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User Reviews for View Source Premier

Works great, but only on standard ports

It's cool what it can help you debug, however, I bought the app to debug an application that runs on port 8443 but is otherwise standard https. The app only seems to support http sites on port 80 and https sites on port 443. The port is dropped from the request when trying to debug something like https[colon]//mysite[dot]com:8443/manage, which doesn't help mee do what I originally bought the app for.

Adam H.., Sep 16, 2021
Great app, only lacking a few small details

Solid work. This is an app with solid functionality and exceeds the features of any near competitors. Nice design, works a lot like the sources inspector in Chrome dev tools. Overall, worth the extra cost over alternatives.A few notes: - dark mode makes this app impossible to use, since the text doesn’t change colors. You’ll need to turn it off if you’re a dark mode user, then everything’s golden.- the expand arrows don’t work consistently as UI elements; tapping them in the file explorer expands below, but in the actual source code, you have to press plus/minus icons. Weird, but functional once you figure it out.- this isn’t rendering the source like you’d be used to in a browser’s dev tools, a la live dom inspection, it’s truly raw html source. In some cases this is great, but React web apps, for example, don’t show much. Would be great to be able to toggle this stuff.

All names are taken 7, Nov 22, 2019
Much better than others, needs a bit more.

I’ve been looking for HTML inspectors for iOS for a long time. Then along comes View Source Premier. It is very clear that a great deal of thought and attention went into this app. Being able to switch the user agent on Mobile?!?—THIS IS BRILLIANT! I love the DOM view and also being able to toggle the various panels. Another amazing feature, I was not expecting the level of font/control options. I can only think just a few things that keeps this from 5-stars. Since Safari does not provide the inspector on mobile—it’s 2020, why?!? 😭—It would be great to be able to pass a URL to View Source Premier from Safari’s share sheet. That saves the user from having to copy and paste. The other thing I’d like to see is a synched history between the universal apps, so that you can see the pages you were working on and where you left off. Multiple-tabs would be a nice to have. Once there is support for multiple-tags or the sharesheet, I’d also like to be able to see long-pressing/right-clicking on an element or structure to be able to open it in a new browser tab or send it to Safari.The fact that this is a universal app across iPhone/iPad/Mac is awesome. Thank you for your hard work—this is worth much more than what I paid for it—you could have easily have charged as much for all three platforms. I appreciate the great price!

DAlex7777, Jun 04, 2020
This is by far the best in its class

This app has every feature I’ve been looking for. The developer has clearly listened to and responded to the reviews here, and the result is really something very useful. Thanks a lot!

ladybelated, Oct 22, 2021
Does not work

I purchased in order to view CSS, per description. HTML shows up fine. I get message that .css files are an unsupported file type and won’t download. No way to contact developer to ask for a refund. Not happy.

Lyric Traveler, Oct 27, 2020
Rank and file with editors

Excellent viewer of code, I was so excited to get the app to be disappointed that it was strictly a viewer and not able to paste or copy code for simple editing. I’m not asking for a refund, but please add an editing feature and you would have an amazing tool I would pay double for.

mavenone1, Nov 27, 2022
Gonna refund it😐

As web developer I never setup ssl when I start developing a project on my localhost and this app strictly need ssl and I think it’s a problem ssl is good and necessary but not for developing mode in localhost.And the second problem is this app doesn’t able to show UI

RadinAppleSeed, Sep 19, 2021
So close…

My suggested 3 things to get your star rating up…1. Almost impossible to get this app to clear its cache. I edit a stylesheet, but this app doesn’t reflect the changes. Please fix.2. Show line numbers when inspecting elements in style sheets please. Saves a lot of searching.3. Web view to inspect styles would be super cool.

umbrellaumbrella, Sep 01, 2022


Welcome to a powerful tool for analyzing and viewing HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, RSS, and ATOM code. Our application provides you with all the necessary tools to work with code conveniently and increase your productivity. In our application, you will find the following fantastic features: • Support for Three Types of Devices: Now you can work with the application on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, enjoying an optimal user experience on each of them. • Intuitive Code Viewing: Easily browse and analyze formatted HTML, XML, JSON, RSS, and ATOM code in both structured and plain text formats, making code interaction more convenient. • Error Tracking: Our application will help you detect errors in the structure of HTML, XML, JSON, RSS, and ATOM code. • Built-in Simulator: Effortlessly view web pages in the embedded simulator.

You have access to templates of different screen sizes for devices and the ability to create custom device simulators with individual screen sizes. • Terminal Testing: Conduct web page testing using the terminal to input JavaScript code and get instant results. • Search: Use the text search or apply regular expressions to quickly find specific locations in the code or content within the simulator. • View Connected Styles: Learn which styles are applied to the selected element of the web page by viewing them in the code or simulator. • Image Handling: View all known image formats added to the web page or CSS file. • Request Management: Create unique requests with input support for Method, Headers, Cookies, and Body. Also, view, edit, or re-execute previously made requests. • Built-in Code Beautifier: Beautify the source code and easily format it using the built-in Code Beautifier tool. • Detailed Request Inspection: Examine Header and Cookie values from the request response for additional analysis and debugging. • Request Execution Time Viewing: Obtain information about the time spent executing the request for performance optimization. • Copy to Clipboard: Copy the entire code, individual sections, or formatted code from all child elements of the selected code structure element to the clipboard. • Copying Information from Application Panels: Easily copy any displayed information contained in the application panels for convenient data exchange. • Disk File Opening: Easily open files saved on your disk directly in the application for viewing formatted code. • Friendly Support and Updates: We value your comments and feedback, which will help us improve. Write about what you would like to see in new releases, and we will definitely take your wishes into account! Thank you for choosing our application. We are confident it will become an indispensable assistant in your code work.

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