just a way to gouge prices.. pure greed!! Go somewhere else.

Kimberle T, Aug 22, 2019
Easy to use app and fees are better than competitive

I have used Vivid Seats dozens of times to purchase tickets to my favorite sports teams and artists.I love Vivid Seats because they make the ticket purchasing and delivery process so streamlined I can buy tickets to Cubs and Bears games up until minutes before the game. They do a good job of showing you if the ticket is an instant download, mobile ticket, or shipped ticket so you know right away what you will be getting.I also like that they have views from sections in lots of stadiums. It helps me get a sense of where every seat is and if it is worth the listed price. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, I am always sure to compare prices at checkout rather than the listed price because all of these secondary ticket companies list their fees and service charges differently at the end of the process. At checkout, Vivid Seats is usually the cheapest option as their service charges are always lower than competitors like StubHub and SeatGeek. I will continue to use Vivid as my primary source of tickets because of all these factors.

Kmac2894, Oct 18, 2018
Worst Buying/Customer Service Experience

If I could leave zero stars on this review I would. From the moment I purchased the tickets I had a problem. It started with purchasing 6 tickets and only receiving 2 of those 6. After being charged for tickets I never received, I contacted customer service to see if they could send me the tickets and if not, refund the charge for a product I never received. After waiting 45 minutes I was told by customer service they couldn’t refund my money, to “take the charge up with my bank.” When we did go to use the 2 tickets we had, we arrived at the game only to find that the time posted on the App, on the mobile confirmation and the ticket was incorrect. We could no longer attend the correct time so I again contacted customer service to see about reselling the tickets to get my money back, based on their error for posting the wrong time, I was told the event was already in progress (it wasn’t since they had the wrong time) and they couldn’t resell/refund my tickets. When I asked about the incorrect information they said they would transfer me to the correct department to “look into this”, which never happened and I was disconnected twice. Not only did I pay for a service and product I never received, but the customer service was no help in correcting their mistake or helping to get my money back. I will never use this company to purchase tickets again.

LBelle*, Apr 24, 2021
A Financial Nightmare!Do NOT lose your $$!

I bought(or so I thought)tickets for the Laker game. On the way to the game, I called to verify seats because I had received a confirmation email and my card was charged but I did not get ticket info. I was told hat the seller had not confirmed so the tickets were canceled but I would receive my refund in a few days! They found other seats and my card was charged again and AGAIN the tickets for some reason could not be finalized. 30 minutes until starting time, seats were low but they found better seats but I had to pay more of course. I told them it is the only money I had left to PLEASE only charge my card if they were sure we would get seats! When we arrived at the Staples Center we got an email that the seats were sold!!! NO one could give me answers at VS and now hundreds of dollars ithe hole, my daughter had to buy her own birthday tickets from the box office because VS had taken my entire paycheck. I couldn't even buy my daughter dinnner. We were stressed, missed opening of the game and the saddest thing is I never got an apology or remimbursement for the nightmare or fees I later inurred from my bank. I had to wait over a week for the hundreds of dollars that Vivid Seats stole from me. Use Geek Seats or any other hub but this scam!

Melly Laker Lover, Apr 11, 2020


Vivid Seats - Empowering every fan to get to the live events that shape their most vivid moments and memories. Looking for the best way to buy and sell mobile tickets? Conveniently buy and sell tickets to top sports, concert, and theater events with the FREE Vivid Seats mobile app.

Vivid Seats Rewards: Buying tickets from Vivid Seats will get you to more events. All you have to do is collect stamps, redeem, and repeat Whether you’re in need of seats to must-see games and sporting events, the hottest sold out concerts, or star-studded Broadway shows, you can quickly and easily search the Vivid Seats marketplace to find great tickets for any live event nationwide. Concert tickets now available for Motley Crue, Alanis Morissette, Maroon 5, Garth Brooks, Aventura, Andrea Bocelli, Tame Impala and more! Vivid Seats customers enjoy a 100% Buyer Guarantee and in-house order support available daily by phone. Find your seats with the mobile ticket app of the largest independent ticket marketplace, Vivid Seats. *Terms and Conditions Apply App Features: • Vivid Seats Rewards: Earn toward a reward credit with every ticket purchase. Going to more events with Vivid Seats gets you to more events. • Last minute tickets: Buy tickets for NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, and NHL games, right up until game time. We’ll get you there. • Mobile tickets: When your order includes mobile e-tickets (based on venue), you’ll be able to access them directly in the app. Leave the paper at home! • Live events near you: Get recommendations or discover concerts, games, and shows in your area. • Choice: Search for event tickets across the entire marketplace, containing unique inventory you won’t find anywhere else. Resellers may list tickets above or below face value. • Personalization: Get fast access to recently viewed events and your favorites coming to your area. • Interactive seating maps: Tap seating maps to view tickets for specific or similar sections. • Seat View: Get an idea of the view from your section for all major sporting events. • Easy Search: Easy-to-use filters for price, section, row, quantity, ticket type and date range make it simple to find your perfect tickets. • Favorites: Add your "Favorite" events by tapping on the star directly on the event page or searching for your performer. • Music Scan: Quickly populate your favorites list by allowing the app to scan your Spotify account. • Secure sign in and in-app checkout. Buy and sell sports, concert and theater tickets for: Los Angeles (Dodgers, Angels, Rams, Chargers, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Hamilton) New York (Mets, Yankees, Jets, Giants, Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Islanders, Rangers, New Jersey Devils, Broadway, Hamilton) Chicago (Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Hamilton) Houston (Astros, Rockets, Texans) Dallas (Texas Rangers, Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars) Washington, DC (Nationals, Redskins, Wizards, Capitals) Atlanta (Braves, Falcons, Hawks) Denver (Colorado Rockies, Broncos, Nuggets) San Francisco/Bay Area (Giants, 49ers, Golden State Warriors, Oakland A's) Toronto (Blue Jays, Raptors, Maple Leafs) Phoenix (Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Coyotes) Boston (Red Sox, New England Patriots, Celtics, Bruins) Seattle (Mariners, Seahawks) Philadelphia (Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Flyers) Festivals and Concerts (Lollapalooza, Coachella, Pink, Garth Brooks and more!) Find Us Online • Website: VividSeats.com • Facebook (Facebook.com/VividSeats) • Twitter (@VividSeats) • Instagram (Instagram.com/VividSeats) • YouTube (YouTube.com/VividSeats)

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